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First :

Strategic geographical location:

The city of Istanbul is one of the most important major cities in Turkey. It is classified as the economic capital of the country and the largest city in it and the highest in population. Even foreign investors who want to buy a property in Turkey, the city of Istanbul is the first information they have heard about Turkey, and it is the main attraction for them. The great popularity of Istanbul is due to its possession of many and many advantages and very distinctive ingredients, but Perhaps the most prominent reason among them is the strategic geographical location in which they are located, as it mediates the most important global trade routes, especially land, as it is the link between the two most important continents in the ancient world, Europe and Asia. As the high-end part of the city, and thus it is considered a very important city with a very vital and active location, which contributes to giving various forms of Istanbul real estate, including Istanbul houses, of strategic importance because it is located Within important and vital sites.


Distinctive and charming views:

The city of Istanbul does not have all that great fame only because of its strategic geographical location, as we mentioned, but it also has advantages and ingredients that make it a well-deserved city of dreams, and these advantages are reflected in both Istanbul real estate and the real estate investment sector in Istanbul, making them two very famous fields They are loved by investors of different nationalities, both local and foreign, and one of the most prominent advantages of Istanbul is the charming and captivating beauty that it enjoys and the great diversity that it possesses when it comes to geographical terrain and landscapes of all kinds, starting with the sea and forests and ending with Even the mountains and plains, which provides a long list of scenic views and charming views on which Istanbul houses can be built, and we find that the most distinguished types of these views in the city of Istanbul and the highest demand and desire by investors, especially those who want to buy a property in Istanbul For housing and stability, it is the view of the sea, as the city of Istanbul includes many bodies of water, including lakes and seas, such as the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Aegean Sea Which provides a lot of spaces and ideal coasts for the establishment of Istanbul houses with a sea view. Or the importance of the sea view, such as views of the tourist and historical landmarks in the city, views of the forests, green spaces, public parks, and many other types of distinctive views.


Distinguished architectural designs and high quality:

Istanbul real estate in all its forms is considered one of the best and most beautiful real estate in Turkey, as great attention is paid by the municipality of Istanbul to the matters of organizing and coordinating real estate in Istanbul in order to preserve the great beauty that the city enjoys, and Istanbul houses are not different From other forms of Istanbul real estate, as these houses are usually designed according to the latest international architectural designs and under the supervision of the best construction companies and specialized engineers from various fields. International standards in various details related to Istanbul houses, which makes living in these houses very comfortable because they provide the various aspects required for a safe property, and because they also have insurance on them, such as earthquake insurance, natural disasters, special municipal tax and other taxes that It works to provide more services for the residents of Istanbul houses so that it works to make this housing process as satisfactory as possible.


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