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Feb 5, 2023

The Best 5 Turkish Cities for Real Estate Investment

Turkey has recently witnessed a great demand for real estate investment from various foreign nationalities, in addition to Turkish investors themselves, and the reason for this is due to several reasons, the most important of which is the decline in real estate prices in Turkey compared to European countries, and the government facilities in this field and its continuous support, in addition to the stability of the Turkish real estate market during The past two years were greatly affected by the Corona pandemic and the closure policy adopted by the countries of the world during that period.

In this article, we present the most important Turkish cities for real estate investment, and the features of each city are as follows:


The city of Istanbul is the economic capital of Turkey, which links the continent of Asia and the continent of Europe together. It includes hundreds of real estate investment projects and various investments of all kinds that are close to tourist areas, public facilities, transportation, markets, airports, and various services available on Turkish territory.

Istanbul is witnessing a large demand in terms of the number of tourists and population compared to other Turkish states, which has made it an investment destination for capitalists, and it is also considered the highest-priced Turkish state in terms of real estate prices. Real estate prices in Istanbul also vary according to area and location, and its proximity and distance from vital areas, airports, and tourist areas. Services, malls, markets, transportation, entertainment facilities, and its proximity to the center of the city.

 It is also characterized by an abundance of metro and metro bus lines, which helps residents move between areas, and makes it easy to reach the outskirts of the city easily and in less time.

Its population reached 16 million people, its areas are divided into 40 municipalities, and it witnessed a revolution at the level of pioneering service projects in all sectors, which made its real estate a significant competitor.

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Advantages of real estate investment in Istanbul:

  • It contains the new Istanbul Airport, distinguished by its location, which is the meeting point between the East and the West. 
  • It is Turkey's cultural, economic and financial center. The development of solid infrastructure and modern transportation lines
  • The large number of historical and archaeological areas in the city of Istanbul, including the historic Ottoman castles, Topkapi Castle, Hagia Sophia Mosque, and... Muhammad Al-Fateh. 
  • Provides service projects such as universities, hospitals, shopping malls, and entertainment services.

The most prominent modern investment areas in Istanbul:

  • Basin Express
  • Sisli
  • Beylikduzu
  • Basaksehir
  • Esenyurt
  • Avcılar
  • Arnavut Koy
  • Katehane.


Trabzon is an important gateway between East and West across the Black Sea, and carries a cultural importance dating back to the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires throughout history, and it has Lake Uzungol located on the slopes of a series of towering mountains in northeastern Turkey.

The most important reasons for attracting investors to Trabzon:

  • Its moderate, rainy climate, vast natural spaces, and charming greenery. 
  • Real estate prices are relatively low compared to Istanbul and Antalya. 
  • The presence of Trabzon Airport and easy transportation to it.

Nature in Trabzon:

The city of Trabzon's real estate stock increased significantly at the beginning of 2014 AD, with the increase in the number of people coming to it for tourism and investment, especially from the category of Arab investors, as it enjoys a pristine nature, in which the color of green forests mixes with the blue of flowing lakes and rivers, in a beautiful natural painting, which may not exist. similar in their country.

Real estate prices in Trabzon:

Real estate prices are acceptable and relatively low in Trabzon, when compared to Istanbul, Antalya and other vital cities.

Transportation and infrastructure:

Trabzon is characterized by being an uncrowded city with transportation, in addition to the availability of metro lines, metrobuses, and government buses that serve the region.

Trabzon weather:

It is a reflection of the Black Sea climate, which is characterized by the intensity of rainfall. It is a warm and humid climate in summer, with the maximum average temperature in August reaching 26.7 degrees Celsius.

Its winters are cold and humid, as the minimum average temperature in the center of Trabzon during the month of January reaches about 5 degrees Celsius.


Ankara occupies an important geographical location in the center of the country, which gives it a strategic dimension in Turkish geography, as it constitutes the meeting point between the roads heading to the various geographical regions in Turkey, and its lands extend to occupy an important part in the internal Anatolia region.

The city of Ankara is among the largest Turkish states in terms of area and population, and it is one of the Turkish cities that has witnessed remarkable development and significant growth in recent years. Ankara has witnessed rising waves in real estate purchases, and the proportion of Turkish and foreign investors has increased, and its importance has increased as it is a meeting point for roads to and from various Turkish cities and states.

Ankara Economy:

Ankara maintains a stable economy locally. It offers the finest types of wool manufactured locally and in demand globally. It also leads the export lists to Europe, and by producing the distinctive Angora wool, it invades the relevant European markets through it.

The political importance of Ankara:

Ankara carries an important political burden at the state level, and among Turkish citizens, as the official government offices are located there, such as the Parliament building, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Turkish public ministries, and it is home to the Presidential Complex, which was opened by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the year 2014 AD, with an area of 200 thousand square meters, all of this pushes Ankara to advance and rise strongly on the ladder of the best cities in Turkey.

Tourism in Ankara:

 Ankara contains many archaeological monuments, including:

  • Byzantine monuments, such as: the Roman Column Road, the Roman Theater, the historic Ankara Cathedral, and the Temple of Rome. 
  • Ottoman Islamic monuments contain hundreds of Ottoman mosques, such as: Aladdin Mosque and Haci Bayram Mosque. 
  • Museums: Ankara contains more than 50 museums, including the Ethnic Museum, the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, and the War Museum. Independence. Many parks and public parks.

Service facilities in Ankara:

Medical facilities:

The Medical City in Ankara was opened in 2019, to be one of the largest medical cities in Turkey, and includes 6 hospitals as follows:

  • General Hospital. 
  • Cardiology Hospital. 
  • Neurology and Orthopedic Hospital. 
  • Oncology Hospital. 
  • Children’s Hospital. 
  • Women’s Hospital.


Ankara is several steps ahead of the Turkish states in terms of education. It contains many public and private universities recognized in most countries of the world, and occupies an advanced ranking among international universities. It provides education in Arabic and English in addition to the Turkish language, the most important of which are:

  • Ankara University. 
  • Başkent University. 
  • Yildirim Bayezid University. 
  • Middle East Technical University. 
  • Hacitepe University. 
  • Atilim University.

Shopping centers and malls:

The Turkish capital includes a large group of markets and commercial malls, which include various types of local and international products, the most prominent of which are:

  • Forum Outlet.
  • Kentpark Mall. 
  • Galleria Mall. 
  • Arcadium Center. 
  • Balkent. 
  • Bilkent Optimum Outlet.

The advantages of real estate investment in Ankara through the following points:

  • Ankara is the political capital and includes most of the consulates and embassies in it, and many ministries and state institutions are also concentrated there. 
  • Ankara represents the second economic center of the country after the city of Istanbul. 
  • The relative calm that characterizes Ankara compared to the city of Istanbul. 
  • Reasonable prices for real estate in Ankara.


The state of Izmir is located west of Turkey in the Asian part of it, on the coast of the Aegean Sea, which is connected to the Mediterranean Sea. Izmir is the main export port in Turkey. It is also distinguished by its fresh air and charming nature, as it is called the bride of the Aegean Sea.

Features of Izmir:

  • Izmir is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea and is characterized by its beauty. 
  • It is considered one of the most important and best regions of Turkey suitable for tourist accommodation and spending holidays. 
  • Izmir is distinguished by its commercial exhibitions, and is considered a destination for merchants from all other countries and Turkish states. 
  • It contains 9 official universities that receive Turkish and Arab students and others of various nationalities. 
  • The archaeological and tourist attractions that top the lists among the best cities in Turkey.

Real estate investment in Izmir:

The state of Izmir is witnessing an increasing demand from investors, due to the tourist, historical and natural nature of the city, in various areas of life and investment. This comes in light of the comprehensive renaissance that Turkey is witnessing, and the government’s interest in real estate investments, encouraging it for Turks and foreigners alike and providing facilities in this field.


The city of Bursa is located in northwestern Turkey, between the cities of Ankara and Istanbul, and is separated from Istanbul by the Sea of Marmara. It overlooks the Sea of Marmara in the north, and is bordered to the south by the famous Ulu Dag mountain. It is the fourth most populous city in Turkey and one of the most important Turkish industrial cities.

Nature of life in Bursa:

Bursa overlooks the Sea of Marmara, which is distinguished by its moderate climate, which distinguishes it with a coastal geographic environment that varies between mountainous and plain, ease of living, abundance of work and housing, and high indicators for purchasing real estate.

Weather in Bursa:

The weather in Bursa is cold most of the time and mild in summer.

Summer in Bursa:

The temperature in Bursa in the summer reaches acceptable levels around thirty degrees Celsius, and the humidity in the summer does not exceed normal levels, which makes it the focus of attention of those looking for beautiful weather and suitable climates in the summer.

Winter in Bursa:

Temperatures in Bursa drop significantly in winter, as the average temperature in Bursa winter is ten degrees Celsius, and the winter months in Bursa are among the rainiest months, and the temperature in Bursa winter is cold enough to turn rain into snow, which is Which makes Ulu Dag Mountain a suitable place for winter sports lovers.

Tourism in Bursa:

The ancient history of Bursa is characterized by the charm of the tourist places it possesses, which made it a tourist and investment destination, and the most important of these areas are:

  • Mount Uludag: Bursa's most prominent landmark, with a height of 2,543 meters, has a captivating nature and is attractive to fans of skiing sports. 
  • Waterfalls, lakes, forests, and high mountains. 
  • The urban beauty of its neighborhoods. 
  • The cultural heritage of its historical landmarks has made the city of Bursa one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey.

Bursa was named “Yesil Bursa” which means "the Green Bursa" due to the large number of gardens, parks, and green spaces in it. It is considered an important destination for natural tourism enthusiasts, but the city of Bursa embraces many tourist places that attract tourists.

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