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The real estate market in Turkey includes many options that suit everyone who wants to buy a property in Turkey, and this has played a major role in attracting Arab and foreign investors to search for apartments for sale in Turkey and enter the real estate investment world in Turkey, in addition to the many facilities provided by the government Turkish investors, perhaps the most important of which is to reduce the taxes resulting from the purchase of apartments in Turkey by foreigners, in addition to giving them the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying a property worth 250 thousand dollars.

And if you are one of those looking for apartments for sale in Turkey, you must see a set of information..

-The most important factors affecting the prices of apartments for sale in Turkey 2021:

There are a number of basic factors that determine real estate prices in Turkey that you should pay attention to before buying a property.

1- The city in which the property is located:

As it is known, there are a number of cities in Turkey famous for the success of real estate investment in them, and at the forefront of these cities comes the city of Istanbul, which is the economic capital of the country, as buying a property in Istanbul is one of the most successful forms of investment, and this also applies to the tourist city of Antalya And after that comes the city of Bursa, and real estate prices in Istanbul and these cities are higher than other internal cities such as Gaziantep.

2- The location of the property in the city:

The location of the property plays a key role in determining its price, as there are some areas in the city that are known for their sophistication and are considered a destination for many tourists, so it is natural that the price is high, and on the contrary, cheap apartments for sale can be found in other areas.

3- View of the property:

The view plays a major role in determining the price of the apartment in Turkey. If the apartment has a sea view, for example, it is natural that the price is high, and the same applies if the apartment overlooks a spacious garden and beautiful landscapes.

4- Proximity to transportation lines:

The means of transportation in Turkey vary, as it is possible to find land, sea and air transportation, and transportation plays a major role in determining the prices of real estate in Turkey, as the closer the location of the property to the main lines of transportation, the higher its price and vice versa, and often those looking for apartments for sale in Turkey want an apartment It is located in the city center for easy transportation.

5- Interior specifications of the apartment:

If you want to buy a house in Turkey, you should pay attention to its internal specifications such as the area, number of rooms and bathrooms, in addition to the type of building materials, paint, interior and exterior decoration, and the quality of finishes.

-What are the types of apartments for sale in Turkey:

-Ordinary apartments: This is certainly the most common type, or as it is called the classic apartment, which is apartments located within ordinary buildings and of course varies according to the number of rooms and their internal specifications.

-Studio apartments: This form of real estate has spread widely in Turkey as a result of students and workers heading to Turkey to work and study, as studio apartments are characterized by their small area and low price compared to other apartments.

-Smart apartments: This type of apartments has started to spread recently, and smart apartments depend on technology in everything related to the property, as they work by an electronic system connected to all home appliances and the customer’s phone, and through it many tasks are controlled, such as opening and closing windows, Turn on the lights, close the door, alert when there is any fire or problem in the house.

-Penthouse apartments: This type of apartment is usually located on the upper floors of residential complexes and is considered one of the distinctive luxury properties that enjoys a large area and modern equipment such as a swimming pool, in addition to the possibility of owning an elevator dedicated to the apartment and a private garage as well, without talking about the view The charming apartment from above.

Make sure that real estate investment in Turkey is the most successful investment, so hurry up to buy your apartment in Turkey and make profits.

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