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Feb 5, 2023

What About the Real Estate Sector in Turkey Under Corona

During the year 2020, the whole world was affected by the Corona pandemic, which had negative effects on all sectors, and certainly Turkey was not far from that, as the economic, health and tourism sectors were greatly affected by the Corona virus, and this was not limited to these sectors only, but also had this The virus has a great impact on the real estate sector in Turkey, because it is closely linked with the tourism sector in Turkey, which has suffered a lot by closing border crossings and stopping air traffic, tourism and gatherings in historical and recreational areas, and the real estate sector is also closely related With the trade sector, which losses are almost not insignificant, as many businesses were damaged and their owners were forced to stop their trade.

Despite these difficult times, the purchase of real estate in Turkey continued to flourish, and there is no doubt that this was the result of reasons and unremitting efforts that we will learn about below..

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Reasons why real estate in Turkey is not affected by the Corona virus:

1- The process of buying property in Turkey is generally done by Turkish citizens and foreigners residing in the Turkish territory, and therefore the demand for Turkish real estate was not affected, and therefore the buying and selling operations continued.

2- The great efforts by the Turkish government by working on new and modern real estate investment projects in Turkey in many areas, and this is what attracted attention to the Turkish real estate market.

3- Many facilities have been provided to help foreigners wishing to search for apartments for sale in Turkey to complete sales and purchases remotely via the Internet.

4- Real estate investment in Turkey is considered a long-term investment, and therefore its profits will continue to multiply and increase over the years, which makes it one of the most secured investments.

5- The desire of foreign investors to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying property in Turkey, and this is what prompted them to continue buying real estate in Turkey.

6- The desire to obtain real estate residence in Turkey by buying a house in Turkey, whatever its price.

7- Real estate prices in Turkey are linked to the Turkish lira, and this is what protects it from changes that are afflicting the global economy and international currencies, especially in countries that have been greatly affected by the global epidemic.

Real estate prices in Turkey under Corona:

It is expected that real estate prices in Turkey will rise significantly during the coming period, especially after the large vaccination campaign carried out by Turkey and the easing of measures to address the Corona virus, as a result of the heavy demand for real estate purchases by foreign investors, and the opening of the tourism season and allowing air traffic was It has a major role in attracting tourists and investors to Turkey and pushing them to rent and buy real estate, where it is expected that real estate rents will rise significantly, especially tourist properties such as hotel apartments and apartments on the sea in Turkey, in addition to luxury properties such as villas in Turkey, which he wants It is for businessmen to spend their summer vacation.

Also, the prices of building materials that are imported from abroad will rise to compensate for the damage caused as a result of Corona, and this will be reflected in real estate prices and lead to a rise. Therefore, real estate investment in Turkey is considered the best investment that achieves greater profits within a short period.

Who is the biggest beneficiary of real estate prices in Turkey under Corona?

Investors who bought real estate in Turkey before the crisis started are the ones who will benefit the most, especially those who benefited from the offers of real estate companies and who bought properties under construction in Turkey, as the prices of such properties double automatically when they are ready and with the presence of Corona and the high prices In general, it multiplies more and more quickly.

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