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Feb 5, 2023

Advantages of Living in Hotel Apartments in Istanbul

Are you looking for hotel apartments in Istanbul for investment or residence? 

Istanbul is the Turkish city of the two continents and its economic capital. Turkey extends over the continents of Asia and Europe. Its Asian and European sides are separated by the Bosphorus Strait, with its natural and creative tourism greatness. On the banks of the Bosphorus and on the Asian shores of Istanbul, the greatest and most ancient civilizations arose, and ancient generations grew up, leaving us with many civilizations, monuments, and landmarks.

The real estate investment sector in Istanbul is one of the most prominent and influential sectors of the economy. The real estate renaissance in Istanbul comes as a natural response to the development of life in all its tourism, scientific and political fields.

Who will not need hotel apartments when visiting Istanbul to live in whether temporarily or permanently?

Hotel apartments in Istanbul are among the most prominent real estate options that are popular and popular among investors. The reason for this is directly due to the prominent tourist reputation in Istanbul, which has made it a first-class tourist city. You can learn about the most prominent and important tourist attractions that make Istanbul a radiant tourist gem that attracts many tourists from different countries of the world by visiting it, walking in its streets, and visiting all its monuments and historical places. 

In this article, we will learn about the advantages of living in hotel apartments in Istanbul, and everything related to them.

What distinguishes hotel apartments in Istanbul on others? 

Active tourism movement in Istanbul:

Hotel apartments in Istanbul are a major need due to the large tourism activity in Istanbul that continues throughout the year, as tourists from all over the world come to explore its famous tourist attractions such as Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmed, Topkapi Palace, the Bosphorus Bridge, and ancient bazaars.

Thanks to the diversity of activities and events that can be practiced in Istanbul, including shopping in traditional and modern markets, tasting delicious Turkish cuisine, and enjoying the stunning natural scenery, tourism in Istanbul offers a unique and unforgettable experience for every visitor, who in turn needs a place to spend his period of stay in the country. You usually find tourists looking for hotel apartments in Istanbul, especially families, as they prefer them more than motels and hotels because of their many features.

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Prices of hotel apartments in Istanbul:

Istanbul real estate in general, and hotel apartments in Istanbul in particular, are characterized by prices commensurate with the existing services, components and facilities, including. Whoever searches will find many offers for hotel apartments in Istanbul at different and varied prices.

These prices are considered competitive with the prices of similar hotel apartments in various European countries, so investors direct their eyes and aspirations towards Istanbul to invest with competitive prices and budgets instead of investing in one of the parts of Europe.

Prices for hotel apartments in Istanbul are determined according to these factors:

  • The proximity of hotel apartments in Istanbul to transportation routes and modern means of transportation or their distance.
  • The geographical location of the apartment if it is located on a main road or within an important neighborhood.
  • Hotel apartments in Istanbul are near or far from vital modern projects or tourist points in the country.
  • Amenities and facilities within the apartment’s services.
  • The apartment’s view, especially if it is a sea view.
  • The modernity or antiquity of the apartment.
  • Interior and exterior designs, decorations or furnishings used in the apartment.
  • Finishes and cladding and their quality.
  • Apartment space and design.

Living in hotel apartments in Istanbul:

Living in hotel apartments in Istanbul guarantees all kinds of services and facilities. By this we mean parks, baths, saunas, sports clubs, children's clubs and amusement parks, entertainment centers, playgrounds, and canteens. In addition to security, protection, cleaning, and delivery services, etc.

All of these services vary and their quality varies from one residential complex to another and from one area to another, depending on the management of the residential project within which it is located, or according to the level of sophistication and urbanization of the area in which it is located.

Transportation means in Istanbul:

The availability of transportation in Istanbul adds dynamism and vitality to the advantages of living in hotel apartments in Istanbul, as there are many modern transportation routes in Istanbul that connect the Asian and European parts of Istanbul to each other. In addition to the presence of highways that connect Istanbul to other Turkish cities and even European cities.

Istanbul has buses, various land transportation, taxis, a railway network, sea ports and ships, Metrobus, and most importantly the modern and fast metro.

Strategic projects in Istanbul:

These projects herald successful and brilliant investments in the future, as they serve as an investment mine for real estate, including hotel apartments, in Istanbul. There is the New Istanbul Water Canal project, which has begun digging, and investors have begun competing to own the properties closest to it, so that it will become a first-class tourist, investment, and commercial area, and permanent or temporary housing will become a requirement.

There is also the new Istanbul Airport, which has made all areas around it a competition for establishing hotels and hotel apartments in Istanbul. Other strategic projects that will affect real estate of all kinds include hotel apartments in Istanbul, Istanbul’s Third Bridge and the new financial center, Cham and Sakura Hospital, Basaksehir Square, and many other vital projects that the Turkish government is interested in developing and which have already been completed. She created some of them and opened them as well.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying hotel apartments in Istanbul:

As a result of the Turkish government’s awareness of the advantages of improving real estate and advancing real estate investments in the country. It provided a lot of support and loyalty to real estate investors, especially foreign ones. The Turkish government is working to mobilize huge foreign capital and push it to invest in Turkey.

The Turkish government has issued many supportive decisions that will attract investment forces to Turkey, including the city of Istanbul. These decisions were evident in reducing fees and investment taxes for foreigners, and most importantly, granting Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey. You can obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing one or more properties worth 400,000 US dollars or its equivalent depending on the currency exchange rate.

Hotel apartments in Istanbul are explicitly suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing them, as the price value of some of them is close to the value specified for obtaining Turkish citizenship. If it does not reach $400,000, it is possible to buy another property with it until the amount that qualifies for Turkish citizenship is be obtained.

If the investor is unable to buy a property at the value mentioned above, he/she can buy any type of apartment, even hotel apartments in Istanbul, at a price of 200 thousand dollars, to obtain real estate residence permit in Turkey, through which he/she can apply for Turkish citizenship after five years.

You may wonder why there is so much demand for obtaining Turkish citizenship. Simply put, the strength of the Turkish passport and its advantages precedes it at the local and international levels!

Do not miss the opportunity to buy or invest in hotel apartments in Istanbul, as it is an ideal path towards a lot of investment profits.

If you would like to know more about investing in hotel apartments in Istanbul, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, here. The real estate consultant will contact you as soon as possible.





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