Advantages of buying property in Istanbul

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Getting a place to stay:

One of the most important goals that push foreign investors to buy real estate in Turkey is to obtain a place to live and stability, especially investors whose countries of origin are experiencing some political or security turmoil. Therefore, they find in buying a property in Turkey the way to move to a more stable country. Turkey is known to be one of the most stable countries in the region, and it allows foreign investors the opportunity to obtain real estate residency if they own real estate in Turkey. It can be said that Istanbul is the preferred choice for the bulk of these arrivals to Turkey, because they find in The city of Istanbul is the ideal place for housing and stability, as it is considered the largest and most important city in Turkey. It is the largest and most populous Turkish city. It is also the economic capital of the country, which means that there is a great interest and specialization in it, as it has a very excellent infrastructure and It possesses the various elements necessary for a prosperous life and is able to provide all forms of luxury from service centers such as hospitals, clinics, government departments, airports and airports. In addition to the spread of recreational centers of all shapes and sizes, from huge malls and popular and international markets that include thousands of shops, as well as hotels, restaurants, cafes, water cities, public parks and picturesque green spaces.


Get a golden opportunity to invest:

One of the most important advantages that the real estate market in Istanbul enjoys is the great abundance of investment opportunities that you secure. Whatever type of property in Istanbul that you have purchased in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, you will certainly be able to take advantage of it as well in achieving Investment returns, especially if you choose Istanbul's commercial real estate, as it can be used for leasing or opening projects, companies and others. You can also benefit from Istanbul's residential real estate by investing in leasing or reselling it at higher prices after renewal and coordination. As we mentioned, the Istanbul is considered the economic capital of Turkey and is the most vibrant and dynamic city as well as a commercial activity. When it comes to trade in Turkey, the city of Istanbul always comes to the fore, whatever its kind of land, sea and air trade, which means that the benefit of buying Real estate in Istanbul in achieving investment profits and financial returns is a sure and certain matter, as there are many investment opportunities spread that you can work in the city of Istanbul and benefit from of the property that you have purchased.


Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Istanbul:

It can be said that the most important advantage that many foreign investors aim to obtain by buying a property in Istanbul is to obtain Turkish citizenship. Thanks to the amendments that the Turkish government has made to the laws of real estate ownership in Turkey by foreign investors, it has become permissible to obtain Turkish citizenship. Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Istanbul, provided that this property fulfills a set of conditions, including that the price of the property in Istanbul that is purchased in order to apply for Turkish citizenship is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, or the equivalent of This price is in the value of the Turkish lira. In addition, the investor who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Istanbul must submit a pledge not to sell this property in Istanbul for a period exceeding three years, starting from the date of purchasing this property. And in the event that these conditions are met, and if they are few and easy, you will be able and legally as a foreign investor in Turkey to apply for Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Istanbul.

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Advantages of buying a property in Turkey

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