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Feb 5, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Citizenship

There are many common questions that customers usually ask about obtaining Turkish citizenship and real estate investment in Turkey. In this article, we have collected the most frequently asked questions and the answers to them

How can I obtain Turkish citizenship?

Turkish citizenship has become one of the most desirable foreign nationalities, and it is noted that there is a great demand for it, especially by those wishing to invest and buy real estate in Turkey, due to the advantages and elements that this citizenship enjoys that make it the leader and favorite of the bulk of the population. Other nationalities that may suffer somewhat because of their original nationalities. There are many ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, between marriage to a citizen or a citizen holding Turkish citizenship for a period of time exceeding three years, and it can also be obtained after residing within Turkish territory for eight consecutive years. Without any interruption, of course, we cannot forget to mention the most famous and popular method, especially among foreign investors, which is to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey. There are many other ways, but we have mentioned the fastest and most common And you can choose the method that suits you and your needs.

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Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment?

Real estate investment in Istanbul and in Turkey as a whole has become one of the most important areas of investment at the present time, not only at the level of the country, but at the level of the region and for the global real estate market as well, and therefore we find that this attracts a large number of foreign investors in order to buy Real estate in Turkey and have the opportunity to benefit from the many advantages and components that real estate in Turkey enjoys and at the same time take advantage of such a golden opportunity in order to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment, as the Turkish government provides the opportunity to obtain citizenship by buying a property in Turkey. In which these foreign investors, especially those who suffer from deteriorating conditions in their countries or the difficulty of pursuing their business abroad because of the passport they hold, find the ideal opportunity to benefit from it.

How to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey real estate?

One of the most important reasons for investors to choose the method of obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment alone is in addition to achieving the dual benefits of obtaining real estate in Turkey and Turkish citizenship at the same time is the flexibility and ease that surrounds the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment, the Turkish government realizes the great importance that the process of selecting foreign investors to buy property in Turkey brings to the country, especially through the influx of foreign capital and the great contribution it makes to the Turkish economy, and therefore it works to facilitate the conditions Required in order to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment, and all that is required is to purchase a property in Turkey, without specifying the type of this property in Turkey at all, but the conditions that must be met in this property that is used in order to obtain Turkish citizenship Through investment, the price of this property in Turkey is not less than a specific value, which according to the Turkish law on the ownership of real estate in Turkey by foreign investors is equivalent to an amount 400 thousand US dollars, or the equivalent of this value in Turkish lira, and the foreign investor who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment must submit a pledge guaranteeing that he will not sell the property he used to obtain Turkish citizenship for a period of time up to three years.

What are the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment or any other method means that you are now officially a Turkish citizen and you and your family will be treated on this basis and you do not have to declare the value of your wealth and you will be able to hold a Turkish passport and visit many Countries around the world without you needing to obtain an entry visa or a visa to it or even obtain it the moment you arrive in those countries.

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