Do I buy a property in Beylikduzu or Esenyurt?

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Istanbul is the area that has the most sold houses in Turkey. They make up approximately 22 percent of total annual home sales. Investment housing sales continue rapidly in Istanbul and the Marmara region. It is the first choice for local and foreign investors and the center of major real estate projects.

Investors should not only rely on square meter prices in purchasing real estate, but should also consider the development and growth of the area for short-term investment.

There are many neighborhoods in Istanbul. Most of them have a unified feature that is their ability to contain tourist facilities and attract investors and foreigners greatly, in addition to the excellent infrastructure that the Istanbul municipality cares about in a distinctive and permanent way throughout the year. But if we want to choose one of Istanbul's neighborhoods over the other, there will be an additional thing to consider if you are looking for calm or a bustling life, stability or real estate investment and financial benefit from it.

Between the regions of Beylikduzu and Esenyurt... What will we find?

The new "Esenyurt" area

Esenyurt is one of the most famous areas of Istanbul among foreigners, especially Arabs. This area is crowded with Arabs who want to find cheap and modern apartments for sale in Istanbul, at the same time, you can easily find this option in Esenyurt.

Esenyurt is located on the modern metro line and connects it to Başakşehir district, and it has become part of the modern transportation projects that it has developed and made it more attractive to property seekers in Turkey. It is also strategically located, with the TEM Highway to the north and the E5 Highway to the south, making it extremely easy to access. It is located only 26 kilometers from Istanbul Ataturk Airport. It is an hour's drive from the new third airport. Esenyurt features beautiful gardens, social services, health facilities, educational facilities and universities. It is also close to Tuyap Fair and Beylikduzu district.

The area covers 2,770 hectares in European Istanbul. Esenyurt's popularity stems from its attractive house prices and the fact that the local council has built four cultural centers and four parks.


Beylikduzu has gained a lot of popularity, especially with middle and upper class communities that have lived in it over the past 10 years.

For years during Ottoman rule and after the formation of the Turkish Republic, it was just a weekend destination, but that all changed at the turn of the century as people flocked to buy new and modern homes. The connection to the Metrobus system, which gave local residents quick and easy access to the central areas of Istanbul, made them close and popular. Beylikduzu residents have everything on their doorstep and are easy to reach. Recently, increasingly more luxurious residences were sold in Beylikduzu. They are an ideal choice for those who love the more elegant side of life with a relaxed atmosphere.

What makes Beylikduzu so special?

The region has 12.4 km of coastline along the Sea of ​​Marmara and its adjacent areas such as Avcilar, Esenyurt and Buyukcekmece. The area is well planned when compared to other areas. There are many apartment complexes with many facilities instead of shanty houses. It is usually preferred by families and college students whose universities are located here in Beylikduzu. The social life of the area is not very lively. Therefore, you may find some shopping centers and coastal roads where the residents of the area can enjoy their time or rest. The action starts with morning sports on the Corniche Coastal Road where you can also enjoy beautiful sunsets and continue until the late hours of the night. In the near future, it is planned to establish the Ministry of Transport for the Beylikduzu - Bakirkoy Metro. This line will also be connected to the Yenikapı - Incirli metro line. That is, the area can be reached from all public transport lines. Ataturk Airport is 13 km away from Beylikduzu. There are two connecting roads from Beylikduzu to TEM (Trans-European Highway), Hadimkoy and Esenyurt.

Finally, the difference may not be great, especially since the two areas are close to each other, but if you are looking for investment, the Esenyurt area is definitely the best for you. Many real estate agencies are located in Esenyurt, and if you are a foreigner, you can access many real estate options that are suitable for you; whether they are shops or offices.. or apartments within complexes or even private homes with an appropriate surrounding area. The financial return may be very large and in a short period of time, which can be 5 years.

In Beylikduzu, you will have a pleasant vacation or you can have a short stay with your family and friends. There are many facilities and places for you to spend your vacation in but not for investment perhaps. Beylikduzu is better for buying a house in one of the residential communities, or in one of the towers in the area. As the social diversity in it, it is weak during most days of the year, while it flourishes during the summer or the holiday seasons and the tourist seasons. Istanbul literally varies during the times of the year.. according to the seasons, festivals, waves of investment and travel. But that is not against its being pretty stable and gorgeous.

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