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Turkey has recently become a place that investors want to start their real estate investment project in Turkey, but they may find it difficult to choose the right cities for their goal in Turkey, but what is certain is that Istanbul will be at the top of their list of options because of its location, wealth and strategy here. Are you confused in which areas of Istanbul will be the best for real estate investment? In this article, we will explain about Kadikoy, which is one of the important areas of Istanbul for real estate investment in Turkey.

What distinguishes Kadikoy?

the site:

Kadikoy is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, which suits many investors, especially Arabs, because it is close to their countries and close to them in terms of customs and traditions, and it also contains many tourist sites such as the Maiden's Tower and the Bosphorus Strait and many parks and beautiful places. It is also surrounded by many vital areas, which gives it a lot of importance. All these factors play an important and effective role in making investment in it successful.

Luxury life:

People who prefer to have a luxurious life, sophistication and development are heading to Kadikoy area. According to real estate market experts, it will witness in the coming days a huge real estate investment revolution. The signs of this revolution have now appeared, which helped in this by the presence of many real estate projects that are planned and all the properties that It is located in Kadikoy, designed in a high-level urban style that adopts modernity, and it also includes many services such as land and sea transportation at the same time, and the presence of the port as well, which is the artery that feeds the region thanks to it, and it is very close to Sabiha International Airport, all in addition to shopping centers and entertainment.

Famous archaeological sites:

The presence of archaeological sites is an essential element in the success of investing in kadikoy. These areas include:

* Umbrella Street: This street in Kadikoy district of Istanbul is unique in its splendor as it is completely covered with umbrellas and you will find shops on both sides of the street, so you will be able to take a shopping tour with a distinctive character away from the heat of the sun or the winter rain.

* Baghdad Street: This street is located in the Asian section of Istanbul and is very similar to Istiklal Street in European Istanbul, as it contains many shops selling various goods such as food, drink, clothes, toys and gifts, and it also includes many restaurants.

*Moda Street: This street is characterized by a unique real estate and urban design, and it contains many shops and recreational places, and the tram line passes through this street.

Kadikoy Street: It is located on the coasts of Kadikoy, as its coast is very clean and beautiful.

Kadikoy Popular Market: This market displays a lot of popular goods and handicrafts.

* Fish Market: It contains many different distinct types of delicious fish.

Infrastructure in Kadikoy:

The region has a highly developed infrastructure in the sectors of transport, communications and energy, and also has a well-developed railway that facilitates transportation to Central and Eastern Europe, which makes this region an advantage for many people.

Kadikoy is considered one of the distinctive areas in many aspects, which makes the idea of ​​real estate investment a pioneer, especially as it is a tourist area, and this makes the investment make certain profits.

The population of Kadikoy district in Istanbul exceeds more than half a million people, along with hundreds of foreigners, especially Arabs, who come to it for temporary or permanent residence.

Fifth: Service facilities:

The fact that Kadikoy district in Istanbul contains a large number of government institutions, bank branches, companies, government and private hospitals, medical centers, clinics, universities, schools, language teaching, training and other centers and institutions supports the idea of ​​housing in Kadikoy and increases its opportunities as an area suitable for various types of housing for families, students, youth and tourism.

Kadikoy district in Istanbul is one of the most promising areas for investment and is suitable for everyone who wants to live a comfortable and luxurious life. And it is a living example of the modern and distinctive urban style.. If you want to buy property in Istanbul... Kadikoy is the perfect place...


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