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Feb 5, 2023

Istanbul Real Estate: The Impact of Shopping Centers on Real Estate Investment

Before answering the question: What is the impact of shopping centers on Istanbul real estate, we must talk a little about the importance of Istanbul.

Istanbul is a coastal Turkish city extending along the banks of the ancient and well-known commercial Bosphorus Strait. The Bosphorus Strait occupies a great position on the global level as it is one of the most important water crossings used by ships carrying goods, in addition to its natural and touristic importance, especially since it divides the city of Istanbul into an Asian side and a European side. Thus, it is considered one of the factors that most enhances the concept of investing in Istanbul real estate.

Hence, the city of Istanbul gains its strategic importance, this importance is reflected in its various properties. Based on this distinctive strategic location in the Turkish city of Istanbul, we can begin to learn about the advantages associated with Istanbul real estate within this location.

What distinguishes Istanbul real estate? 

There are many advantages of Istanbul real estate, all of which stem from the richness and strategy of the location. We can summarize these advantages as follows:

  • The distinctive view that Istanbul real estate enjoys, especially the sea view that overlooks the Bosphorus, the Black Sea, or the Sea of Marmara. We also do not forget the other natural views, such as views of forests, lakes, and others.
  • There is a diversity of real estate ensures that you find the property you dream of within the specifications you desire in terms of apartments, shops, villas, lands, and so on.
  • The modern and advanced highways and public transportation of various types and forms, especially modern ones, such as the metrobus express line that connects the regions of Istanbul and connects Istanbul to other Turkish cities.
  • Istanbul real estate, regardless of its diversity and diversity, is distinguished by prices competitive with real estate prices within European countries, and also competes with the best international standards in terms of quality and modern designs.
  • There is a massive real estate renaissance and tourism revolution in Istanbul. Istanbul is essentially a tourist region rich in natural, cultural and historical tourist attractions, not to mention the official activities and events that attract tourists from all over the world. 
  • The infrastructure in Istanbul in general is distinguished and famous for its strength, vitality, and ability to keep pace with the most prominent global developments in terms of real estate development and other developments in other fields in Turkey.
  • Turkey is generally characterized by a strong and solid economy capable of absorbing changes and advancing vital projects.
  • There are markets, commercial centers, malls, in addition to vital projects in Istanbul, such as the new Istanbul Water Canal, the new Istanbul Airport, the third Istanbul Bridge, or the new financial center, which support strong investments in the region and increase the direction of major local and foreign investment movements towards it.
  • Government support provided to drive investment in Istanbul real estate and Turkish real estate in general. One of the most prominent forms of this support is the decision to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey at a value of 400 thousand US dollars or the equivalent according to the currency exchange rate at the time. You can learn more details that interest you about obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey.
  • Real estate residence permit can be obtained by purchasing Istanbul real estate or Turkish real estate in general for a value of 200 thousand dollars and enjoying its advantage for life.

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What is the impact of shopping centers on Istanbul real estate?

The presence of shopping centers and markets in general, including malls in Turkey, contributes to raising the investment value of real estate in the nearby areas.

For example we mention Beylikduzu! This region has witnessed a real estate boom and real estate transformation, so to speak, in a record and short period of time. Today, Beylikduzu is a rural and urban city at the same time, witnessing the emergence and development of hundreds of investments and new projects annually. Today, Beylikduzu is considered one of the best areas containing promising Istanbul real estate for investment due to the quality of its construction and designs and containing the best services, facilities, commercial centers and malls. We note here that the closer the property in Beylikduzu is to one of these commercial centers or malls, the higher its price.

The same is true of Sisli, Zeytinburnu, Safakoy, Halkalı and many other places and cities in Istanbul.

It is also noticeable that the presence of malls and shopping centers increases the investment activities in the area in which they are located and increases their price values ​​as well! Statistics indicate that real estate prices in Istanbul, which are close to malls, are relatively high, compared to Istanbul properties far from it. Statistics in the region also indicate a noticeable increase in real estate prices gradually over time.

How to buy Istanbul real estate near shopping centers?

You can learn about the areas of Istanbul and their general investment character by communicating with real estate companies in the region that you want. They will provide you with all the information and details that interest you about investing in Istanbul real estate. You can also learn about the details of all Istanbul real estate and their proximity to the most important malls, shopping centers, and huge vital projects in Istanbul that promise a prosperous investment future. 

Therefore, do not listen to those who tell you not to consult real estate companies, because in the end you will make a mistake or be exposed to fraud and choose the option that you should have chosen from the beginning, which is consulting the relevant people.

Real estate investment within Istanbul real estate is a distinctive and preferred option among many major Turkish and foreign investors, so do not hesitate to learn about information of real estate in Istanbul and previous real estate investment experiences and projects in the region.

Be sure that wherever there are malls in Istanbul, next to them you will see the real estate boom continuing to grow, especially since Istanbul is one of the tourist states with a developed cultural and civilizational character, which ensures the arrival of tourists on all days of the year, and this confirms the inevitability of real estate investment booming near these malls and commercial centers.

In the end, we can say that all economic studies and analyzes have confirmed that shopping centers have a significant impact on Istanbul real estate, as these centers are considered a major attraction for local residents and tourists alike. Most importantly, commercial and entertainment activities flourish in its surroundings, increasing the value of nearby properties. In addition, the presence of shopping centers contributes to stimulating economic growth and enhancing infrastructure, making it a major attraction for real estate investment. Thus, the impact of shopping centers on Istanbul real estate reflects the delicate balance between supply and demand, and reflects the vital role of these centers in promoting economic growth and improving the quality of life in the city.

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