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Feb 5, 2023

Discrepancies and Differences Between Private and Public Universities in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most prestigious educational destinations in the world, with a great reputation for its education system and universities. Universities in Turkey vary between public and private, and each provides multiple opportunities for local and international students. Public universities in Turkey are distinguished by their long history and public funding, while private universities are distinguished by their diverse specializations and innovative and distinguished academic programs. Choosing between public and private universities in Turkey is an important decision for students seeking a high-quality education in an outstanding academic environment in Turkey. Therefore, we decided in this article to convey to you the two most important comparisons between the two types.


First: The language of study:

Private universities:

The English language or the Turkish language is used for studying in private universities in Turkey, and the student in these universities is allowed to choose the language he wants from among these two languages ​​if the specialization he wants to study is available in both languages. Of course, this varies somewhat between one university and another depending on system and available resources.


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Public universities:

While the main language used in studying within public universities in Turkey is Turkish, and the English language is rarely dealt with, and if the student wishes to continue his studies in the English language, obtaining a SAT certificate from him is a mandatory condition for that.


Second: The difference in acceptance rates:

Private universities:

Acceptance rates in private universities are always lower and they impose fewer conditions for these rates, as the student chooses regardless of the country from which he came or the nationality of the university if this university is one of the recognized universities in his country of origin in addition to the fact that Its average is in line with the minimum acceptance rates required by this university.


Public universities:

As for public universities, there are several forms, including:

  • Some universities require entry to high rates in order to accept foreign students, and they are only accepted if the student has a SAT or IOS certificate.
  • While others from these public universities accept the student’s secondary certificate that he has previously obtained from the country in which he resides, but in this case he must take into account several conditions, including:

The nationality that this student holds, as there are a limited number of seats at the university that are allotted to each nationality out of the total number of foreign students who will be accepted there, and the strength of the certificate held by this student plays a major role in the extent of his acceptance, depending on the country that issued it Its certificate, while the most important condition or idea that must be paid attention to is that the number of seats that are allocated for foreign students who are accepted in Turkish public universities is distributed to all states in Turkey and therefore the main states such as Istanbul and Bursa It will be more fiercely competitive and therefore the acceptance rates are weaker compared to other states in Turkey.


Third: The quality and type of educational systems:

It is known that the Turkish government is working continuously to dedicate various capabilities and resources to support the educational system in the country and that it considers the development of the scientific aspect one of its most important priorities, and therefore we find that it has adopted the largest and best available systems for education, whether This is done by private universities or even public universities, as one cannot be preferred over the other, or to say that one of them is superior in this respect to the other.


Fourthly: Expenses and costs:

Public universities:

The biggest advantage that makes public universities the preferred choice for the bulk of students, especially foreign students, is the low costs of studying in such universities, despite the high quality and level they enjoy. Study expenses in public universities in Turkey range between three One hundred US dollars and up to one thousand US dollars per year.


Private universities:

The costs of studying in one of the private universities in Turkey vary and vary greatly according to this university, as the expenses differ from one university to another, depending on the arrangement of this university and the services and additional benefits that it enjoys and that it provides to its students.


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