20 questions and answers about owning real estate in Turkey!

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20 questions and answers about owning real estate in Turkey!

The world of real estate and real estate investments in Turkey is rich, diverse and constantly evolving... Turkey annually attracts hundreds and thousands of investors from all over the world and from various Arab and foreign countries for the purpose of real estate investment in Turkey and the establishment of various real estate projects or even a desire to settle within one of the states Turkish and enjoy a relatively sophisticated standard of living!

These investors are surrounded by many and varied questions regarding how to buy real estate, what is the advantage of buying real estate, what is the appropriate time to buy real estate in Turkey, and is there a possibility to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey?

Here are the 20 most important questions and answers about owning real estate in Turkey! Answers and rich information are waiting for you to know in the following words, do not miss reading the article!

 Turkish citizenship by buying property or investing in real estate in Turkey!

1 Can foreign investors obtain Turkish citizenship by buying property or investing in real estate in Turkey?

By the awareness of the Turkish government and its knowledge about the importance of advancing the investment reality in Turkey and working on developing the infrastructure and the continued development of the real estate revolutions in Turkeym Turkish citizenship is granted to foreigners by purchasing real estate in Turkey worth at least 250 thousand US dollars or the equivalent according to the exchange rate Currency then!

2 What is the importance of Turkish naturalization?

The Turkish naturalization law is a very attractive law, as the Turkish passport has many and varied advantages at the local level in Turkey and in various countries of the world.. You can read more information about ways to obtain Turkish citizenship and the advantages of obtaining a passport 20 questions and answers about owning Real estate in Turkey

3 What are the best properties that you can buy in Turkey?

Turkey is characterized by a large and rich real estate diversity, where you can find homes for sale in Turkey, apartments for sale in Turkey, lands, shops, smart homes, or … The preference is manifested by the intersection of the advantages and features of real estate with the desires of the investor in Turkey!

4 What is the best state for real estate investment in Turkey?

There are many states in Turkey suitable for real estate investment, there are Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Gaziantep and many others.. As for the best investment.. it is in the strategic location of these states and the availability of all the required ingredients!

5 Which is better to invest in villas for sale in Turkey or apartments for sale in Turkey?

Each project or each option has special advantages! Villas in Turkey are tourist properties par excellence that attract tourist ambitions, especially from very high-end groups and segments. As for the apartments, their options are relatively more and wider and vary in a way that satisfies all investors, tourists and those who want to settle and live in Turkey!

6 How much are real estate prices in Turkey?

We cannot give a fixed value for real estate prices in Turkey, because these prices change according to many factors and variables, the most important of which is the time factor. The real estate prices in Turkey in general are characterized by gradually increasing and rising with time, and real estate prices also vary according to its views and strategic locations. Its spaces, services and…

7 What is the better? Buying apartments for sale in Turkey independently or in residential complexes?

Offers of apartments for sale in Turkey within the residential complexes are characterized by a large number of high-end services and components that are suitable for housing in particular. There are integrated service facilities such as security, hygiene, gardens, reception centers, saunas, bathrooms, car garages, a supermarket, modest cafes and restaurants! As for the independent apartments, they may be relatively far from these services and facilities. Therefore, if you are going to live and settle in Turkey, residential complexes are the best option for you!

8 Is there a certain value for real estate investment in Turkey?

No ! Real estate laws in Turkey do not require a specific financial value or a specific budget to invest in! Whatever your budget is, you can buy a property in Turkey and invest!

9 How can you find the latest real estate offers in Turkey 2022 AD?

Companies and real estate offices with high credibility and honesty are your right place to stay informed with the most important and latest real estate offers in various Turkish cities and states!

10 What are the services provided by companies and real estate offices in Turkey?

Real estate offices and real estate consultants in Turkey offer you a lot of legal services that you may need in the framework of your real estate investments in Turkey! And we can divide the services provided by these offices, services before buying the property, services during the purchase of the property, and services after the purchase of the property in Turkey!

12 Can you invest in real estate in student housing apartments in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most important international countries concerned with the educational process. There are 202 public and private universities in Turkey, and students come from various Turkish states and other Arab and foreign countries of the world in order to invest in student housing apartments in Turkey, and the latter is considered one of the most important investment projects Real estate in Turkey!

13 Who gets real estate residency in Turkey?

The Turkish government grants real estate residency to real estate investors coming to Turkey for the purpose of real estate investment in Turkey for a specific period of time that varies from several months to several years. This residency is also granted to investors and all their families!

12 What are the most important offers of apartments for sale in Turkey?

You can find a lot of different apartments according to their purpose, location and area ... There are apartments, apartments for student housing, hotel apartments for tourism, apartments suitable for families in Turkey, duplexes, triplexes, penthouses, and others ...

14 What do you know about the strength of the Turkish passport?

The advantages of the Turkish passport are numerous at the local and international levels, as it allows owners of Turkish citizenship to retain their mother nationality and can obtain many rights as any other Turkish citizen!

15 Is the world of real estate investment in Turkey is developed?

In Turkey, there are various elements required for real estate investment projects in Turkey. The solid Turkish economy also guarantees investment profits. The Turkish government seeks to support and develop the sector with its full effort!

Read more about real estate investment in Turkey factors and properties

16 Why do Arabs want to buy real estate in Turkey?

Arab investors find all the elements and factors of integrated investment in addition to the ancient Islamic traditions and ethical environment!

17 How can investors make their way in the world of real estate investments in Turkey?

We advise investors to turn to real estate companies in Turkey, which in turn help them in all the steps and stages required in investments!

18 What about the real estate investment sector in Turkey in light of the Corona crisis?

Despite the economic stagnation that has struck Turkey and the world, many real estate investments have continued remotely, online, through real estate offices in Turkey!

19 Can you obtain Turkish citizenship online?

Yes, the electronic form can be filled out and papers and documents submitted electronically remotely.

20 Is it possible to buy a property in Turkey from a distance?

Many investors can complete many of the required investment stages and steps and transfer ownership of the property under a public agency and officially!

We were with the most important and prominent 20 questions and answers about owning real estate in Turkey!

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