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The issue of investment occupies many who have the ambition to achieve and reach it, or for those who seek financial profit as much as possible annually and constantly increasing in real estate in Turkey, especially Istanbul, and if you are those who have that ambition to achieve that desire, you may first have to obtain general advice on the subject or you can Consider the golden rules of real estate investment in Istanbul.

What is the starting point?

As a starting point to delve into the issue of investing in Turkey, you must know that investing in real estate is growing significantly by renting it to “families, students or private companies...” with certain contracts and steadily increasing annually .. or even by reselling it

There is no real estate that cannot be profited from, but the profit rate varies from one real estate to another from one region to another according to all the specifications and features of each region. Of course, there are flexible golden rules for choosing the right property, including:

- You should always know those specific areas that specialize in investment projects that have certain characteristics that make them vulnerable to investment growth annually and thus ensure the increase in your profit rate on your property in all cases and such areas in Istanbul “Basin Express, Basaksehir, Maslak and others”

- The project should have a special location, such as being close to the city center or located near the main metro and metro stations in Istanbul, or near universities and public facilities such as schools, malls, hospitals and others

- You should think about the new areas that contain new ages, as the prices in them are increasing annually in any case, so make this increase in your favour.

-Thinking about real estate that is close to other non-real estate projects under construction to ensure growth, for example, in Istanbul, real estate near “the new canal – the new airport – the modern medical city – the new metro lines – etc..” all help the property to increase its investment and market value by no less than 15% of the property value as a minimum once these other projects are opened.

-Do not overlook the role of the universities in Istanbul, which have a significant impact on the increase in the value of the property for the benefit of the property owner and the increase in the percentage of investment in it, in addition to the increase in the value of the property.

- Do not miss the importance of buying a property under construction, as once the property is completed and ready to move in, its value will increase by no less than 25%, so again I make the value of the property rise in your favour, so it is usually preferable to buy properties under construction to ensure profit.

Therefore, we note that the value of ready-made properties is much higher than the properties under construction.

-Never forget the role of real estate with sea views, directly or indirectly, because of its great importance to a large segment of people. Therefore, the annual profit from investing in it is guaranteed in a greater percentage than others, and its locations are considered distinct from others.

You may ask why the prices of investment real estate are relatively higher than the prices of residential real estate?

For several things, including:

- The investment property is usually in a very special area that is a destination for many interested people, such as student companies, so it is the focus of great interest and investment in it is guaranteed

-It has specifications as a more privileged property for those interested in the subject of investment, not all of them may be available in residential real estate

-The areas in which investment properties are held are very distinctive, modern and the focus of foreigners' attention in particular

-The annual profit rate in it as a fixed thing in investment real estate than the ordinary one is between 6% to 8% as a fixed percentage or up to 10% for properties that have distinct characteristics from others such as their proximity to the new canal or properties offered for tourist rental .

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