Avoid these mistakes when buying homes in Turkey

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As a result of the great development that Turkey has achieved in various fields of economic , tourist , cultural and educational life , many foreign individuals have gone to it to buy real estate in Turkey and settle down either for study , work or even real estate investment .

And if you want to buy a house in Turkey, you should study the Turkish real estate market well and pay attention to some mistakes that many people make and be a reason for the failure of their real estate investment..

Below we will mention the most important mistakes that should be avoided when looking for apartments for sale in Turkey.

Not using the services of real estate companies:

One of the most common mistakes made by some individuals who want to buy a house in Turkey is not to use real estate companies in Turkey, thinking that they are saving money, but in fact it is quite the opposite!

As the process of searching for a property for sale in Turkey is not easy and requires a lot of attention and focus and knowledge of the real estate market situation, and this is not always available to the investor, in addition to that this process needs a lot of time to reach and obtain the right property and match Therefore, real estate companies in Turkey are the best and best option to help you buy a dream property through the availability of a full cadre of employees ready to receive all inquiries and assistance by preparing lists of properties suitable for the required specifications to be chosen among them, without mentioning consulting services, field tours, property management and many more..

Buying a property on the outskirts of cities away from the city center:

This error is considered catastrophic for those who wish to invest in real estate in Turkey, as it is known that the location of the property plays a major role in determining its importance and investment value, and the closer the property is to the city center, the higher its price. As for commercial real estate, of course, the closer the property is to the tourist centers In the city and markets will rise in importance.

On the contrary, the remote properties located in the suburbs are far from the main transportation lines, and this causes great suffering for those who work far from their home location, and sometimes the services in the suburbs are not sufficiently secured, but this is not entirely true, as there are some cities Major cities such as Istanbul are characterized by their suburbs with the availability of many services , and the Turkish government is working hard to improve the infrastructure and establish investment projects that attract foreign investors to these areas .

Buying real estate in low-return residential complexes:

There are some individuals who buy apartments in residential complexes depending on the amount of monthly returns, as they prefer properties with low returns, but this leads to a decrease in the amount of services provided by the management of the residential complex, as there is a wide range of services provided by residential complexes related to safety And the story is in addition to many recreational facilities and gardens, without mentioning the maintenance and cleaning services, and when the returns are low, many of these services are not available.

Buying houses in Turkey with old construction:

Many people who want to buy apartments for sale in Turkey are looking for properties of old construction because their prices are usually low when compared with modern properties, but here you must pay close attention to the specifications of the property and examine it well because these properties carry many problems, which It may make staying in the house uncomfortable, as there may be problems with equipment and electrical connections, in addition to moisture and mold problems, and attention should also be paid to the bills resulting from this property and other details.

Buying a property that does not serve the main purpose of buying it:

One of the important mistakes that some people make is buying a property without thinking about whether it serves its purpose. For example, if you want to buy a commercial property, it is not useful to buy a property far from the main transportation lines, and when buying a property with the intention of real estate investment, it should be chosen close to the tourist places or It has a sea view, so the main step before buying any property in Turkey is to determine its purpose.

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