Advantages of living in hotel apartments in Istanbul

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Istanbul is the city of the two continents of Turkey and its economic capital.. Turkey extends over the continents of Asia and Europe, separated between its two parts, the Asian and European, by the Bosphorus Strait, with its natural and creative touristic grandeur. On the banks of the Bosphorus, on the Asian shores of Istanbul and the Bosphorus, the greatest and most ancient civilizations rose and the old generations were brought up! They left us with many civilizations, monuments, and landmarks. The real estate investment sector in Istanbul is one of the most important sectors of the economy affecting it.. The real estate renaissance in Istanbul comes as a natural response to the development of life in all its tourist, scientific and political fields. Who among us would not need an apartment to live in Istanbul temporarily or permanently? Hotel apartments in Istanbul are among the most popular real estate options that are popular with investors, and the reason for this is directly due to the prominent tourist feature in Istanbul! You can learn about the most prominent and important tourist attractions that make Istanbul a radiant tourist jewel that attracts many tourists from different countries of the world.

Learn about the advantages of living in hotel apartments in Istanbul

What is the reason for choosing to live in hotel apartments in Istanbul over others? 

• Tourism in Istanbul is one of the finest and most active sectors in the country. Tourists come to visit Istanbul from all over the world from European and Middle Eastern countries. Tourism in Istanbul is one of the most important areas that advance the economy, and hotel apartments in Istanbul are a basic need! 

• Prices for hotel apartments in Istanbul are acceptable! Rather competitive! Istanbul real estate, including hotel apartments, is characterized by price values ​​commensurate with the services or existing components, including hotel apartment offers.. Especially since these prices are considered competitive with the prices of similar hotel apartments in different European countries, so investors direct their eyes and aspirations towards Istanbul to invest with competitive price values ​​and budgets instead of investing in one of the parts of Europe! 

• Living in hotel apartments in Istanbul guarantees you the presence of many high-end services and facilities. By this we mean parks, baths, saunas, sports clubs, children's clubs and amusement parks, amusement centers, playgrounds, canteens. Security, protection, cleaning, delivery services, etc. All these services differ and their quality varies according to the management of the residential project in which they are located! 

• The availability of transportation in Istanbul adds dynamism and vitality to the advantages of living in hotel apartments in Istanbul. There are many modern transportation routes in Istanbul that connect the Asian and European parts of Istanbul to each other There are buses, various land transportations, taxis, a railway network, sea ports and ships, a metrobus, and most importantly, a modern and fast metro! 

• There are many vital projects underway in Istanbul, such as the Istanbul Water Canal Project and the Third Istanbul Bridge. These projects bode well for successful and brilliant investments in the future, as they serve as an investment mine for real estate, including hotel apartments in Istanbul. 

• Buying hotel apartments in Istanbul will nominate you to apply for and obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey!

How much do hotel apartments cost in Istanbul? 

In general, and as we noted earlier, Istanbul real estate prices are very competitive when compared to real estate in other countries. We cannot give fixed values ​​for real estate and apartments because they are variable and changing with time. The prices of Istanbul apartments 2020 are not comparable to the prices of apartments in Istanbul 2021 Prices are generally characterized by inflation and rise over time according to economic inflation. Whatever it is.. the prices of hotel apartments in Istanbul are determined according to these factors: 

• The proximity of the hotel apartment in Istanbul to transportation and modern means of transportation, or beyond. 

• The geographical location of the apartment if it is located on a main road or within an important neighborhood. 

• Near or far from the hotel apartment of the modern vital projects or tourist points in the country. 

• Services and service facilities that fall within the framework of the apartment services. 

• The breadth and importance of the apartment's view, especially if it is a creative sea view! 

• Newness or age of the apartment. 

• Interior and exterior designs, decorations, or furnishings used in the apartment. 

• Finishes, cladding and quality. 

• The area and design of the apartment.

Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying hotel apartments in Istanbul? 

As a result of the Turkish government's awareness of the advantages of promoting real estate and advancing real estate investments in the country... It provided a lot of support and loyalty to real estate investors, especially foreigners! Where the Turkish government is working to mobilize huge foreign capital and pay it to invest in Turkey! The Turkish government has issued many supportive decisions that will attract investment forces to Turkey, including Istanbul. These decisions were manifested in reducing investment fees and taxes for foreigners, and most importantly, granting Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey, as you can obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing one or more properties worth 250 thousand US dollars or its equivalent according to the currency exchange rate. Hotel apartments in Istanbul are explicitly suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing them, as their price values ​​are close to the value specified for obtaining Turkish citizenship! You may wonder why all this demand for Turkish citizenship... Simply the strength and advantages of the Turkish passport precede it at the local and international levels! 

Do not miss the opportunity to buy or invest hotel apartments for sale in Istanbul, Turkey, as it is an ideal path towards a lot of investment profits!

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