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Feb 5, 2023

Real estate residence in Turkey 2022

First: Definition of real estate residence in Turkey:

Real estate residency can be defined as the residency through which foreigners are allowed to reside within Turkish territory and is considered one of his rights. And it is given to him by the Immigration Department so that he can enter and exit Turkey thanks to it and without the need for a visa. And the condition for obtaining this residence is that the foreigner buys a property in Turkey. And it can be said that the real estate residence permit is now classified as one of the strongest types of residence permit in Turkey, due to the guarantee of renewal every year for the property owner and his family.

Secondly: Documents required to obtain real estate residence in Turkey:

It is required to have a passport that is valid for at least six months, and this passport must be translated into Turkish and notarized as well. The foreign investor must submit the title deed of the property in Turkey that he has purchased, and which will be given real estate residency based on his purchase, i.e., the title deed of the property in Turkey. And earthquake insurance must be provided for the property in Turkey, which will be used to obtain residency. The papers also include a family statement belonging to the family of the foreign investor who has become the owner of the property in Turkey, and this statement must be translated into the Turkish language and certified by the Turkish embassy in the foreign investor's home country. And in the end, the papers must contain health insurance that includes all members of the family of the owner of this property in Turkey.

Third: Eligible for real estate residence permit in Turkey:

The foreign investor is not the only one who benefits from the real estate residence permit when he buys a property in Turkey, as it is benefited by both the property owner in Turkey, of course, who has purchased the property and registered in his name, as well as his children in the event that he has children. But only the children who have not yet reached the age of eighteen are considered holders of the right to obtain real estate residence and also the wife of the owner of the property in Turkey. But he is not entitled to give residence to his second wife if he is married to more than one wife, because the law in Turkey does not allow the possibility of polygamy.

Fourth: Steps to obtaining real estate residence in Turkey:

Of course, it is obvious that this path begins with the foreign investor buying a property in Turkey and obtaining a title deed on this property in order to present it as proof. And then he must book an appointment in order to obtain residency and determine its type, i.e. residency for owning a property in Turkey, and then go to the interview date that was set for him at the Immigration Department building and submit the required papers in order to obtain real estate residency in Turkey. The fourth step involves paying the real estate residence fees. Finally, the residence card is sent by Turkish mail in the event that this foreign investor is approved for real estate residence in Turkey.

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