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Istanbul is one of the most famous tourist cities in Turkey and in the world, as it is intended for tourists and visitors of different nationalities and backgrounds, because of the beautiful nature of this city, its distinctive tourist attractions and its pleasant weather, as well as its view of the charming Bosphorus Gulf. Most of those wishing to buy a property in Turkey are keen to enjoy a beautiful view of their homes, especially in a city like Istanbul, which is full of landscapes, lakes, seas and the charming Bosphorus. 

Why are we looking for apartments for sale in Turkey by the sea and what are the advantages they have? 

Many investors today are heading to buy apartments that enjoy a sea view, due to the high investment returns of these apartments, especially during the tourist seasons. It is also usually equipped with the best types of equipment and the latest technology, and of course, the view of the seas in Turkey is charming and gives peace and happiness. One of the most popular cities for buying apartments on the sea in Turkey is Istanbul and Antalya, and this is due to their distinctive location and great position as tourist cities.

So.. What are the best areas to buy a property with a sea view in Istanbul? 

Zeytinburnu region 

Zeytinburnu is located on the European side of Istanbul, on the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. Zeytinburnu is an investment area with high-rise towers, residential complexes, shopping centers and international five-star hotels. It is one of the most important areas to search for apartments for sale by the sea in Istanbul. 

Zeytinburnu is located near the center of Istanbul, which is separated from it only by the ancient walls of Constantinople. It is also far from Ataturk International Airport, which the Turkish government started the first phase of the process of converting it into a public recreational eco-park called "People Park" with only 20 minutes. It is also planned to convert the buildings surrounding it into exhibition and conference centers. 

Beylikduzu area: 

Beylikduzu is considered the new cultural face of Istanbul, as it is located on the European side of Istanbul and enjoys sea views of the Marmara Sea and Buyukcekmece Lake. 

Beylikduzu is considered one of the most beautiful and most attractive areas for investors and those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey, as it has witnessed many civilized developments that have increased its importance and beauty, making it the ideal destination for investors in Turkey and it is an ideal area for investment, work and stability in Istanbul.

Bakirkoy area: 

One of the most prestigious areas in Istanbul, which includes a number of high-end neighborhoods, is Bakirkoy. Bakirkoy is located on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey, and is one of the coastal areas overlooking the Marmara Sea. Bakirkoy is distinguished from the rest of Istanbul by its strategic location near the city center as it is located next to Florya district and Zeytinburnu district. It is an investment area where towers, residential complexes, shopping centers and international five-star hotels rise. 

Florya district is considered one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Bakirkoy district. Florya neighborhood has a charming view of the Marmara Sea, and (Florya Garden) which follows the residential neighborhood Florya, the garden extends along the Marmara Sea in a breathtaking view, especially at sunset. 

Many residents of Istanbul live within these areas, where the sea becomes a regular sight for them. Their lives with it are characterized by relaxation and tranquility, and the tendency to spend time on the sea in the days of beautiful weather.. Therefore, many investors and foreigners seek to obtain this quiet lifestyle, no matter the cost or the arduous search for it. Moving between real estate agencies and brokers. 

Istanbul tops the list of Turkish cities in the splendor of its sea views, from the heights to the Istanbul houses overlooking the sea, and its houses with wonderful natural views of splendor and beauty take you to other worlds of luxury and magic. 

The government of Turkey and the private sector companies are pioneers in encouraging real estate investment by offering features and facilities to owning apartments with great sea views. These apartments enjoy charming and beautiful views and competitive prices on the level of luxury real estate globally.

Apartments for sale by the sea in Antalya: 

The city of Antalya is characterized by its attractive tourist character, as it has become a favorite destination for European and Russian tourists every year, whose number exceeds two million tourists annually. 

Due to its picturesque nature and moderate atmosphere, the city has turned into a real investment destination, especially in the field of real estate, and the demand for real estate of all kinds and forms has increased to live in Antalya and reside in its beautiful properties. 

Besides, the city has also got abundant government services, which is evidenced by its good public facilities and services. 

The cost of living in Antalya varies according to the number of family members, whether the house is owned or rented. The area in which the property is rented varies significantly from one place to another .

With the high demand for the city during vacations and holidays. During the tourist seasons the city turns into a vibrant tourist festival, and it is difficult to get a hotel or apartment reservation unless you confirm your reservation early. 

Therefore, real estate investment in Antalya through tourist rental is a profitable option, and it gives investors a good financial return, especially in seasonal periods. 

Undoubtedly, what is meant by this type of investment is a thoughtful real estate investment in areas of tourist interest, with open views of the sea or picturesque nature, and close to vital or central places in the city. 

If your choice is an apartment, villa, or housing within a closed residential complex. Living in Antalya offers you these options with a beautiful contrast of prices and environments that make you feel that you are always welcome here.. You can search in Konyaalti, Belek Province and even Lara. In addition to the famous places of Kemurat Pasha and Silik.

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