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Istanbul is the economic capital of the country and the largest city in terms of area and population. The city of Istanbul, in turn, is characterized by the fact that it includes many interesting areas for buying real estate in Turkey to live in it, including the Kayasehir area in Istanbul, which is considered one of the most elegant neighborhoods in the European part of the city. Most of the foreign investors wishing to buy a property in Istanbul either for the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey, or for residence and housing, or even for tourism and holidays.

The Kayasehir district is located in the European part of Istanbul, which is known as a sophisticated gathering of luxury neighborhoods and areas, which the largest businessmen and capitals choose as a place of residence, due to the very distinctive real estate in the region in terms of modernity, architectural styles and infrastructure. It is one of the most modern neighborhoods in Istanbul, as it has been newly built with the latest designs and internal and external structures.

Administratively, Kayaşehir district belongs to the municipality of Başakşehir in Istanbul, which in turn is one of the city’s newest municipalities. The municipality has worked with special attention on the infrastructure in the Kayaşehir district and worked hard to secure various services and entertainment centers such as the transportation network that connects the area to the city center Istanbul, since its location is somewhat far from it, and worked to secure all the needs of the population to reduce the need to move outside the region, providing restaurants, cafes, markets and shops, as well as hospitals, health clinics and educational centers. That is why we find that all investors are rushing to own a property there as a kind of secured investment in a modern area and in a country that is progressing day after day, and everyone rushes to visit it.

- Kayaşehir is characterized as a quiet area away from the bustle of the city center: it contains a garden that was opened on November 17, 2018, in the presence of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and it is classified as the largest botanical garden in all of Europe under the name of Kayaşehir Melli Bahcese National Park. It occupies 362 acres of land, 280 acres of which are designated for parks and green gardens, a biological pond that purifies itself with an area of ​​15,600 square meters, and 42,000 square meters of green space for holding various events annually, in addition to bicycle paths, walking and jogging paths and other sports activities within the park lands, as it provides all those spaces for recreation.

The striking thing is the construction of a garden that smells as it smells of 25 different types of roses, such as musk and others, and it is called the (Regarinc) garden or the bright garden and the butterfly garden, where the types of roses and plants are planted with love, care and attention, and butterflies are attracted to them.

They also paid attention to the human aspect, as they allocated places for people with special needs, as well as for children, including a number of games especially for them, as well as for other children, which gives them happiness and good times.

And next to that biological pond that purifies itself by itself, there is a wooden hut with places for reading and education, and next to it there are many modern-style cafes. In addition, there are 11 small suspension bridges in the park and a parking space with a capacity of 306 cars, which eases congestion.

-  Markets, or bazaars as they are called in Turkey: They are the popular markets that are held for one or two days a week, in a specific place or neighborhood, and the market is open or has an oriental character. In Kayaşehir, there is a bazaar called Basak Bazaar, which is one of the largest markets in Istanbul. It consists of 4 floors, with an area of 16,500 square meters, and has a parking lot for 500 cars. The bazaar is characterized by containing everything the family is looking for, including vegetables, fruits, textiles and kitchen utensils, at cheap prices and excellent quality. It receives visitors on Sundays and Thursdays of every week.

What distinguishes the apartments in Kayaşehir? 

- What distinguishes the famous Kayaşehir in Istanbul and attracts people to it is its distance from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul and at the same time its proximity to the historical and new city centers.

- Of course, its most important distinction is the real estate prices in it, as you can find real opportunities to buy what suits you in terms of price and location when buying, selling, leasing and investing.

- In addition to the attractions in choosing the Kayaşehir district in Istanbul, we add the large areas, the modernity of the buildings and the sophistication of the residential complexes in it.

- The apartments there belong to a project guaranteed by the government company Toki and it consists of 9 buildings comprising 723 apartments overlooking the botanical garden, in addition to many features, including 120 stores to meet daily needs, and 78% of the project is dedicated to green spaces, there is also a closed swimming pool with separate times for men and women , gym, and security guard throughout the day.

All of the above makes Kayaşehir the most sought-after place for real estate investment and the purchase of apartments. Everyone who wants to buy a property in Istanbul must consider the Kayasehir area because it is considered to have a promising future and a prosperous success.


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