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Feb 5, 2023

Buying Real Estate in Turkey Online .. Is it Possible?

The challenges facing all aspects of economic life have continued in light of the Corona virus pandemic that has afflicted the entire world for a long time. This has affected the global economy in all its fields. The real estate sector had its share of this blow, as the closures that took place around the world negatively affected it. Therefore, it was necessary to create new tools and means for marketing and selling real estate in light of the bad situation that the world was going through in general, and Turkey as a part of the world.

Turkey real estate has been affected, like any real estate market in the world. During this decisive economic battle, the role of the Internet and electronic platforms has emerged as marketing and selling platforms in the real estate sector in Turkey. This made many real estate companies to choose it as an effective solution in order to complete marketing and sales operations.

To re-attract customers after the Corona virus disrupted many direct investment operations between property owners, real estate companies, clients or buyers, there was no way out but to search for a method that suits the clients and makes it easier for them to buy invest in Turkey real estate.

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Online platforms 

In this decisive economic battle, the online and electronic platforms have emerged as a means for marketing and selling Turkey real estate. Many existing real estate companies have resorted to it as an effective solution to complete marketing operations and re-attract customers, after many direct investment operations were disrupted due to the Corona virus. There was no choice but to look for a strategy that met the clients' criteria and made it easier for them to buy a property whether from property owners, real estate companies, contractors, or brokers. Online marketing and social media pages played an important role in customer acquisition and service in this case.

Buying Turkey real estate online 

At that time, buying Turkey real estate online was very simple. All you had to do was go to online platforms or well-known real estate companies websites, where you could choose the property that suits your budget from a group of Turkish properties that compete in their beauty and designs European Real Estate, then fill out a specific form that allows the real estate company's staff to contact you for more details. This method has been very effective due to the quarantine and lockdown that has been imposed on most of the world's population.

The role of real estate agent in such cases

The real estate agent's role was to complete the purchase process and send you a copy of your passport after selecting the appropriate property and confirming the purchase. The real estate company would then send and sign the purchase contract. The contract is then sent to the Turkish notary. Until it is certified in Turkey (to guarantee the buyer's rights). Then the buyer transfers the amount of the property from his bank account to the real estate company’s account to complete the ownership process, while ensuring that the property is transferred from the owner to you in a quick, simple, and smooth manner.

Procedures of buying property in Turkey online

As we mentioned previously that this type of measure was being implemented during the imposition of closure and quarantine in the whole world to limit the spread of the Corona virus. Here we mention the procedures that were followed when purchasing Turkey real estate online:

First, the type of property that one wants to buy online from Turkey real estate is determined. The details are determined by looking at the different regions and specifications available in the markets and comparing the different offers available to the buyer. Finally, affordable purchasing power is determined, whether the buyer can pay the lump sum in cash or is seeking a mortgage.

Real estate attorney and agent

After providing many options within Turkey real estate, including apartments of different styles, villas, houses, penthouses, and others. The sales team arranges a virtual tour to visit the project or property. When a buyer chooses a real estate agent, he provides him with all the details regarding the property that is within his area of interest. The legal team starts creating the relevant legal paper and documents for the apartment or property. The buyer is given purchase contracts to sign after sending a copy of his passport.

Real estate ownership

To encourage the purchase of Turkey real estate online, the Turkish government at that time took steps to maintain the progress of the real estate buying process and prevent its disruption due to the difficult health conditions that the world was going through. Among these facilities is that all transactions related to the Land Registry Directorate could be completed online, by using a system called WEB TAPU to make transactions.

This technology, which was launched in March 2020, sought to carry out all Tabu department transactions online. Through, the system was developed to allow real estate owners to exchange information about their properties with their real estate consultant to speed up the sale of properties and for all customers - especially foreigners - who want to find properties for sale in Turkey online.

Turkey real estate experience during the Corona period

After the Turkish economy was affected by the Corona pandemic, like other countries, Turkey took several measures to strengthen the real estate sector and encourage the continuation of sales operations during the pandemic. Some of the policies and procedures taken include:

Credit facilities:

The Turkish government has provided credit facilities to real estate buyers, such as reducing key interest rates to stimulate real estate financing.

Tax facilities: 

Tax facilities have been provided to reduce the financial burden on buyers and investors in real estate.

Promoting real estate tourism:

Real estate investments have been promoted by foreign investors through facilitation of purchasing and visa procedures.

Digital Marketing:

Increase digital promotion of properties via the internet and social media to reach a wider audience.

Government incentives:

Providing government incentives to real estate developers to encourage them to continue real estate projects.

Facilitations in payment terms: 

Flexible payment options have been provided to buyers to facilitate the purchasing process.

Strengthening confidence: 

The government has taken measures to ensure the security of real estate transactions and to ensure continued confidence in the real estate market.

Promoting online deals:

Stimulating the use of online selling platforms and digital technologies to complete real estate deals.

Ultimately, these policies and measures taken by the Turkish government to strengthen the Turkey real estate sector during the pandemic period show their great importance in achieving market stability and mitigating the effects of global economic challenges at that time. Through the methods that we talked about previously, by providing credit facilities, stimulating real estate tourism, and providing tax facilities, the government succeeded in enhancing confidence in Turkey real estate market and encouraging the continuation of sales operations.

These efforts reflect the dedication to supporting the real estate sector as a vital part of the economy, affecting the rest of the economy. Appropriate policies have proven effective in promoting investment and stimulating demand for real estate. It is expected that sustainable efforts in this direction will continue to enhance the growth of the real estate sector in Turkey until the coming years, and achieve economic stability that benefits investors and society alike.

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