Advantages of living in hotel apartments in Turkey

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• What are hotel apartments and their relationship to tourism in Turkey:

Turkey is one of the most beautiful tourist countries, with nature and magic, in which everything we love with different tastes meets; Where nature, purity, modernity, and cities that capture your heart with their colorful lights on a quiet night, who among us might not want to spend a long vacation wandering between the cities of Turkey and enjoying its diverse beauty? Of course all of us, but in the beginning and above all we always look for comfort for ourselves and a sense of security and stability, even if we are on the other side of the world and want to take the house with us, so what if you find your home waiting for you in the place where you spend your vacation?

Hotel apartments are a type of accommodation provided by companies as a paid service to tourists, businessmen or expatriates in general, and it is one of the simplest forms of real estate investment in Turkey, distinguished in many points from hotel rooms and apartments that are rented by its owner.

• 10 advantages of living in hotel apartments in Turkey:

1. Home safety and warmth:

To live in a hotel apartment is the way to take your home with you during holidays and tours, as it differs from traditional hotel rooms in its tendency towards stability and home warmth that is beloved to all of our hearts. You feel as if you did not leave your home despite moving between countries and places in search of entertainment, tourism , study , agreements, business meetings and residence in Turkey.

2. Privacy and hotel service are included in the hotel apartments:

In hotel apartments, you can enjoy your complete privacy, unlike hotel rooms, in which room service causes inconvenience to guests sometimes, but this does not mean that you will have to tamper with matters of washing, politeness and cleaning during your vacation, as there is a hotel service such as that provided in the rooms, which is also provided for apartments, but it is on request; This is what distinguishes hotel apartments from other rentable apartments.


 3. Independence:

Hotel apartments in Turkey also provide you with complete independence if you wish, as they have everything you may need during your vacation, starting from the full furniture, through the kitchen equipped with necessities and luxuries, to the TV and the sofa that you will rest on after a long day of wandering, traveling and hiking.

4. More space than hotel rooms:

Hotel apartments guarantee you a more personal space to stay during your vacation than those provided by hotel rooms, which are always restricted and governed by agreed hotel standards, and this is what hotel apartments are free of, so you can choose their space according to your own needs..

For example, you can rent a hotel apartment in the form of a studio if you are on vacation independently from your family, and if you take them with you on your trip, you need a two-room apartment or more. You can even rent a hotel apartment with 6 bedrooms, and this is very difficult to achieve in the case of traditional apartments.

5. All hotel advantages are available in the hotel apartments:

All the advantages that attract your eye towards hotels are already provided to you by the hotel apartments, for example, the beautiful view that the hotel rooms overlook in the tourist areas, which may make its price double the hotel room that does not overlook the same view. You can get it when you stay in the hotel apartments, where the owners are keen To take distinctive places for their apartments that provide the tenant with the view that he hopes, comfort and stability at the same time.

6. Security and safety:

Hotel apartments are also distinguished by being subject to hotel insurance, which reassures the hearts of many in terms of housing security for them in a country other than their own and a place that they do not know much about its nature or traditions. Quiet, peaceful, free from the hassles and problems that may be caused by the lack of security that traditional apartments suffer when they are rented by tourists.


7. Right price:

One of the advantages of hotel apartments is that they are moderately priced compared to their competitors, as they are lower in price than hotel rooms, despite the fact that their area is larger than the last, as we spoke , and this is of course an advantage in favor of hotel apartments.


8. The perfect choice for those who want to settle down during their vacation:

It is the perfect choice for those who want to feel stable during their vacation, as many feel uncomfortable in hotel rooms because they are a bit uncomfortable in nature, while hotel apartments are more flexible and adaptable according to what the residents want from them.

9. Hotel apartments are a different experience:

Staying in hotel apartments during the holiday is a different experience with a different impression that will linger in your memory no matter how much time has passed since its end, to get away from the cold gloomy atmosphere of hotel rooms and enjoy the warm, home spirit in hotel apartments with another taste that you will wish to try and when you try it, you will not be able to forget it afterwards.

10 . Hotel apartments in Turkey are available and easy to book:

You can simply compare between dozens of hotel apartments and choose the best of them with a star rating and the best location, view and price for booking while you are in your place through your phone on the sites specialized in such bookings.

In this step, you can know all the details of your apartment, large and small, from the rental price to the tea pot that includes its furniture.

To make yourself the most delicious cup of tea in front of a wonderful view of the strait in Istanbul or other charming Turkish views that take your imagination to fly in other worlds.

Hotel apartments in Turkey are an excellent choice when you want to spend an unforgettable trip, return from it full of vitality and positive energy .

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