Advantages of real estate investment in the Black Sea region in Turkey

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The real estate sector in Turkey has achieved great development and prosperity and has become one of the most important pillars of the Turkish economy, and this is what attracted foreign and Arab investors from all over the world to buy property in Turkey and start real estate investment in Turkey.

It has been noted that investors have increased interest in the Black Sea region in Turkey in particular and the increasing demand of investors to buy real estate within the Black Sea region and the activity of the tourism movement in Turkey within this region, which has played a major role in attracting more money to it, as many Tourist establishments such as resorts, restaurants and hotels have been built.

Investors tend at the moment to establish tourist villages in the region, especially within the Jambashi plateau, which is two thousand meters above sea level.

The Saudis had the largest share of investments in the region, as they occupied the first place in buying real estate in the Black Sea region, followed by Iraqi and Kuwaiti investors.

Among the reasons that encouraged investment in the Black Sea region in Turkey:

1- The nature of the picturesque area: The Black Sea region in Turkey is considered one of the most beautiful natural areas where the mountain, the sea, the plain and many large and wide green spaces and dense forests meet, allowing you to watch and enjoy the most beautiful scenery in it and inhale the clean, pollution-free air .

2- The prosperity of the tourism sector: The tourism sector in Turkey within the Black Sea region is of great importance, as large numbers of tourists flock continuously and periodically to enjoy the beautiful scenery and historical sites, which is positively reflected on all forms of investment in the region, especially real estate investment.

3- Competitive prices for real estate: Buying a property within the Black Sea region is considered one of the golden opportunities where you can buy property at a cheap price compared to buying property in Istanbul, for example, and this is what distinguishes Black Sea real estate despite its high quality specifications.

4-amazing view: Many who want to buy property in Turkey accept real estate in the Black Sea region because of its amazing views of the sea directly, including mountains, forests and green spaces.

5- The temperate climate: This particular point attracts Gulf investors in particular due to the hot weather that characterizes their country.

6- The many forms of real estate: The real estate market in Turkey includes a variety of real estate options to suit all tastes. Large farms, luxury villas, and land are abundant in the Black Sea region. There are ready-made residential complexes and regular apartments where everyone can get what they want and what suits their tastes.

7- Hospitality by the residents of the Black Sea region: The residents of the Black Sea are characterized by generosity, good morals and hospitality, and this is what attracts many to buy property in Turkey in the Black Sea region, as you will feel as if you are among your family and friends in your homeland.

8- Existence of Ordu Airport - Giresun: The opening of Ordu Airport in 2015 had a major role in revitalizing the tourism and air traffic to the Black Sea region, and this airport was built on the sea and greatly contributed to supporting investments in the region.

9- Infrastructure development: The Turkish government has paid remarkable attention to this region and has worked to improve its services, as we find that it contains all the service and recreational facilities that the region's residents and tourists may need, in addition to the existence of a transportation network that connects it to the rest of the Turkish regions and cities.

At the end of this article, we hope that we have covered everything that distinguishes the Black Sea region in Turkey, buying real estate in it and real estate investment in the region ... to give you a general and comprehensive picture in case you want to buy property in Turkey for the purpose of real estate investment or residence.


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