Area Overview

The history of Uskudar extends from the Greek era, where mosques and churches transport you to the ancient past. It is famous for its beauty and exceptional location as the gateway to Asia from the Bosphorus side, and opposite the European side of Istanbul.

Modern buildings are mixed with ancient heritage and the present embraces history to be truly heaven on earth.

Çamlıca Hill is located within Uskudar , where the Çamlıca Mosque (the largest mosque in Turkey) was built.

Uskudar is one of the greenest areas of Istanbul. It features moderate climate with pleasant summers and rainy winters.

It contains more than 300 public and private schools, in addition to prestigious universities, student residences and hospitals.

Its privileged location and wide views of the Bosphorus gave it a unique importance that made it a central area for real estate investment.

Home to the palaces of the Ottoman Sultans, the Girl's Tower, the Mehramah Sultan Mosque, the baths, the ancient markets and the famous fish market, which made it the focus of attention of investors looking for architectural artifacts.


It is one of the central stations for sea and land transport, where ships and boats connect the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, and the Marmaray metro passes from under the Bosphorus and reaches both sides of Istanbul. It can also be reached by car via the Marmara tunnel, or via the Bosphorus Bridge.



Distance To

Saw Airport

Saw Airport

44 KM

Ist Airport

Ist Airport

56 KM

Marmara Sea

Marmara Sea

2 KM



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Why This Area?

Investment value

It’s vital and central location contributed to an increase in the investment value of real estate in Uskudar.

Sales of luxury apartments and luxury villas in Uskudar have increased significantly over the past few years, which has led to an increase in the real estate investment value of the area.

Uskudar enjoys distinguished services by its municipality and Istanbul Municipality, being a destination for tourists.

Its distinguished location has attracted the largest Turkish construction companies to establish the most luxurious residential and commercial projects.

Projects in this area