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Feb 5, 2023

Istanbul Real Estate: Advantages of Buying a Property in Kadikoy

Turkey has recently become a place that investors desire in order to start their project of investing in Istanbul real estate or Turkey in general. They may find it difficult to choose the appropriate cities for their goal in Turkey, but what is certain is that the city of Istanbul will be at the top of their list of choices because of its distinctive features in terms of its location, richness, and strategy, and here there is confusion as to which areas of Istanbul will be the best for investing in Istanbul real estate? In our article, we will explain about the Kadikoy area, which is considered one of the important areas for Istanbul real estate investment in Turkey.

What distinguishes Kadikoy?

The location:

Kadikoy is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, which suits many investors who want to invest in Istanbul real estate. It also contains many tourist sites such as the Maiden's Tower and the Bosphorus Strait and many parks and beautiful places. It is also surrounded by many vital areas, which gives it a lot of importance. All these factors play an important and effective role in making investment in it successful.

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Luxury life:

People who prefer to live a life of luxury, sophistication and development are heading to the Kadikoy area. According to real estate market experts, it will witness a huge real estate investment revolution in the coming days. Signs of this revolution are now visible, which has been helped by the presence of many real estate projects being planned. All Istanbul real estate located in Kadikoy is designed in a high-level urban style based on modernity. It also includes many services such as land and sea transportation at the same time and the presence of the port as well, which is the artery through which the region is fed. It is also very close to Sabiha International Airport, all of that. In addition to shopping and entertainment centers.

Famous places:

The presence of archaeological sites is an essential element in the success of investing in Kadikoy. These areas include:

  • Umbrella Street: This street in Kadikoy district of Istanbul is unique in its splendor as it is completely covered with umbrellas and you will find shops on both sides of the street, so you will be able to take a shopping tour with a distinctive character away from the heat of the sun or the winter rain.
  • Baghdad Street: This street is located in the Asian part of Istanbul and is very similar to Istiklal Street in European Istanbul, as it contains many shops selling various goods such as food, drink, clothes, toys and gifts, and it also includes many restaurants.
  • Moda Street: This street is characterized by a unique real estate and urban design, and it contains many shops and recreational places, and the tram line passes through this street.
  • Kadikoy Street: It is located on the coasts of Kadikoy, as its coast is very clean and beautiful.
  • Kadikoy Popular Market: This market displays a lot of popular goods and handicrafts.
  • Fish Market: It contains many different distinct types of delicious fish.

Infrastructure in Kadikoy:

The region has a highly developed infrastructure in the sectors of transport, communications and energy, and also has a well-developed railway that facilitates transportation to Central and Eastern Europe, which makes this region an advantage for many people.

Kadikoy is considered one of the distinctive areas in many aspects, which makes the idea of ​​real estate investment a pioneer, especially as it is a tourist area, and this makes the investment make certain profits.

The population of Kadikoy district in Istanbul exceeds more than half a million people, along with hundreds of foreigners, especially Arabs, who come to it for temporary or permanent residence.

Service facilities:

The fact that Kadikoy district in Istanbul contains a large number of government institutions, bank branches, companies, government and private hospitals, medical centers, clinics, universities, schools, language teaching, training and other centers and institutions supports the idea of ​​living within Istanbul real estate in Kadikoy and increases its opportunities as an area suitable for various types of housing for families, students, youth and tourism.

Kadikoy district in Istanbul is one of the most promising areas for investment and is suitable for everyone who wants to live a comfortable and luxurious life. And it is a living example of the modern and distinctive urban style. If you want to buy property in Istanbul, Kadikoy is the perfect place. 

Investing in Istanbul Kadikoy real estate:

Many foreign and Turkish investors prefer to invest in Istanbul real estate in the Kadikoy area specifically for the following reasons:

Wide choices of real estate

One of the most important things that encourage investment in Kadikoy Istanbul real estate is the different types of real estate and apartments in it, as you can find what suits you because it contains real estate that suits all tastes and categories and with different sizes and styles, that is, you can find luxury real estate such as villas and luxurious palaces on the sea, and you can also find cheap apartments such as studio apartments, installment apartments, or properties under construction.

Real estate prices

Istanbul real estate prices in  or Turkey in general are considered cheap and appropriate when compared with neighboring European countries, even though they have high specifications. For example, you can buy a property in Istanbul with a large area and a distinctive view at a reasonable price that cannot be found in any other European city.

Obtaining real estate residence permit

What encourages the search for Istanbul real estate is that once you buy a property in Turkey worth $200,000, you will obtain a real estate residence permit, and this is certainly considered a great gain, especially for businessmen and investors, as they will be able to enter and leave Turkey freely without worrying about the visa.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship

Perhaps the most important reason that encourages investment in Istanbul real estate is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment by purchasing a property worth at least $400,000, either one property or a group of properties. This is certainly considered an excellent opportunity to enjoy the advantages of Turkish citizenship and hold a Turkish passport, which It allows its holders to enter a large number of countries around the world without the need for a visa.

The charming nature

Many investors want to buy a house in Turkey, seeking its beautiful terrain and distinctive climate, especially Gulf investors, whose country is known for its hot climate and difficult weather conditions. Therefore, they find in Turkey a safe and suitable haven for buying real estate and investing.

The tourist importance

Turkey is recognized as a first-class tourist country, and tourism in Turkey is considered one of the most important resources of the Turkish economy. Turkey annually attracts millions of tourists, and these of course need a place to stay and reside. Therefore, investing in Istanbul real estate is considered a guaranteed option to achieve quick profit through hotel apartments and apartments on the sea. Restaurants, malls and other tourist properties.

Supporting government decisions

The Turkish government has issued many legislations and laws to encourage foreign investors to invest in Turkey, as it has significantly reduced their taxes and fees and treated them as Turks, in addition to issuing a real estate evaluation document, which has greatly contributed to protecting investors from real estate fraud by valuing the property by institutions. Competent to prevent investors from being deceived by fictitious companies.

Cheap cost of living 

One of the things that encourages buying real estate in Istanbul or Turkey is its cheap living conditions, as there are a large number of markets that suit all societal groups, and the bills related to water, electricity, gas, and internet resulting from the property are all considered reasonable and can be paid, and thus you will be able to secure a decent life in Turkey.


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