Advantages of real estate investment in Bakirkoy

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The location of Bakirkoy district in Istanbul, Turkey:

The Bakirkoy area is located in the European section of Istanbul, Turkey, and it has a charming sea view along the long coast of the Marmara Sea. This area has an area of ​​up to twenty-nine square kilometers, and the number of residents in the Bakirkoy area exceeds two hundred and fifty thousand people. Getting from the center of Istanbul to the Bakirkoy area is about twenty kilometers, and the great importance of the location of the Bakirkoy area increases due to its proximity with many other important areas in Istanbul, such as Kucukcekmece, Zeytinburnu, Avcilar and others, and of course Do not forget that it is adjacent to the Sea of ​​Marmara.


The development of transportation in Bakirkoy district in Istanbul :

One of the most important advantages enjoyed by transportation in the Bakirkoy region is the great diversity, especially in the means of transportation, as it is modern and developed and works to link the Bakirkoy region with the various neighboring regions and places in Istanbul, thus providing a great luxury for its residents through the comfort resulting from providing effort In a long time, and among the most prominent means of transportation and transportation available in the Bakirkoy area, we mention the metro and metrobus, as well as internal transport buses, public service vehicles and taxis. In addition to the availability of all of the above, the strategic importance of the Bakirkoy region and its geographical location increases thanks to Being adjacent to two highways bordering the area and making it more lively, active and more easily accessible.


The high quality of real estate in Bakirkoy district in Istanbul :

The European part of Istanbul in general is classified as the most prestigious and luxurious part of the city, and it is known that Istanbul real estate located in the regions of the European part is generally classified within the category of luxury and high-end Istanbul real estate, and real estate in the Bakirkoy area is not different from it. As we have already mentioned, it is located in the European section of Istanbul, and therefore we find that these properties are characterized by development and modernity and are dominated by the character of luxury and sophistication. The manifestations of sophistication and civilization do not depend on real estate in the Bakirkoy area, but it also appears clear on the various details of the area Including the residents and residents in it, and this is highlighted by the cultural and educational level that they enjoy, and it seems more clear through the organization that characterizes the real estate in the region. In addition to the above, the presence of large numbers of luxury Istanbul real estate in the Bakirkoy area, the luxury that The progress of this region is also reflected in the fact that it is very rich in recreational centers such as Bakirkoy Botanical Garden, Ataturk Sports City and many other public parks and green spaces.


The tourist importance of the Bakirkoy district in Istanbul :

The most prominent characteristic that is mentioned when talking about the Bakirkoy area in Istanbul is the distinctive sea view that it enjoys, as it has a long stretch on the coast of the Marmara Sea, which means the availability of many ideal places for the establishment of many Istanbul properties with distinctive sea views and We find that the luxury Istanbul real estate available in the Bakirkoy area has the most beautiful and beautiful views and sea views that attract investors and tourists alike in order to take a look to enjoy these unique views.

Also, the Bakirkoy area in Istanbul is still well-deservedly preserving its historical and heritage touch, as it includes many historical monuments and archaeological sites, which include a very striking mixture when it meets side by side with the real estate of the Bakirkoy region, which is characterized by modernity, development and luxury to form an area Bakirkoy is a living example that combines tradition and modernity in our time.

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