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● Basaksehir in brief:

Basaksehir is considered the most attractive area for investors and those looking for a quiet life and safe real estate investment in Istanbul, so there are many questions and inquiries around it to learn about its advantages and the most important vital areas in it, housing opportunities and stability in it and the ingredients for that. In a glimpse into the nature of the region, the Basaksehir district of Istanbul includes one of the most developed infrastructure in the city, due to the modernity of the region and its establishment based on a strong, modern and spacious structure.

The city of Basaksehir has become one of the most attractive areas for local and foreign investors alike, not only because of modern buildings equipped with the highest means of comfort and luxury, but also because of the strong infrastructure, social, cultural, health and educational facilities that distinguished the region from all other regions in Turkey, and made it competing with many of its European counterparts. The area contains the second largest arena in Istanbul, which is used for many different events throughout the year; Theatrical performances, parties, festivals, and celebrations of the holy month of Ramadan are the most prominent of these events. The Basaksehir district is on the throne of the most vibrant areas on the European side of Istanbul, which consists of 39 districts (municipalities) distributed between the European and Asian continents on both sides of the city.

In terms of its location, it is adjacent to the famous Basaksehir of the northern region with large areas of green forests, consisting of cypress and pine trees and evergreen trees throughout the year. A river also passes in the region, and there is a dam formed along it, and the river empties into Kucukchakmaja Lake, which would create beautiful natural spaces throughout the region, as well as an artificial lake that extends over an area of ​​26 thousand square kilometers.

Basaksehir includes one of the largest natural valleys, with a wide biodiversity, in the Sazlidara region, which includes a natural and archaeological park at the same time. It preserves the biodiversity and the historical heritage of the area.

● Real estate in Basaksehir district

Basaksehir real estate is distinguished from the rest of Istanbul real estate in terms of its importance, location, vitality of the Basaksehir area itself, its proximity to Istanbul's commercial and touristic areas, and the famous Basaksehir subway line connecting the area with Ataturk Olympic Airport. In 2019, an advanced metro was launched extending from the Esenyurt area to the Basaksehir area and vice versa. Thus, we note that one of the most important features of Başakşehir real estate is its proximity to modern transportation lines and its feasible and easy connection to most areas of Istanbul, in addition to a wide network of buses that connect Başakşehir with a large percentage of Istanbul districts directly. The ease of access to and from Başakşehir has increased the attraction of buyers wishing to live to buy apartments in Başakşehir within the finest and most modern residential complexes.

● The most important features of Basaksehir's real estate:

It is quiet and provides comfort to its residents.

There are many service and government institutions that facilitate the carrying out of official procedures, such as procedures for obtaining a residence card or registering contracts, and so on. Basaksehir contains a lot of entertainment centers such as the sports Olympics, exhibition center, merchandise bazaar, culture houses and cinemas.

Proximity to the old Ataturk Airport and the new airport.

The presence of a modern and developed transportation network in the region.

The presence of green spaces and spacious gardens, very suitable for those looking to spend periods of recovery and treatment.

The prices of real estate in Basaksehir, in comparison with the services and features that characterize the residences of Basaksehir, are considered acceptable and competitive prices.

● Prices of apartments in Basaksehir

You cannot find a fixed price for real estate in Basaksehir, as it is a large area with many residential complexes, which opened the door to competition between real estate prices. Also, there are housing units that are not included in modern complexes, but they are a good option for housing and accommodation at cheaper prices than luxury apartments.

The average price per square meter in Basaksehir is about 4000 to 5000 Turkish lira as an average. This price is considered quite reasonable compared to the prices of apartments in Istanbul.

Over the past two years, real estate prices have increased by nearly 45%. And the value of real estate in it is increasing in residential complexes with ideal services, which are equipped with recreational and service facilities that facilitate many life opportunities in Istanbul.

In order to get better prices, we recommend buying properties under construction, as this contributes to obtaining a reduced price for the apartment, in addition to the possibility of paying in installments. Likewise, the majority of modern projects were built in areas with promising investment values, meaning that real estate prices in them will increase after a period of two or three years as an average period.

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