Comparison Between Investing in Real Estate in Turkey and Real Estate in Spain

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Comparison Between Investing in Real Estate in Turkey and Real Estate in Spain

Smart and successful real estate investors studies real estate markets carefully in all the countries in which they can find their investment path… So we see comparisons between markets and real estate investments in different countries, and even competing!

Investors who are in the process of investing in real estate in Turkey compare the real estate market in Turkey with the real estate market in European, Arab and foreign countries, including Spain!

Follow us in this comparison between investing in real estate in Turkey and real estate in Spain in the most prominent points. Learn about a number of factors where real estate investment in Turkey is superior to real estate investment in Spain!

Government support in countries!

Both governments are aware of the importance of providing support to the real estate investment sector, attracting foreigners and their huge capital and pushing them towards investment! Therefore, both Turkish and Spanish governments provide great support for these two sectors, but the only difference is that Spain requires that the price of real estate or investments be estimated at half a million Euros as a minimum! As for Turkey, it did not require a certain amount or investment value to invest in a property. You can buy the property you want with the amount you want!

Real estate taxes and fees:

The Spanish government imposes fixed and specific taxes on real estate investors on the purchase of new and old real estate according to the age of the building! This tax is 11% on old real estate and a rate ranging from 8 to 10% for new real estate. There are also additional fees and taxes that the investor must pay such as income tax, local council taxes and waste disposal taxes. In Turkey, the investor must pay the value-added tax only, and this tax ranges from 1 to 18%. This tax has recently been canceled for foreign investors provided that they pay the tax in foreign currencies, Euros, or Dollars.

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Returns of real estate investment between Turkey and Spain:

The average investment profit from real estate investment in Spain is 4.5%. In other words, the investment profit might be 5% of the property value within the tourist or commercial areas! While the average investment profit from real estate investment in Turkey is 5.5% on average!

There are many other factors…

You can obtain Turkish citizenship by buying property in Turkey:

It is also an additional advantage of real estate investment in Turkey that distinguishes it from Spain. The Turkish government grants the possibility to apply for Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey by buying a property in Turkey or more than one property and within more than one state or city at a value of $250,000 or the equivalent according to the exchange rate of the currency at the time!

Foreign investors find the steps to obtain Turkish citizenship the simplest way to obtain Turkish citizenship and enjoy the power of the Turkish passport at the local and global levels. Within the framework of talking about obtaining Turkish citizenship and the strength of the Turkish passport, let's get acquainted with the most important conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

A foreign investor has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship by buying property in Turkey when the following conditions are met:

• The applicant should be conscious, mature, and responsible.

• It is required that the investors reside in Turkey for five consecutive years without interruption!

• The applicant should be of sound structure, conscious, and of good character!

• The applicant's nationality must fall within the nationalities that are allowed to buy and own real estate in Turkey. In general, all nationalities are allowed to buy real estate in Turkey, except for some, such as Syrian, Armenian, Nigerian, North Korean, and Cuban.

• The applicant for citizenship must not belong to any political party or group that contradicts the Turkish political systems.

• It is preferable to have the ability to speak the Turkish language in an acceptable manner.

• A person must be working to support himself!

Learn about the most important steps for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, which can be summarized in the following:

Choosing the property you want to buy, preparing the necessary official papers and documents, and officially transferring the ownership of the property. Obtaining a real estate residence permit in Turkey after purchasing a property in Turkey. Submit an application to obtain Turkish citizenship, complete all required papers and documents, and wait until you obtain them!

Real estate companies in Turkey help you obtain Turkish citizenship by completing the necessary steps and securing properties suitable for purchasing to obtain Turkish citizenship. Real estate offices enable you to obtain Turkish citizenship within a record time of about three months, or 90 days!

Investing in Turkish real estate carries many advantages in addition to profits and investment returns, so do not hesitate to apply for Turkish citizenship by buying real estate in Turkey through the best real estate offices in Turkey!

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