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Feb 5, 2023

Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Suitable for Family Housing

Istanbul is witnessing the emergence of many advanced real estate investments in the region, which in turn rely on a large number of well-established and solid factors and components. The real estate diversity in Istanbul extends to all its cities, neighborhoods, and even its countryside.

Offers of apartment  for sale in Istanbul in particular witness great diversity and attract many investment movements. You can find apartments for sale in Istanbul within student housing, apartments for sale in Istanbul with a sea view, apartments for sale in Istanbul, studios, apartments for sale in Istanbul, hotel apartments or houses for sale in Istanbul or smart houses

Our topic in the following words revolves around apartments for sale in Istanbul, specifically the ones suitable for families. Learn with us about the most important advantages of buying a property in Istanbul, Turkey intended for families.

Offers of apartments for sale in Istanbul suitable for family housing

Many investors or visitors to Turkey for the purpose of tourism or residence with their families are looking for a property to live in, here stems the need for apartments for sale in Istanbul suitable for families.

You can find apartments for sale in Istanbul suitable for families within the various regions and cities of Istanbul, and one of their most important specifications is that they have a relatively large area capable of accommodating family members, not of the 1+1 type, for example.

There are apartments for sale in Istanbul, Turkey in a variety of different sizes that meet all investment desires and tastes. These options of apartments for sale in Istanbul intended for families are also considered among the best options and real estate offers suitable for investment in Turkey, Istanbul, as these apartments are often located under the management of residential real estate complexes, and therefore there is a large list of services related to these apartments in terms of security, cleaning services, maintenance services, gardens and service facilities such as sports centers of various activities, such as tennis, football, children’s clubs, entertainment clubs, restaurants, snacks. 

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The prices of apartments for sale in Istanbul suitable for families

Like other projects contain apartment for sale in Istanbul, the price values of these apartments vary depending on many factors, the most important of which are:

  • The location of the apartments: the price of  family housing apartments in Istanbul increases as the sites of strategic, commercial, touristic or similar projects increase around them. 
  • The view that the apartment: the prices of apartments and real estate also increase with the beauty of the view they overlook on, especially if it is a sea view or overlooking one of the tourist places in Istanbul, or one of the large and well-known forests or parks in Istanbul. 
  • Proximity to strategic and vital sites in Istanbul: such as the new airport, the new Istanbul Water Canal, the new Financial Center, Cham and Sakura Hospital, and many other projects that herald strong investments and thus increase the price values of nearby properties. 
  • Proximity to modern means of transportation or the main highways increases apartments prices as well. 
  • The presence of markets, shopping centers and malls near apartments for sale in Istanbul suitable for families increases their prices. 
  • The more modern the apartment is and the more services associated with it and the higher the quality of the used interior and exterior decorations and designs and finishes, the higher the apartment price is. 
  • Also statistics indicate that the prices of apartments for sale in Istanbul, suitable for families, are rising and gradually increasing over time due to economic factors, variables, and inflation occurring at the local level in Turkey and at the global level.

How to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul suitable for family housing?

Istanbul is full of real estate investments, especially since it is a tourist area and is rich in tourist places and attractions, and this is directly reflected in the renaissance of the real estate sector, as there is an abundance of offers for apartments for sale in Istanbul and an abundance of investment projects.

Real estate companies offer you many offers for apartments for sale in Istanbul that are suitable for families and provide you with the latest real estate offers that are constantly available and suit different tastes, so that you are informed of all the real estate offers that meet your desires.

We always recommend resorting to such real estate offices in Istanbul and all Turkish cities, as they are the only reliable and safe place in order to achieve successful and safe real estate investments far from attempts at fraud and deception.

Real estate companies in Istanbul also help you carry out all the steps to obtain Turkish citizenship through apartments for sale in Istanbul suitable for families or any other real estate.

Buying apartments for sale in Istanbul in order to obtain Turkish citizenship

The Turkish government provides many facilities and attractive factors that increase the desire of foreign investors to invest in all Turkish lands. One of the most common and attractive decisions issued by the Turkish government is the decision to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property in Turkey.

Buying apartments for sale in Istanbul suitable for families is one of the most prominent real estate options that qualifies you to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property.

It is generally required that the price of an apartment or property in Turkey be at least 400,000 US dollars, or the equivalent according to the currency exchange rate at the time. It is also possible to buy a group of properties and obtain Turkish citizenship through them, but their total price must be 400 thousand dollars. What is most encouraging here is that the buyer’s spouse and children under eighteen years of age obtain Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport as well.

Real estate residence permit can also be obtained by purchasing a property or a group of properties in Turkey worth 200,000 US dollars, thus enjoying the advantages of real estate residence permit in Turkey, the most important of which is entry and exit from Turkey at any time and without a visa.

The impact of tourism on offers of apartments for sale in Istanbul

The pace of development in the tourism sector in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular is accelerating greatly, due to the Turkish government’s remarkable interest, whether through infrastructure projects, service projects, or even entertainment projects. This opens new horizons and wide-ranging investment opportunities for both foreign and Turkish investors.

The real estate sector is considered one of the main sectors that is directly and significantly affected by the rapid tourism growth. Turkey has become a favorite tourist destination for many recently, which is clearly reflected in the demand for real estate in this distinguished country.

Accordingly, we will explore how tourism in Turkey has affected the real estate sector, as the market is witnessing tangible transformations as a result of the increasing demand for apartments for sale in Istanbul. The impact of this demand will be on the types of real estate. So that tourist investors constitute an important factor in stimulating real estate activity in Turkey. It is as follows:

  • Increase in demand on apartments for sale in Istanbul.
  • Expanding the tourist real estate investment.
  • The diversity in the types of Istanbul real estate required.
  • Increase in the proportion of commercial and tourism projects.

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