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How to invest land in Turkey:

It is noted that there is an increasing demand for land investment in Turkey, especially by foreign investors, especially Arab nationalities, thanks to the flexibility of the necessary conditions for this and the structure of Turkish lands suitable for this, especially those lands that are located in major Turkish cities, as they are considered One of the most candidate areas to shift towards transportation routes and transportation networks.

There are also many advantages that increase the investment value of this land, such as the availability of health and entertainment services and other possibilities that make the eyes of foreign investors turn towards this type of investment in Turkey.

Therefore, we find that the rush of these foreign investors towards investing in lands in Turkey is due to the abundance of opportunities to benefit from such investments and the flexibility of the Turkish government with regard to its various matters, and it can be transferred, as we mentioned, towards highways that enhance the transportation network and work to link Parts of the major cities in Turkey are connected to each other due to the presence of large areas separating them, in addition to the large areas that the land enjoys in Turkey make it ideal for the establishment of many profitable service projects that require space such as hospitals, health centers or entertainment centers such as shopping malls and restaurants And hotels, electric and water parks, as well as zoos, parks and other projects.


Advantages of land investment in Turkey:

Foreign investors have the opportunity to invest in Turkish lands, as is the case with Turkey’s real estate, with some conditions, such as not exceeding thirty hectares of land purchased by one investor, and they are also allowed to obtain the equivalent of ten percent of the immovable property The area that is under private ownership and immovable property is verified or verified by signing the registry documents and official documents in the Title Deed Directorate.

Also, foreign investors who buy property in Turkey in the form of land must choose a suitable place

When completing the process of selling and buying property in Turkey, foreign investors must submit a request to the Title Deed Directorate or Tapu, and this request must be attached to a set of official documents that include both the title deed of the property, personal identity and a document of value Earth .

A sworn translator is also required in the event of a non-Turkish-speaking party from the seller or buyer, in order to ensure that the parties understand the full details and content of the contract and the sale process before the formal completion of the procedures and the signing of the contract by the two parties.

In addition, the most important advantage that may push these foreign investors to buy real estate in Turkey, such as land, is to have the opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship, as investing in Turkish lands gives the foreign investor an opportunity like this, as is the case with investing in the real estate market in Turkey, and of course The conditions that apply to Turkey's real estate apply to investment in lands, as these lands must meet the required price condition, meaning that their value is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, or the equivalent of this value in Turkish lira.


The most important cities for land investment in Turkey:

* Istanbul city:

The best areas in Istanbul, which are ideal for land investment, are Kayaşehir, Arnavutkoy, Çekmeköy and the surrounding areas.

* Ankara city:

The best areas in the political capital of Turkey for land investment are in the Can Kaya region and the Waran region.

* Izmir city:

While Bayrakli and Bornova, especially the Pinarbash district and Ankara Street in the Bornova district, are at the top of the list of the best areas of Izmir for investment in the Turkish territory.

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