Buying real estate in Turkey via the Internet .. Is it possible?

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The challenges facing all facilities of economic life continue in light of the new Corona virus pandemic that has affected the whole world, and the real estate sector is only in this regard, it was necessary to invent new tools and means to market and sell real estate in light of the current situation..

In this decisive economic battle, the role of the Internet and electronic platforms appears as platforms for marketing and selling in the real estate sector in Turkey, as many existing real estate companies have resorted to it as an effective solution in order to complete the marketing and sales operations.

Re-attracting customers After the Corona virus disrupted many direct investment operations between property owners, real estate companies, customers or buyers, there was no way out but to find a way that suits the customer audience and makes it easier for them

Electronic platforms and the Internet

In this decisive economic battle, the Internet and online platforms are emerging as platforms for marketing and selling in the real estate sector in Turkey. Many existing real estate companies have resorted to it as an effective solution to complete marketing operations and re-attract customers, after many direct investment operations were disrupted by the Corona virus. There was no choice but to search for a strategy that meets the client's criteria and makes it easier for him to acquire a property among property owners, real estate companies, clients or buyers. Online marketing pages and social media played an important role in customer acquisition and service in this case.

How to buy house in Turkey through the Internet

To buy real estate in Turkey online, go to online platforms or real estate websites of reputable real estate companies. This is where you can choose the property that fits your budget, then fill out a specific form that allows the staff of the real estate company to contact you to serve and fulfill your needs.

What is the role of the agent in your case?

The real estate agent will ask you to complete the purchase and send a copy of your passport after selecting the appropriate property and confirming the purchase. The real estate company will then send and sign the purchase contract. Then the contract is sent to a Turkish notary. Until it is certified in Turkey (a guarantee of your rights), you transfer the amount of the property from your bank account to the account of the real estate company to complete the acquisition process, while ensuring that the property is transferred from the owner to you in a fast, simple, and smooth manner.

Procedures for buying property in Turkey online

First, decide what type of property you want to buy property online. Determine the details by looking at the different regions and specifications available in the market and comparing the different offers available to you. Finally decide what purchasing capabilities you can afford, whether you can pay the lump sum in cash or you are seeking a mortgage.

Real estate attorney and agent

After presenting several options that give you property details to consider, the sales team will arrange a virtual tour to visit the project or property. When you choose a real estate agent, they will provide you with all the details regarding the property that falls within your area of ​​interest. The legal team begins creating the relevant legal papers and documents for the apartment or property. Purchase contracts are given to you to sign after you submit a copy of your passport.

real estate ownership

The Turkish government has taken steps to keep the property ownership process in progress and prevent it from being disrupted due to the current health conditions in the world. She stated that all transactions related to the Land Registry Directorate can now be completed online. About using a new system called WEB TAPU to make transactions.

This technology, which was launched in March 2020, seeks to carry out all transactions of the Tabu department online. The system is now being developed to allow property owners to share information about their property with their real estate advisor to speed up the sale of property and for all clients - especially foreigners - who want to find properties for sale in Turkey online.

Many customers insist on the traditional way of searching for a suitable property that serves their aspirations and goals.. They travel and tour the desired area back and forth, or even so that the broker does not achieve any benefit from them. On the other hand, some site visitors see a significant amount of time saved and costs reduced in research and consultation.

Which way do you prefer?

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