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The Turkish government provides the opportunity to own real estate in Turkey by foreign investors, and this is accompanied by a set of advantages, ingredients and facilities that work to attract and encourage the influx of more of them to the Turkish real estate market, and one of these advantages is to allow the process of inheriting real estate in Turkey, which Owned by foreign investors after death.


Real estate inheritance law in Turkey:

The process of inheriting real estate in Turkey is the process of transferring the property of the owner of this real estate, after his death, to become ownership of his legal heirs, and this process is controlled through dedicated laws that organize this procedure according to a set of pre-defined conditions and controls. And the Turkish government allows the process of owning and inheriting real estate in Turkey after death for most foreigners who buy a property in Turkey, but with exceptions that affect some nationalities coming from a limited country, as there are some restrictions that are placed on owning real estate in Turkey from before them.


How to inherit real estate in Turkey:

The laws related to the ownership of real estate in Turkey all also apply to the real estate of Turkey that foreigners own, as the property of foreigners falls under the rule of Turkish law and a tax is imposed on it, and this tax is called the inheritance and transfer tax, whose value is determined mainly from During the geographical location of the property in Turkey, but it must be known that the inheritance and transfer tax imposed on real estate in Turkey is relatively low, and its value also varies depending on the value of the property of the investors, as the tax is calculated at a lower percentage whenever the price of the property In Turkey less.


Heirs within the real estate inheritance law in Turkey:

In the absence of any official and attested will, the family of the property owner in Turkey, who has passed away, obtains his immovable property, and the heirs are determined as follows:

The first to receive a share of the inheritance are the parents of the deceased owner from the children and the husband or wife. His brothers. As for the last to receive a share of the property of the deceased, they are the grandchildren and their children, according to what is stipulated in the law of real estate inheritance in Turkey.

In the absence of any relatives with the person who died, all of his property goes to the husband or wife.

But when there are no heirs at all, then the property will go to the ownership of the Turkish government.

The heirs are given their shares of the inheritance after the so-called inheritance inventory is extracted, i.e. after the inventory of the deceased’s property and also after the deceased’s debts are cleared, if any, as his debts are paid with the banks or the installments due on him or any mortgage and others .

And the Turkish law concerned with the process of inheriting real estate in Turkey stipulates that half of the property of the deceased is given to the wife and the other half goes to the children, and both males and females receive equal shares.

 And it is possible to apply the law of inheriting real estate that is implemented in the country of origin of the foreign resident in Turkey when dividing the inheritance, but this is done provided that the entire heirs agree without exception.


Inheritance and transfer tax in Turkey:

Foreign investors who buy real estate in Turkey must pay inheritance and transfer tax when inheriting or transferring real estate in Turkey in the event of death , as long as this property is within the borders of Turkish territory .

The inheritance and transfer tax is paid by the heir after he obtains the money by transferring or inheriting, and the value to be paid in order to pay the inheritance and transfer tax is estimated at the equivalent of one to ten percent, depending on the geographical location of the Real estate in Turkey.

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