Benefits of real estate investment in the Esenler district of Istanbul

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This region has a great strategic value in the European side of Istanbul. Administratively it was under the ownership of Bakirkoy District. Then, for political reasons at the time, it became an administrative district of Gungoren. It was classified as an independent district in late 1993 by Istanbul Province.

Esenler district consists of 17 neighborhoods, with a total area of ​​5,227 acres. Apart from being a residential area, it is also an industrial area. Esenler was ranked 11th in terms of size and 12th in terms of population in Istanbul. According to 2019 statistics, Esenler has a population of 450 thousand people. 231,039 males and 219,305 females, or 51.30% and 48.70%, respectively.

Where is Esenler located?

Esenler is located northwest of Istanbul, 5 km from the city center in the Marmara region. It is bordered by Gazi Osman Pasha in the north, Gungoren in the south, Zeytinburnu in the southeast, and Baglar in the west. Esenler enjoys a unique location on the transportation hub of Istanbul, facilitating access to vibrant bridges in a short time and quickly connecting the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.

The most beautiful places in Esenler

Esenler has many tourist attractions that are loved by many local and foreign tourists. Here is a list of its highlights:

·         Sultan's Palace: It dates back to the Ottoman Empire, and has a wonderful interior and exterior architectural design.

·         Davut Pasha Barracks: It is located on the old highway that connects Istanbul with Edirne. It was used during the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish Republic until 1999.

·         Sultan Dawood Pasha Bakery: A historical bakery built by Sultan Abdul Hamid. He used to provide bread to the military barracks and the district for many years.

·         Avas Arch: It is one of the historical places in Esenler with the seal of Architect Sinan. It was called the black wall or the single wall.

The municipality of Esenler has also built a ladies' palace where women and their children can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to a safer and healthier environment.

Within this 837-square-meter mansion and its spacious garden, culture, arts, skills, IT and family counseling for women are enabled, along with a cafeteria, library, nursery and children's playground.

Schools and universities in Esenler

Due to the huge population pressure in Esenler, the municipality of Esenler has built many schools for all levels in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. Public and private schools are equipped with the latest technology for an optimal learning experience. In addition to this, most of Istanbul's schools are generally concerned with Arabic. Arab investors can seriously consider Arabic language schools for their children. One of them is Omar Al-Mukhtar School, which offers teaching in Arabic with international standards.

Hospital and healthcare services in Esenler

There is a wide range of public and private hospitals and healthcare centers in Esenler, with various specialties, based on scientific, and international standards. Esenler's healthcare centers aim to provide high quality medical care to patients for a safer and more secure service. Below is a list of healthcare centers in Esenler

·         Al-Ansar Private Hospital.

·         Esenler Medipol University Hospital.

·         Esenler Private Hospital.

·         Esenler Sina Private Medical Center.

·         Esenler Maternity and Child Health Hospital.

·         Johnny's Private Hospital.

·         Tuna Medical Center.

Infrastructure in Esenler

Esenler has an improved infrastructure, with different means of transportation making it easy to reach. For example, the M1 metro lines pass through Esenler Bus Station, Menderes, Esenler and Ucyuzlu. In addition, IETT Transport Company provides integrated services in Istanbul. Esenler's public transport lines help people get to and from Esenler as follows: Several public transports pass through Esenler; IETT public buses move around different places in Istanbul.

Shopping in Esenler

There is a variety of shopping centers and malls in Esenler, which houses hundreds of shops with new local and international brands, making it easier for residents to get their needs. Also, we will provide you with the following list of shopping centers in Esenler:

·         Soylu Mall.

·         Istanbul Shopping Center.

·         Esenler Shopping Center.

·         Amin Shopping Center.

·         Yagizler Shopping Center.

·         Metro Shopping Center.

Advantages of investing in Esenler

Esenler enjoys a strategic location in Istanbul, close to central points, and only minutes away from Istanbul's tourist attractions such as Fatih and Sultanahmet. This sheds light on Esenler, especially on the real estate market, which makes it a magnet for investors and businessmen to invest and buy real estate.

As a result, real estate projects increased in the past years, which attracted more investors and businessmen to invest in Esenler.

Moreover, Esenler is a diversified investment area. In other words, there are a variety of real estate investments such as residential complexes, shops and land, whether for agriculture or construction projects.

Many social and economic events are held in Esenler, which makes it an incentive to buy an apartment in Esenler for fans of hustle and bustle, especially with the high investor demand for investment there.

Some of the apartments in Esenler are unparalleled, surpassing the high-tech homes found in Europe, which have all the qualities of luxury, prestige and beauty with distinctive décor and finishes. The impressive architectural design, designed according to international quality standards, provides a complete luxury lifestyle to the residents there.

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