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Geographical location

Sapanca is located in Sakarya, near the Asian side of Istanbul, with an area of ​​about 140 km². It is characterized by a high population density, a mild climate in summer where the average temperature is 27 degrees Celsius, whereas the temperature in the winter drops to seven degrees below zero.

Access to Sapanca

Sapanca is 80 km from Istanbul. You can reach it from Sabiha Airport within 45 minutes. If you are in the European side of Istanbul, You can reach it by public transport by taking the bus from Central Bus Station to Izmit, then going to Sapanca by taxi or bus. Residents in the Asian side can reach Sapanca by Haider Pasha Train or by train from Harem to Izmit.


Service canters are available in the city, such as health centres, a hospital, various shops, bakeries, furniture stores, and restaurants built among green trees and fresh water, and a number of luxury hotels such as the Richmond Nua Wellness Spa Hotel and NG Sapanca.

The most famous tourist place in Sapanca

Sapanca has become a famous tourist destination due to its charming nature and the presence of many historical and recreational monuments, which made it a popular destination for international tourists who were impressed by the city and flocked to invest in it.

Sapanca Lake

Sapanca is characterized by its fresh lake which is one of the largest lakes in Turkey. The lake stretches over an area of ​​45 km, and reaches a depth of about 52m. It is surrounded by small green hills to the north, and mountains covered with snow to the south. This makes it an important destination for winter ski enthusiasts and nature lovers who can relax there, all year round.

Kartepe Mountain

It is located on top of Sapanca Mountain, overlooking the city and the lake. At a height of about 1650 m. Tourists can reach there by cable car or by skiing in the winter.

Mashokia waterfall

Mashokia waterfall is located north of Sapanca lake, within the Mashokia village which is famous for its calmness, green nature, and wonderful waterfalls.

Natürköy village

The village enjoys the beauty of nature, especially in summer and spring. It includes a small lake and some pets, and is a suitable destination for lovers of tranquillity and relaxation. It also has gardens and recreational places for children.

Birds Garden

This park is characterized by the availability of many types of rare birds as well as 2000 species of animals and 250 types of plants. This park is one of the largest zoos in Turkey. It is about 38 km from Istanbul.

Horse farm

The purebred Arabian horse farm or Al-Fahd Horse Park has a view of Sapanca Lake. The farm is located in Mashoukia, next to Ormanya Zoo. It is 25 minutes away from Sapanca Lake by car. The farm restaurant also offers delicious oriental meals cooked by the family who live in the farm. The farm includes a horse riding track and children's play areas.

Rustem Pasha Mosque

A historical mosque built in 1555 during the reign of Minister Rustam Pasha, whose construction was used by the most qualified architects, headed by the famous architect Sinan.

In addition to other mosques characterized by the splendour of their designs, such as the new mosque, which was built in 1899, the Hassan Fahmy Pasha Mosque in the village of Mahmudiyah, which was built in 1855, and the Sultanah Rahima Mosque, the wife of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majeed I, this was built in 1967.

Sakarya University

Sakarya is also famous for its university, which was founded in 1970 as an engineering institute, a year later, it was converted into a large engineering and architectural academy, and then it was linked to Istanbul Technical University as its engineering college. In 1992 Sakarya Engineering Academy was transformed into Sakarya Comprehensive Education University.

Although Sakarya University is relatively modern, however, it is the first public university to have won the government's "educational quality document" in the field of administrative departments, and it has also received a "quality document in the level of high-tech modernity in the field of engineering."

The university receives in its various branches of study large numbers of Turkish, and foreign students.




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Why This Area?

Sapanca is characterized by a strategic location, a picturesque nature and a mild climate, nicknamed as “the City of Dreams” and ranked among the most beautiful cities in Turkey.

Just a decade ago, Sapanca was only locally known, primarily a spot for Istanbulites with summer homes. In the past five years, however, the beauty of Sapanca Lake coupled with the green mountains stole the hearts of iinternational investors and they started buying luxury villas here.

Sapanca provides its residents and visitors with a variety of distinctive activities for families, including swimming in its splendid lake, dining in the woods, and distinctive Turkish, Arab and International restaurants.

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