Do not make these mistakes when moving to stay in Turkey

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Turkey is one of the most important countries in which many people, whether Arabs or foreigners, want to live. Turkey has many advantages that encouraged Arabs to reside in it, and this is due to the economic, political and security stability in it greatly. some move for study reasons and to enroll in Turkey's universities, and some of them want to invest, make gains and settle in them. Not to mention that Turkey is one of the richest countries in the world culturally, historically and geographically, and it ranks sixth in the world among the best countries in terms of tourism, and there are many other reasons that encourage Anyone has to move and live in Turkey permanently, but the reality remains with its challenges. There are mistakes that many people coming to Turkey make, especially those coming for the first time.

• The most prominent mistakes that you must avoid when you come to Turkey

- Renting furnished apartments:

It is one of the options that you should not take, as unfurnished apartments are much better than furnished apartments, the latter costs high compared to unfurnished ones, in addition to the fact that there is a guarantee about home furniture that is rarely used, the option of unfurnished apartments is better because of its low costs, in addition to that the furniture It can be purchased easily, as there are many stores dedicated to selling used furniture, so those who wish to reside in Turkey for the long term must have well-thought-out and saving options at the same time.

-Buying an apartment urgently or immediately upon arrival:

This procedure is not recommended, especially for those who do not know the city in which they intend to reside. For example, those who wish to live in Istanbul must study the city well and give themselves a few months and learn about the nature of the place in which they live and follow the details of the city and the basics related to transportation lines The advantages of each area and the risks it may contain, getting to know the real estate market well and sitting with real estate brokers frequently can greatly help you make your choices better.

-Immediate purchase of a car:

It is also considered one of the mistakes that many people make, especially those who are accustomed to moving between regions through their own car, but when you move to Turkey, you must give yourself some time, and you must have sufficient knowledge about taxes and fees related to buying cars And fuel and its types and details like these, so rushing into such a matter may expose you to a fraud by sellers and brokers.

-Leave money at the place of residence:

It may be a spontaneous behavior that many do, or they used to do in the past in their previous place of residence, but in order to be safe and more secure, you must put your money in a bank account or let someone stay in the apartment, because thieves and thieves are everywhere , Especially if your place of residence is in hotel apartments, as thieves are always on the lookout for this type of apartment. It is always better to have the money in the right place.

-Not fluent in Turkish from the start

Many people who come to Turkey with the intention of residing there believe that the English language may be sufficient to communicate, but this belief is very limited. Learning the Turkish language should not be neglected, as it is the key that enables you to engage with Turkish society and build social and professional relationships that may contribute to improving your future for the better. .

-Relying heavily on brokerage firms

This is one of the things that many of those who intend to reside in Turkey should pay attention to. Not all brokerage offices are guaranteed and honest in their dealings. There are many offices that will claim that they will provide you with the best apartments and the best offers and prices, and the end will be tragic, and the office will be fake and discredited, and you The victim and lose your money, from the beginning you must rely and look for official offices, which are very popular among the Turks and the content of dealing with them.

- Taxi fare randomly:

It is not preferred to overuse it, especially for people who do not know the nature of the region geographically, so it is always preferable to use private offices and contract with them, or request an Uber service, as it is safe and with a degree of confidence in Turkey, and preserves your property in case it is lost.

• Conclusion

Residing in Turkey is a wonderful thing, and the demand for this step is widespread, but despite all the advantages that Turkey and its wonderful cities enjoy, it is necessary to be careful and study the nature of the city in which you intend to reside. Go to it, the more you research and study well about this place, the fewer mistakes you will make.

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