Advantages of living in Turkey

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Life in Turkey is characterized by flexibility and ease when compared to other developed countries, where the Turkish society is characterized by respect and preservation of the rules, and the belief in the plurality of ideas and freedom, and this is what makes the resident or investor feel the reassurance that everyone is looking for .

 In recent years, Turkey has become a favorite destination for many Arabs and foreigners, not only in terms of tourism, but also for study, work, permanent residence, living and housing, due to the progress that has taken place in it at the architectural, intellectual, economic and social levels.

As a first step to achieve this desire, the visitor applies to the Turkish embassy or consulate located in his home country to obtain a visa, and after obtaining it and arriving in Turkey, he chooses the appropriate residence for him.

Where there are multiple residencies available in Turkey, including real estate residency by buying property in Turkey, which can be renewed and also benefits the wife and children under the age of eighteen, and there is a tourist residency, which is a short-term residency that ranges between 6 months and a year, and there is also permanent residency It is a long-term residency where the resident can reside in Turkey for eight years continuously without interruption, and there is also work residency granted to foreigners employed in Turkish companies, and student residency granted to students coming to Turkey to study in its universities, and finally family residency in In the case of marriage to Turks, its owner can apply for Turkish citizenship after three years, and it is also possible to obtain family residence for family members of the employee who has obtained a work permit.

One of the most important features of living in Turkey is simplicity, as the Turkish people are famous for their simplicity in their life system and in health, educational and service facilities, even in their food and drink .

Turkey relies on providing modern technical services, as there are electronic applications in the hands of everyone through which they can extract official papers, and Turkey is considered one of the distinguished countries in electronic marketing, as everything you need is found within those applications, and arrives at a tremendous speed to your door . You will not need to transport a lot of things when you come to Turkey, as you can find everything in this developed country.

Of course, in order for the resident to be able to live among the people, he must learn the Turkish language, which is the most appropriate way to deal with society smoothly and is one of the priorities that provides comfort in residence for the foreigner, but if you are fluent in foreign languages, this allows you to deal with the educated class only, as for the general public You definitely need to learn the Turkish language through many ways, either through private lessons or following YouTube channels, or by registering in the various institutes and schools in Turkey.

As for housing costs, they vary in Turkey, so it is recommended to consult before choosing the appropriate place of residence; Foreigners often prefer distinguished residential complexes, which have reasonable prices for all classes, and there are apartments in popular neighborhoods, and the cost of buying property in Turkey or rent costs differ from one region to another and from one city to another. As for the cost of living in Turkey in general, it is not considered high compared to other countries that have the same features and characteristics. The minimum pension meets the individual's need to live a decent life with costs.

The most prominent feature of living in Turkey in general is the presence of all the facilities and requirements that an individual needs from transportation of all kinds, such as buses, subways, metro buses, taxis, ships, and it is also characterized by markets, shops, sports stadiums, cultural and scientific centers and other necessary facilities that Everyone needs it.

As for job opportunities, they are many, as a foreigner can find a job opportunity after obtaining a (work permit) from the competent official authorities, especially if he is fluent in the Turkish language, and the most available job opportunities are in the field of translation due to the large number of foreigners, and the field of tourism of all kinds. hotels and restaurants as one of the most prominent tourist countries in the world,

In addition to employment opportunities in factories, and construction workshops.

In addition to all of the above, Turkey has an excellent geographical location, a moderate climate, and is spread over a large area, and it has 81 provinces, which contain many natural and historical monuments, tourist facilities and public parks, as well as overlooking four seas; The Black Sea in the north, the Aegean Sea, and the Marmara Sea, which connects the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea and separates the Asian part of Turkey from the European part, in addition to the Mediterranean Sea. Several rivers cross it, and most of its areas are decorated with green spaces and majestic mountains that increase its beauty.

At the end of this article, we hope that we highlighted the most important features of living in Turkey and the services and facilities it provides, and that we have shown the status of living in the Turkish society .

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