Advantages of real estate investment in Eyup Sultan

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Have you heard of Eyup Sultan district in Istanbul before? Real estate investment in the Eyup Sultan area has many advantages, as it is one of the main areas in that city. It occupies a great geographical location and has many advantages and important service facilities.

If you want to get to know the Eyup Sultan area in detail, you can follow the following article, in which we will review the most important details related to it and we will indicate the importance of real estate investment in it and we will try to answer all your questions about it.

The importance of real estate investment in the Eyup Sultan area:

If you want to invest in real estate in the Eyup Sultan area, you definitely need to know all the details related to it so that you can decide whether this is really the area you are looking for or not, and below we explain to you about it:

1 - Did you know that the Sultan Eyup area is one of the vital areas that contain many distinctive real estate projects.

2 - It has the most important real estate investment opportunities ever.

3 - It is characterized as a tourist destination because it has a lot of archaeological and historical monuments and recreational places such as parks and cable cars.

4 - Real estate prices in Eyup Sultan have risen significantly, and this is one of the most important motives that encouraged the investor to search for real estate for sale.

5 - Its proximity to the Metrobus line raised the value of real estate investment, and this helped the residents to move from one place to another.

6 - This area is considered suitable for housing and settling families, precisely because of the abundance of service facilities, and it is also possible to stay in it during the holidays and vacations.

Advantages of living in Eyup Sultan:

The advanced service facilities owned by Eyup Sultan were one of the most important reasons that prompted many foreigners to live and settle there. All their needs are found there. You have to bear in mind that when the basic necessities of life, recreational centers, schools and hospitals are available, this area will be overcrowded.

Also, it must be noted that real estate prices in that area are somewhat moderate, but you should know that there is a large difference in the prices of real estate that are located inside the residential complexes and those located outside.

It is suitable for anyone looking for a quiet and upscale life, due to its proximity to the Black Sea coast.

Geographical location of Eyup Sultan:

- It is located, as mentioned above, on the European side of the city.

- It has a distinctive view of the Golden Horn Bay.

- It extends over an area of ​​223.78 square kilometers.

- Close to the most important tourist attractions in Istanbul.

- 7 km away from the famous Taksim Square.

- It is also only 3 km away from the Fatih area.

- 37 km away from the new Istanbul airport.

The most important tourist places in the Eyup Sultan area:

Before we introduce you to the most important tourist places in this area, it is necessary to point out that it is one of the most important factors that support your decision to invest in real estate, because the increase in the number of tourists in an area means an increase in the demand for real estate in this area to rent.

1 - Eyup Sultan Cable Car:

The cable car in this region is one of the most important attractions that tourists usually visit, as it allows them to get a wonderful view from the top of the region and the Bosphorus.

This cable car is short and fast, and your journey through it will only take two and a half minutes. From the top, you will see many famous landmarks in Istanbul, such as Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Hagia Sophia Mosque, Galata Tower and other important landmarks.

2 - Sultan Eyup Mosque:

This mosque is considered one of the most important mosques in Istanbul and is an important model of Turkish Islamic architecture. It is distinguished by its architectural design, as it takes the form of a rectangle and its dome rests on eight columns.

It contains the tomb of the great companion Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, and in the courtyard of the mosque you will find a large tree that is hundreds of years old.

Services in the Eyup Sultan area:

In this area, you will find many important service facilities that branch into schools, universities, health centers, commercial centers and markets. The following will be mentioned to you, the most prominent of which are:

Educational institutions:

Eyup Sultan is one of the areas rich in educational services, as it contains many public and private schools that suit all groups and levels of study. It should be noted here that it depends on the Turkish language as a primary language, along with English and Arabic.

One of the most important schools that you will find in this area is (Zinde Private School), which is distinguished by its scientific and technical development, and which offers its curricula in both languages ​​(Turkish and English).

You will also find (Turkish Imam Hatip Schools), which are Islamic schools where they teach the Noble Qur’an and the noble hadith of the Prophet, and these Arabs prefer to enroll their children there.

Among the schools in which it is located (Amjad Al Orouba School), this school is international and is close to the most important facilities and vital centers.

As for the universities, they are close to the most important universities in Istanbul, such as:

Gulf Private University.

Ayvansaray University.

Bahcesehir University.

Altinbas University.

health institutions:

This area includes the most important health facilities at all, as well as private and public hospitals that fully meet the needs of citizens, and the most important things in it are:

1 - Private Avrupa Safak Hospital: which provides high quality natural services.

2 - Governmental Hospital (Eyup Sultan): This is one of the most important hospitals in Istanbul and is managed by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Malls and markets:

Markets are one of the most visited places for tourists and locals alike, and recently many modest or popular markets have appeared in the region and at the same time include many modern malls such as (Forum Istanbul), which contains important brands that suit all tastes and also includes ( Axis Mall Istanbul).

Akarkom International company was with you on a detailed tour around the Eyup Sultan area in European Istanbul, in which we tried as much as possible to mention the most important information and details related to it, especially the aspect of real estate investment in it.

Now you can decide if this area is really suitable for real estate investment or not? And do not forget to contact us to provide you with the most important investment opportunities that exist in it.

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