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Feb 5, 2023

Cases of Rejecting Applications of the Turkish Citizenship

In recent years, obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment has become one of the most preferred options for many investors and individuals wishing to obtain another citizenship and a passport that facilitates their movement between countries and continents of the world.

Many foreign real estate investors accept real estate investment in the states and cities of Turkey in order to enjoy the many and varied advantages of the Turkish passport at the local level in Turkey and at the global level. There are huge numbers of people coming to Turkey to live, invest or study. A large percentage of these people want to obtain Turkish citizenship through various methods.

In this article, we will discuss the most important cases of rejection of the application for Turkish citizenship and we will learn about the various reasons and details related to the subject.

Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship

If you want to live in Turkey, whether for a temporary or a long period, obtaining Turkish citizenship will give you many advantages, facilities and powers compared to not having it, we mention among the most prominent of these advantages:

  • Enjoying many discounts on the prices of public services in Turkey, such as education, medication, tourism, transportation, and all other privileges that people who have Turkish citizenship have. 
  • Anyone who holds a Turkish passport has the right to enter more than 128 countries without a visa, 51 visa on arrival, 7 e-visa. So, there are many advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship locally in Turkey or internationally in most countries of the world.
  • A person who have Turkish citizenship can grant this citizenship to his family members including the spouse and children who are under 18 years old, therefore they will enjoy many advantages.
  • For the real estate investment sector in Turkey, and the power of the investors who have the Turkish citizenship if compared to the rest of the foreign investors who are not naturalized, as the real estate market in Turkey provides a lot of exclusive advantages for investors with Turkish citizenship. read more about; real estate investment in Turkey factors and properties.
  • The Turkish passport is classified among the best passports in the world.
  • A person who has Turkish citizenship in Turkey enjoys various civil and political rights like any other Turkish citizen, such as voting, running for offices, or taking responsibilities in various establishments in Turkey.

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Reasons or cases of rejection of Turkish citizenship

The refusal may be final or it may be temporary, and you can amend it...and we mention among the most important reasons for rejecting possible Turkish citizenship:

That the papers and documents submitted are incomplete or lack a signature, authentication, translation or others.

Some papers may not be approved or authorized by the Turkish Republic!

More specifically...we can say:

In order to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, it is required not to sell the property for 3 consecutive years ... and therefore you will face a case of refusal if you sell the property before the expiry of the 3-years period! Or Turkish citizenship may be withdrawn if you have just obtained it!

In order to obtain Turkish citizenship through marriage ... you may face a case of rejection if the illegality or validity of the marriage is proven!

In order to obtain Turkish citizenship by founding a company, you may face a case of rejection if the number of employees is less than the specified number or if one of them is not of Turkish origin!

In short, you must fulfill all the legal conditions for any method of obtaining Turkish citizenship...otherwise, you will face a case of refusal of Turkish citizenship!

Of course, there are various security and legal reasons for refusing to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Why refuse to grant Turkish citizenship to Syrian refugees?

It is noticeable that all requests for Turkish citizenship are rejected by Syrian refugees who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship and thus obtain legal residency and enjoy their right to obtain a country and so on.

In fact, this news is just rumors. All the Syrian refugees who applied to obtain the Turkish citizenship and received rejection was for the following the reasons:

  • Their submission of forged certificates stating that they are teachers and enabling the Turkish government to prove this forgery and the invalidity of their certificates.
  • Failure to complete the papers and documents required of them.
  • They do not meet all the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship in its various ways.

You can read many articles that include documented cases of refusal to grant Turkish citizenship to Syrian refugees and learn about the weaknesses and details behind the refusal in detail!

Documents required for Turkish citizenship not be rejected

The main papers and documents required in order to obtain Turkish citizenship and to apply legally, we summarize them in the following:

5 personal photos with a white background for the applicant and for each member of his family, especially those under 18 years old and the husband or wife!

  • A valid passport that has been documented and translated into Turkish.
  • Compile all the required documents such as the marriage contract or the title deed of real estate title deed, etc..
  • Birth certificates for all family members who are under 18 years old.
  • Fill out the questionnaire or the electronic form required to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Of course, each of the ways to obtain Turkish citizenship has special papers and documents... You can get to know them in detail! However, these papers that we have mentioned are a general overview of the required documents!

Obtaining Turkish citizenship without rejection 

You must complete all the required papers and documents, document them and submit them to the concerned authority…

We advise you to resort to real estate companies in Turkey that help you obtain real estate residency in Turkey or Turkish citizenship by buying property or investing in real estate in Turkey or buying real estate or in various other possible ways, whether through marriage or others.

Real estate companies help you obtain Turkish citizenship within a very record time.

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