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Feb 5, 2023

Blue Tapu and Red Tapu in Turkey

First: Definition of Tapu in Turkey:

It can be said that the title deed or what is called the title deed of real estate in Turkey is considered one of the most important official documents when it comes to real estate in Turkey. Turkey by the person whose name is mentioned in it as the legal owner and according to the law for this property. The title deed document also includes information about the property of it, as well as the real estate survey numbers, and the location of the property must be mentioned and specified in it and in detail, and it is concerned with the process of organizing and Issuance of a property title deed document. The Directorate of Land Registry in Turkey, which in turn reports to the Ministry of Environment and Cities in Turkey.

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Second: Types of Tapu in Turkey:

There are many types of title deed of real estate in Turkey, depending on what you provide or represent of real estate in Turkey. The most important types of title deed in Turkey include the following: agricultural title deed and residential title deed, as well as building title deed and real estate easement deed in addition to the floor height bond Perhaps the two types that are most confused or asked about the difference between them are the blue taboo and the red taboo in Turkey, which will be detailed separately and in a sufficient manner so that you will be able to distinguish between the types of title deed in Turkey with flexibility and smoothness.

Third: Blue Tapu in Turkey:

The blue tabu in Turkey is also known as the agricultural tabu

An agricultural title deed shall be attached to the lands whose owners have the right to dispose of them in any agricultural work and similar activities such as raising livestock or raising poultry and other animals, within the lands that are exclusively owned by them and designated for such works. Possess this capacity or job title owns a blue tabu.

Fourth: Red Tapu in Turkey:

As for the second type of title deed of the colored and distinctive property in Turkey, it is the red title deed or what is called the residential title deed in Turkey, and based on the name that this title deed bears, it can be predicted that it is specialized or attached to Turkey’s residential real estate type, especially the residential units Such as luxury Istanbul houses, Istanbul villas, cheap apartments for sale in Turkey, luxury apartments in Turkey, offices, and others. Also, a red or residential taboo is attached to all lands that are included in the city's organizational scheme of any kind.

Fifth: Sections of the red tabu in Turkey:

The red title deed or the residential title deed in Turkey consists of three sections:

* The first section includes information about the property in Turkey, i.e. the address of this property, in detail so that the state in which it is located is mentioned, as well as the city, neighborhood or village to which it belongs, and of course the street in which it is located, in addition to that, the scale and area of ​​the property are mentioned And of course the type of this property.

* As for the second section of the red title deed in Turkey, it is used for apartments in Turkey or residential units, that is, for example, the share of an apartment from the plot of land, as well as the floor, block number and other information.

* While the third section of the residential title deed or the red title deed in Turkey includes the archiving area within the title deed department of official signatures and seals, as well as information related to archiving in the department such as the record number and file number, as well as the page number, date of registration and issuance, and others From the legal and official information on archiving the title deed in Turkey.

Sixthly: Moving from the blue tabu to the red tabu in Turkey:

It is possible to enter lands that were agricultural within the construction plan of the city, and then this lands will be converted from an agricultural character, ie from being carrying a blue title deed to being residential lands, and thus carrying the red title deed in Turkey.

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