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Feb 5, 2023

Best Real Estate Offices in Istanbul 2024

Istanbul is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, where different cultures, ancient history and modern urban development come together. One of the most prominent economic sectors witnessing remarkable activity in the city is the real estate sector, which reflects the continued growth of the real estate market in Istanbul.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the best real estate offices in Istanbul, which are distinguished by their experience, transparency, and skill in meeting the needs of clients, whether their goal is real estate investment, obtaining Turkish citizenship, or they are looking for apartments for rent, homes for sale, or even commercial real estate. 

Within this article, we will explore the services provided by these best real estate offices in Istanbul, and the specifications that distinguish each one of them, in addition to customer reviews, to provide you with a comprehensive overview that will help you choose the best real estate offices in Istanbul to make the best decision to buy real estate in Turkey.

Best Real Estate Offices in Istanbul 2024

Before talking about the best real estate offices in Istanbul, we must talk about real estate investment in this vital city, which is considered one of the most prominent economic activities within this state. Istanbul is witnessing a constantly increasing demand by investors and leaders in the real estate sector in Turkey. It has many attractive components and factors that attract the largest Arab and Western investors and is considered a shining center for investments and advanced real estate projects.

The flow of investors is constantly increasing due to the facilities provided by the Turkish government to them, despite all the crises that have struck the world, such as the Corona pandemic, which led to a general closure in most countries of the world and the subsequent cooling and decline in various economic activities in Turkey and Istanbul.

Investment projects in Istanbul continued to develop and advance day after day, and the best real estate offices in Istanbul were the real and significant link between the investor and the investor’s land.

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What do you know about real estate offices in Istanbul? 

Best real estate offices in Istanbul are your ideal place to look at real estate investment projects in Istanbul and take your chances of buying residential real estate or establishing your investment projects from scratch.

What are the services provided by the best real estate offices in Istanbul?

  • Best real estate offices in Istanbul are your favorite place for real estate consulting and tips you need in your investment processes in Istanbul.
  • Best real estate offices in Istanbul provide you with many services that interest you to buy real estate and choose optimal offers for your wishes and budgets!
  • The possibility of communication online through the official website correspondent to the real estate office and the completion of many official and legal officials within the framework of the purchase of real estate or house.
  • Connecting you with all concerned parties if you wish to communicate personally.
  • Signing contracts and official documents and verifying their validity.
  • Receiving you at the airport and securing housing for you and your families when you come to Istanbul in order to establish your investment projects.
  • Developing marketing plans for your properties and projects.
  • Taking virtual and real-world tours of your dream property.
  • Conducting of all procedures, documents, attestations and documents necessary in order to document your transactions officially.
  • Securing suitable real estate in order to obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing it.
  • Securing your Turkish citizenship within a short and standard period of time within three months.
  • Providing detailed legal explanations about everything you wish to know about investment laws or detailing how to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment and so on.
  • Providing a lot of services related to your property, such as real estate development, restoration or cladding, processing and modernization.
  • Securing transportation for you to move easily between Istanbul's various stations.
  • Connecting you with all the parties concerned with real estate investment in Istanbul and with the parties to the contracts you are going to conclude.
  • Keeping you informed of new real estate offers and real estate prices in Istanbul in general.
  • Following up all the fluctuations of real estate prices in Istanbul and predict the future of investment based on the accumulated practical experiences.
  • Supervising and managing your real estate and residential complexes with the latest successful administrative methods.
  • All these services provided by real estate offices in Istanbul, are provided within acceptable and modest costs and fees.

How do real estate offices in Istanbul provide all these services?

Real estate offices in Istanbul allocate a lot of special and professional services through specialized and qualified staff to work. There are engineers, lawyers, consultants and experts, and there are trained human frameworks from various specialties whose services you may need during the investment stages! Real estate companies work to take your personal information, information about the property and the investment and marketing plan that you want to implement, and work on preparing it to be applicable on the ground in the least possible period of time.

Akarkom, One of the best real estate offices in Istanbul 

Akarkom International Real Estate is one of the most desirable and distinctive real estate companies in Istanbul. Why do customers and investors prefer it?

  • Akarkom is characterized by a rich and extensive network of relations and long-term experience in the field of real estate investments.
  • Akarkom offers many free real estate consultations.
  • It is characterized by fast and dynamic communication, whether online or on the ground.
  • Punctuality in work, honesty, dedication, sincerity, honesty, and all morals are the principles of Akarkom's work.
  • Akarkom's team consists of more than 22 employees who speaks more than 8 languages, which allows effective communication with clients from different cultural backgrounds, Arab and foreign countries.
  • Akarkom, in its eighth year in the field of real estate investments, is still providing the best and gaining more fame and reputation.

One of the most prominent tips given in the real estate investment in Istanbul is to resort to the best real estate offices in Istanbul Turkey in order to buy real estate or establish investment projects in order to keep investors and real estate sector pioneers away from the attempts to defraud, cheat and deceive they may be exposed to.

Not listening to rumors spread in the streets and circulated by the public is one of the most important recommendations of the Akarkom team.

We are ready to answer all your inquiries, so do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, here.


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