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Feb 5, 2023

Advantages of Living in Studio Apartments in Turkey

The real estate market in Turkey is famous for its great richness in real estate forms that suit all tastes and societal groups, where you can find cheap apartments for sale in Turkey, and you can also find luxury properties, villas for sale in Turkey, and other properties in Turkey, and this was his A major role in attracting investors and pushing them to invest in real estate in Turkey to achieve more profits.

But not only investors came to Turkey, but also students and workers, either for the purpose of studying or working in Turkey, and of course such people cannot buy large real estate and do not need it, so a type of apartments began to appear called studio apartments in Turkey, so what are their advantages? And what is its structure? This is what we will find out.

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What does studio apartments mean in Turkey?

Studio apartments are apartments with a small area that differ from real estate in Turkey, which consist of a large number of rooms and have a large area.

This type of real estate has spread all over the world and reached Turkey to become one of the favorite properties of an important group of people, especially for students, workers and small families, and the area of ​​these apartments in Turkey ranges from 30 to 75 square meters only. These apartments have been very popular, especially from those who do not have enough money to buy property in Turkey with a large area, or for those who do not want to rent a property in Turkey and want to settle.

What is the structure of studio apartments in Turkey?

Studio apartments have the same structure all over the world, and it is an open space, meaning there are no separate rooms from each other, but mostly an open room to a room to give a sense of the large space, so the bedroom is open to the living room, and a small kitchen is attached to them that contains the basic tools Which cannot be dispensed with, and by that we mean gas, refrigerator, washing machine and oven. As for the bathrooms, they are within their own corner.

Certainly, there are many ideas for creating special decorative methods that suit this type of apartment, as some resort to separating rooms by using curtains or moving doors and many others.

There is no doubt that studio apartments in Turkey need special types of furniture to suit the nature of the apartment. It is not useful to use luxurious pieces of large size, accurate details and sharp angles, but rather to choose practical and comfortable pieces that can be used in more than one way. This is in order to reduce the tools as much as possible and to make room for an empty space to move in the apartment, and it is important to maintain order and cleanliness in this type of apartments in Turkey.

Advantages of living in studio apartments in Turkey:

There are many advantages that attract individuals to buy property in Turkey of this type, and we will mention some of them:

1- Real estate prices in Turkey of this type are very low when compared with other types, and this is perhaps the most important reason that attracts people to buy studio apartments and be satisfied with real estate rent and installments.

2- These apartments are an ideal option for students who do not want to live in university housing and cannot buy real estate in Turkey as it provides them with a space of freedom and privacy.

3- There are a large number of workers and investors who travel to Turkey constantly and want to live in a private property to feel independence and privacy, and such people do not need to buy large properties, especially since their stay does not last long, and staying in hotels is expensive, so they find studio apartments An excellent and comfortable option for them.

4- Many elderly people who live alone want to move to apartments of this type where everything is within their reach and they do not have to work much to keep the house clean.

5- Most of the time, studio apartments are located within vital centers in the city and are close to transportation lines, work centers and universities, and this is what gives them additional importance.

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