Advantages of real estate investment in Kucukcekmece

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The location of the Kucukcekmece district in Istanbul :

This famous region constitutes one of the regions of the European part of Istanbul, specifically in the southern part of it, and the borders of this region constitute other vital and important regions when it comes to buying real estate in Turkey in turn, such as the Bagcilar region, as well as the well-known Basaksehir region and the region Bahcelievler and Bakirkoy area.

Within the Kucukcekmece region there is a lake that has got its own name after the region in which it is located, i.e. it is called the Kucukcekmece Lake, which is classified as one of the most beautiful lakes in the Kucukcekmece region. The path of this lake ends through its pouring into the Sea of ​​Marmara and It works to link Kucukcekmece and Avcilar regions.

In addition, what enhances the importance of the strategic geographical location of the Kucukcekmece district in Istanbul is that it is located on a vital transportation node and because of the passage of important transport lines, especially the Metrobus line, which is a vital artery for the transportation process in Istanbul. Because it works to connect multiple areas of this city with each other so that it connects the center of Istanbul with its suburbs and outskirts.


Advantages of buying real estate in the Kucukcekmece district of Istanbul :

Kucukcekmece is considered one of the most preferred options for buying real estate in Turkey by investors, especially foreigners, especially those who want to buy property in Istanbul specifically among the rest of Turkey's real estate, because it is classified as an ideal area for real estate investment in Istanbul Thanks to the great boom in investment in Istanbul real estate within this region and the advantages that it enjoys, and among the most important of these advantages, we mention the following:

* Excellent transportation:

The most important feature that makes the location of the Kucukcekmece district in Istanbul such a strategic location is that it is located at the linking point between the most important highways in Istanbul, as well as because it is located close to the metrobus station. It is known that the area has a secured Transportation network is a vital factor in determining the value and importance of real estate in it, as the availability of such a feature greatly increases the prices of real estate in Istanbul, so we find that the real estate in the Kucukcekmece region is very distinctive and the demand for it is high.

* Location of the vital area:

The location is indeed the most important factor when it comes to buying property in Istanbul, as getting one of the Istanbul real estate with an excellent location is one of the most important guarantees of achieving financial profits through real estate investment in Istanbul, and that is why real estate in the Kucukcekmece district is excellent and of great value. High demand from investors, thanks to the strategic geographical location that this region enjoys, as it is located in close proximity to other important and vital areas. In addition, it is one of the areas of the European section of Istanbul, which is known as the upscale section of the city and real estate Istanbul, which is located within it, is very special.

* The high level of services in the Kucukcekmece :

The Kucukcekmece district is distinguished by providing a variety of services to its residents, the most important of which is calmness, as its population does not exceed seven hundred and seventy thousand people, and it is classified as one of the most important and most beautiful tourist areas in Istanbul. An important number of service facilities are available within the area. And the vitality, as well as the entertainment centers of markets and malls, including Armoni Park and Arena Park, who provide a unique opportunity for shopping by offering various forms of goods and international and local brands, and the service facilities in the region are developed, especially educational institutions, as they include three Very prestigious universities, not only in the country, which are Istanbul Arel University and Sabahattin Al Zaim University, and of course we do not forget to mention the name of Istanbul Aydin University.

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