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Feb 5, 2023

Student Housing in Istanbul...Types and Features

Turkey's universities are considered among the most important universities around the world, whether for are Arab or western students. As Turkey offers a unique study experience, allowing students the opportunity to acquire knowledge in a multicultural and multi-civilizational environment, with the availability of diverse educational programs that include a wide range of specializations and present at high level of quality.

These and other reasons make Turkey, and Istanbul in particular, a preferred destination for many students to study. Knowing where to find suitable housing has become one of the important matters that you must pay attention to, and it is obvious that the concept should be directed to houses for sale in Istanbul, as it is the most important city in Turkey, which includes is a huge number of Turkish and foreign students.

Student housing in Istanbul 

Student housing in Istanbul is an integral part of houses for sale in Istanbul. It is more than just a shelter, but rather a comfortable and safe environment for residence.

Istanbul represents a diverse mix of culture and history, and this is reflected in the student housing, which features contemporary designs and modern facilities. Student housing in this city provides several options, whether luxury apartments or integrated university housing, including public or private ones. Here we will talk about the types of student housing available in Turkey, as well as explore houses for sale in Istanbul for those seeking a more permanent residence in this vibrant city.

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Types of student housing in Istanbul:

Private student housing:

These dormitories are established and managed by private companies. There are also buildings within private universities for students, where males and females, each separate from the other. And often the best suitable conditions for comfortable and quiet housing provided with distinctive services, and is considered better than government and endowment dormitories in terms of service, where students have more independence and more privacy, as the number of people residing in the same room is less, and there is a better atmosphere in terms of comfort and tranquility.

Public student housing:

It belongs to the KYK Foundation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Turkey. This housing is characterized by its low fees, but it is mostly intended for Turkish students or recipients of a Turkish scholarship, while foreign students find it difficult to accept this type of housing, and the number of students usually varies in One room from 4 to 8 students.

A studio:

This type of housing is characterized by independence and privacy, which makes some students, especially graduate students, prefer to rent a studio. One of the most important features of the studio is that the students are able to focus on their studies as much as possible and devote themselves to organizing their time, including food, sleep, and study, without any distraction from other roommates. Yet, this independence and privacy have a price, as the studio rent ranges start from 350 US dollars nowadays, which is the most expensive type of housing, as the studio rent is close to the rent of a private apartment. For those seeking a more permanent residence or considering investment options, it's worth exploring houses for sale in Istanbul, where the real estate market offers a diverse range of opportunities.


It is one of the most preferred options by many students, but this type of apartments differs from other types of student housing, as these apartments are never considered easy to access, unlike public and private student housing. This kind of apartments need extensive and careful research, as the student seeks to achieve better rental pricing, as real estate prices in Istanbul differs from place to the other, which requires prior research by the student so that his schedule does not conflict with university hours. In addition, there are some other challenges, including buying furniture and supplies for the house if it is unfurnished, or other issues represented in making subscriptions for water, electricity, gas, and the internet, not to forget paying the insurance. For those seeking a more permanent residence or considering investment options, it's worth exploring houses for sale in Istanbul, where the real estate market offers a diverse range of opportunities.

From a financial point of view, renting an apartment can be very inexpensive, but in Turkey when you rent an apartment, you will have to pay a commission to the real estate office in addition to paying insurances to the owner of the apartment, often for one month or more, so this type of apartment has special procedures that students must understand well. For those considering more long-term options or exploring real estate investment, it's worth exploring houses for sale in Istanbul, where the real estate market offers a diverse range of opportunities.

Advantages of student housing in Istanbul

Student housing in Istanbul has a unique character that combines comfort, independence and social experience. Students in this vibrant city choose to live there because of the many advantages that make it an excellent choice for them:

Strategic location:

Student housing in Istanbul is located in strategic places close to public transportation, highways, universities and educational facilities, which reduces time and effort in transportation.

Modern equipment:

Most student residences in Istanbul are equipped with modern facilities such as study halls, recreation halls, social gathering areas, and green spaces in some of them, which enhances the university life experience.

Safety and protection:

Student housing is distinguished from other Istanbul apartments by the high security and security in most student housing communities, as they contain advanced security systems and specialized guarding teams.

Diversity of options:

In Istanbul apartments you will find a variety of student housing options, from luxury apartments to integrated university residences, meeting the different needs and preferences of students.

Cultural communication:

One of the most beautiful advantages of living in a student residence in Istanbul is having the opportunity to interact with classmates from different cultures, which enhances cultural exchange and enriches the student experience.

Reasonable costs:

Student housing costs in Istanbul are generally considered reasonable compared to some other European cities, or compared to America and Australia, for example, which contributes to providing affordable accommodation for students.

In short, student housing in Istanbul is an ideal option for students who seek the perfect balance between comfort, economy and participation in a rich and inspiring university experience.

Options in a city like Istanbul are many and varied, and each area has its own conditions, pros, and cons. These matters are not without difficulties, which may be represented by high prices, a difficult search scope, or uncomfortable neighbors. There are many areas in Istanbul that students must search in. To save time, it is recommended that students follow social media extensively and houses for sale in Istanbul pages which are specialized in these matters. In the end, every student has his/her own conditions, and they will certainly find the appropriate apartment and housing for them in Istanbul. Whether it's rental apartments or exploring more permanent options, such as houses for sale in Istanbul, the city offers a diverse range of choices to meet various preferences and needs.

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