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  6. Residence permit for victims of human trafficking

Many foreigners seek Turkish residency, apart from Turkish citizenship. Maybe he wants to keep his first citizenship, or maybe he just wants to make it easier for him to do business in Turkey. Or just for a long term tourism or treatment, God forbid.

Note that Turkish law provides you with several types of visas that grant you residence in a manner that takes into account the reason for your travel to Turkey in the first place.

A Turkish residence permit is a permit to stay in Turkey for more than three months in half a year, for the purposes of residence, work or study. The residence permit enables you to live in Turkey, study, marry, convert to a Turkish driver's license, get a tax number, open a bank account, buy real estate, make investments, and much more.

If your goal of moving to Turkey is successful, you will only need a work permit, which also serves as a residence permit.

Who needs a residence permit in Turkey

Everyone who moves to Turkey with the intention of staying in the country for more than three months needs to obtain a Turkey residence permit upon arrival. Without a residence permit, your stay in Turkey will be considered illegal.

However, you will be exempted from this requirement if one of the following conditions applies to you:

You have a “Registration Certificate” for your international protection application.

You are exempted from the residence permit in accordance with the reciprocal or multilateral agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is also a party.

You are a diplomatic or consular employee working in Turkey.

You work in representative offices of international organizations in Turkey.

Your ID card contains one of the following:

"Seeker of international protection"

"International protection status"


You have a valid work permit.

Types of Turkish residence permits

Depending on the type of visa you hold, the purpose of the application and the intended period of stay in Turkey, you can apply for one of the following residence permits:

short term residence permit

The Turkish short term residence permit is the most in demand among all other residence permits. You can obtain this residence permit for any of the following purposes:

for scientific research

To create business or business contacts

To participate in an in-service training program

for educational or similar purposes under student exchange programmes;

for tourism purposes

To receive medical treatment provided that you do not suffer from a disease that poses a threat to public health

To attend Turkish language courses

If you are a citizen of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Family residence permit

A family residence permit can be granted to the foreign spouse of a Turkish citizen, his minor children and his dependent foreign child. The sponsor must have sufficient income to support applicants for a residence permit so that they can obtain the permit.

Student residence permit

You can obtain a student residence permit if you are in Turkey for the purpose of enrolling in primary or secondary education. If you already have a family residence permit, you do not need it.

You will be eligible to apply for this residency as well if you plan to study at the Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral, Specialist Training in Medicine (TUS) and Specialist Training in Dentistry (DUS) levels at an educational institution level in Turkey.

Long term residence permit

If you have resided in Turkey for at least eight years without interruption, under a residence permit issued by the Turkish authorities, you can apply for a long term Turkish permit of indefinite validity.

Note that if you have resided in Turkey for the specified period as a refugee, conditional refugee and subsidiary protection status holders, holders of humanitarian residence permits and temporary protection, you are not eligible to apply.

Residence permit for humanitarian reasons

You can apply for this residence permit if you are in Turkey without a valid visa or residence permit, but no deportation decision has been taken against you or pending deportation, or you cannot return to your country of residence for emergency reasons.

Residence permit for victims of human trafficking

If you are a victim of human trafficking, and you are in Turkey, you can apply for this residence permit.

How to apply for a residence permit in Turkey

To apply for a Turkish residence permit, you have to follow a number of procedures. The first thing you should know is that you must apply for a residence permit within a month of your arrival in Turkey.

Select the type of residence permit you want to apply for, then complete the online application on the website of the Turkish Ministry of Interior You will have to provide your name, surname, date of birth, parents name, nationality and contact information.

Then you should go to the “Central Appointment System” website and make an appointment at the nearest office of the Directorate General of Migration Management. In fact, you will need to fill out a form with your information and address in Turkey.

You will then be given the address of the nearest DGMM office, the list of required documents, the available dates and times for the appointment, the application fee and the card you must pay.

Residence permit documents in Turkey

On the day of your appointment, you will need to submit several documents at the nearest DGMM office. The documents required to obtain a Turkish residence permit are as follows:

Residence permit application form.

Four biometric images.

The original passport.

Certified copy of passport or travel document.

Evidence of sufficient and sustainable financial resources for the duration of the stay. You must prove that you have at your bank at least 500 euros for each month you spend in Turkey, or provide evidence that you will receive this amount per month.

Evidence of health insurance.

Note that depending on your situation, the type of residence permit you are providing and your nationality, you may have to provide additional documents. Make sure to send them all on time, as required.

Residence Permit Validity

The validity of the residence permit in Turkey depends on the type of permit you hold, as follows:

Short-term residence permits can be issued for a maximum of two years at a time.

Long term residence permits are issued with indefinite validity.

The validity of the student residence permit depends on the length of study. If your education period is less than one year, the residence permit period cannot exceed the period of education.

A family residence permit may be issued for a period not exceeding three years at a time.

The residence permit is granted on humanitarian grounds and extended for a maximum period of one year.

A residence permit is issued to victims of human trafficking for a period of thirty days.

Between nationality and residence!

Note For dual nationals foreigners who do not need Turkish citizenship, they can transfer after 8 years of continuous residence in Turkey by means of a short term residence permit. to a long term residence permit with a life long work permit. This Turkish permit is also known as "Turkey Permanent Residence Permit".

The requirement of Turkish citizenship e-kimlik and passport after entering Turkey via tourist visa will require the purchase of a property in Turkey worth 250.000 USD. The amount has been reduced from 1 million US dollars) as a condition of depositing it in the government land registry and the Land Registry Office in addition to a pledge not to sell the property for 3 years and will guarantee immediate Turkish citizenship without language test or obstacle.

Of course, this varies according to the nationality of the next person. Many citizens of countries experiencing instability seek to obtain residency in another country or, of course, citizenship. As for the countries that are experiencing stability, their only goal is either their work or their tourism.

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