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  2. Alanya location
  3. Alanya markets and shopping centers
  4. Tourism in Alanya
  5. Education in Alanya
  6. Alanya infrastructure
  7. Why to invest in Alanya?

Alanya is located on the Mediterranean coast. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey which has a rich history. It has been an important cultural and trade center for centuries. There are many historical sites that tourists would like to explore in Alanya, in addition to many natural places such as beaches and ancient remains.

Alanya's location on the Mediterranean made it a prominent resting point for merchants, for centuries. The Romans also called it "Half Moon". Its strategic location near the Turkish border with Syria makes it an important stopping point for travelers between east and west. It is surrounded by the sea from 3 sides, which makes, geographically, a peninsula.

Analya weather

The weather of Analya is cool; hot in summer and warm and rainy in winter.

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Alanya location

Alanya is about 1,582 km². It is a town in Antalya, in southern Turkey. It is the capital of leisure tourism not only in Antalya but in the whole Turkey. It is 835 km from Istanbul, 523 km from the capital Ankara, and 1150 km from Trabzon. It has a population of 333,000, with foreign residents making up nearly 10% of its population.

Alanya markets and shopping centers

Alanyum Mall: It is a small mall consisting of 3 floors that provides shopping for necessary needs.

Time Center: It is larger than Alanyum Mall. It consists of two floors, and it contains clothes, perfumes, and accessories stores, in addition to a supermarket and fast-food restaurants.

Mega Mall: It is a huge mall located on the road between Alanya and Antalya, and it contains everything that families need; stores vary from clothes of local and international brands, to electrical devices.

Tourism in Alanya

Alanya is the first destination for tourists. It is called the capital of Turkish tourism, because it is very beautiful and its charming coasts attract Arab and foreign visitors. It is also known for its important historical remains, including:

Cleopatra Beach: It is a very beautiful beach whose sand is golden and its waters are bright blue.

Alanya Castle: It is a Seljuk castle built by the Seljuk leader "Aladdin Kay Kubat" in the thirteenth century in order to protect the city. It consists of 83 facing towers and 140 watch towers.

Alanya Museum: Since the opening of the Alanya Museum in 1967, the Turkish government has been keen to provide it with all the historical and architectural remains of many ancient civilizations that inhabited Alanya throughout history. The tickets to enter the museum are not expensive. 

Education in Alanya

Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat Public University was founded in 2015. It provides qualified higher education in an international educational environment. It includes eight faculties, including:

  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Physical education and sports 
  • Dentist
  • In addition to three faculties (sciences, social sciences, and health sciences).

Worth noting that there are a number of public and private schools that include all educational stages.

Alanya infrastructure

Metro station: It links Alanya with the external railways that link the Turkish states to each other, from Istanbul in the far West to Kars in the far East of the Turkish territories.

Bus station: Public buses are the most important means of transportation in the city of Alanya. They transfer residents and tourists in the city from one place to the other.

Private Busses: Private transport companies and tourism companies are very active in Alanya. Foreign tourists often use them, because of the additional services they provide, such as having a driver speak different languages.

Dolmus: They are the mini buses that connect to the inner alleys of Alanya, and are commonly used and available transportation in the city.

Taxi: Taxi operates in Alanya all the time.

Why to invest in Alanya?

Indirect profit:

  • Under-construction residential projects: when investing in apartments in the early stages of construction, their prices are low, yet, when they are finished, their prices increase.
  • The Turkish government works on building the infrastructure of the city intensively, which will raise the investment value in the near future.
  • The ROI in this city is short-term, compared to other cities.

Direct profit:

  • Re-lease: Since Alanya is a tourist city, there is a very high demand for rents, while hotels in the area do not cover this great demand.
  • The city's weather: It is warm in winter, which increases winter tourism in the region, and cool in summer, which makes it a tourist destination throughout the year.
  • The area's closeness to the airport and the sea, which made it a vital and investment area.
  • The charming nature in terms of sea, waterfalls, and trees, in addition to caves, mountains and archaeological sites.

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