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Feb 5, 2023

Know about Bursa City

Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, is distinguished by its strategic location between the political capital Ankara and the economic capital Istanbul. It is characterized by its views of the Marmara Sea, its lush green nature, its forests with tall trees, its rich cultural heritage and its historical monuments.

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Geographical location of Bursa

Bursa is located in northwest Turkey, separated from Istanbul by the Sea of ​​Marmara. It is considered the fourth most populous city in Turkey and one of the most important industrial cities in Turkey.

The distance from Istanbul to Bursa by land is 153 km, and it can be reached by car, public buses and boats in about two hours.

Weather in Bursa

Bursa is characterized by its moderate climate, with a summer temperature of about thirty degrees Celsius, which makes it the focus of attention for tourists looking for a beautiful atmosphere, picturesque nature and a mild climate in summer.

In winter, the average temperature in Bursa is ten degrees Celsius, and it is famous for its heavy rain and snow, especially in the highlands, which makes Mount Uludag a destination for ski lovers and winter sports.

Shopping in Bursa

Bursa invites you throughout the year to enjoy shopping, as it is famous for its ancient markets that preserve the fragrance of the past, the most important of which is the covered market, whose construction dates back more than five hundred years, in addition to its modern markets and modern shopping centers with contemporary architectural style, the distinctive Koropark Mall, and the Carrefour complex located in Niluf. , one of the most prestigious areas of Bursa, and Marka complex.

Tourist places in Bursa

Tourism flourishes in Bursa due to the abundance of tourist places such as wide beaches, waterfalls, lakes, forests and mountains, and its rich green nature, cultural heritage, historical monuments and urban beauty.

Bursa beaches

Bursa is characterized by the presence of many wide beaches on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, the most famous of which is Mudanya Beach, where you can enjoy swimming in the pure sea water, or practice water sports such as swimming and surfing.

Ulu Mosque - The Great Mosque

The “Ulu Jame” or “Great Mosque” mosque in Bursa raises the astonishment and admiration of its visitors, with its distinctive construction and spiritual atmosphere, despite the passage of 600 years since its construction.

The Ulu Mosque was built by order of the Ottoman Sultan, Bayezid I, in the period from 1396 to 1399, and is rightfully considered one of the important examples of Ottoman art. Its place in the hearts of its visitors reached such an extent that the Ottoman traveler Evliya Celebi described it as the Hagia Sophia of Bursa.

A 500-year-old cover for the door of the Kaaba, brought by Sultan Selim I of Egypt, is displayed in Ulu Mosque.

The mosque takes a rectangular shape, with a length of 69 meters and a width of 55 meters. It has three doors, the most famous of which is the Taj Kabeeh door.

The minbar of the mosque, which is made of walnut wood, is considered a piece of art in itself. The minbar, which was made by Haji Muhammad bin Abdulaziz bin Al-Dakki, is composed of 6666 pieces, according to the number of verses of the Holy Qur’an, and on its eastern side, adjacent to the mihrab, the solar system, and on the other side the galaxy .

The mosque almost becomes a museum of calligraphy paintings, as its walls are adorned with 200 calligraphy paintings, written directly on the walls or hung on them by 41 calligraphers.

The suspended market in Bursa

The stock exchange is home to one of the suspended markets that do not exceed 4 markets worldwide.

Before turning it into a hanging market, the Ergandi Bridge was built during the fifteenth century. The construction of it was started by the Ottoman merchant “Ergandi Ali Oglu” during the reign of Sultan Murad II in the year 1442.

Today, the bridge represents a meeting place for Turkish artists and craftsmen, as they display in their shops their artifacts and pieces of art that attract the attention of visitors, especially during the "Irghandi Artistic Days", which are organized annually and meet lovers of art and heritage from all Turkish provinces..

It is worth noting that there are only three markets similar to the “Erghandi” market around the world. Two of them are in Italy, “Ponte Vecchio” and “Ponte Di Rialto” and the third in Bulgaria is the “Klerchos” bridge.

Skiing in Uludag

Uludag Mountain is one of the most important winter tourism centers in Turkey; It contains hotels with a total number of beds up to 7,000, and 20 ski tracks ranging in length from 300 meters to 1,980 meters. Uludag Mountain offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy many winter sports, most notably snowboarding and snowmobiling.

Uludag Mountain is located 40 km from Bursa city center and is famous for its 9 km cable car lines.

Bursa visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy a visit to the village of “Juma Li Kazak”, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which contains Ottoman ruins dating back about 700 years, as well as the island of “Goliazzi”, nicknamed “Little Venice”, after the Italian city of Venice. .

Mausoleums of the Ottoman Sultans

One and a half million local and foreign tourists visited the tombs of the Ottoman sultans in the Turkish city of Bursa in 2019, which played an important role in the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, as it was the capital of the state between 1335-1363 AD.

Bursa includes the tombs of the Ottoman sultans Osman Gazi (1258 - 1326), the founder of the Ottoman Empire called the Silver Dome Mausoleum in the historic Topkhane Park in the old city of Bursa, as well as the mausoleum of his son Sultan Orkhan Gazi (1281 - 1362), Murad I Khodavandkar (1326 - 1389), and Yıldırım Bayezid I (1354 - 1403), Muhammad Chalabi (1389 - 1421), and Murad II (1404 - 1451).

The tombs of the first six sultans of the Ottoman Empire, which were included in the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2014, are among the most visited places by local and foreign tourists in Turkey.

Saudis and Kuwaitis visit Bursa the most

The advantages and spiritual atmosphere in Bursa, along with the tourist, historical and cultural places in the state, encouraged the Arabs to visit Bursa and made it a favorite destination for Arab tourists, whose numbers reached 150,000 visitors in 2019

Kuwaiti citizens topped the list of foreign visitors most visited to the Stock Exchange, with 64,606 visitors, followed by Saudi tourists with 36,211 visitors.

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