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Feb 5, 2023

Advantages of Living in Istanbul Houses

As the name of Istanbul rises globally, the unique bridge city that brings together the continents of Europe and Asia, the real estate market is emerging as one of the most important sectors in this charming city. Houses in Istanbul are characterized by modern luxury and historical heritage, and also offer a range of investment opportunities and a distinguished lifestyle. Houses in Istanbul reflects a unique blend of cultural diversity and ancient history, making it one of the leading cities in attracting residents and investors alike. Let's take a closer look at the advantages of living in Istanbul houses, where luxury meets the splendor of heritage and dreams of beautiful living and profitable investment are intertwined.

Strategic geographical location:

The city of Istanbul is one of the most important major cities in Turkey, as it is classified as the economic capital of the country and the city with the highest population. It deservedly occupies the top of the list of the most famous cities and landmarks in Turkey, as for most tourists and foreign investors  who visit Turkey and want to buy houses in Turkey, Istanbul is the first information they have heard about Turkey and it is the main attraction for them. The great fame that the city of Istanbul enjoys is due to its many distinctive features and components the Istanbul houses also acquire. 

Perhaps the most prominent reason among these advantages is the strategic geographical location, as it is in the middle of the most important global trade routes, especially land, because it is the link between the two most important continents in the ancient world; Europe and Asia. It is composed of two parts, the first of which is the Asian section and the second is the European section, which is known as the upscale section of the city. Thus it is considered a very important city with a very lively and active location, which contributes to giving the various forms of Istanbul real estate, including Istanbul houses, strategic importance in terms of their vital location.

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Distinctive and charming views:

Istanbul does not have all this great fame only because of its strategic geographical location, as we mentioned, but it also possesses advantages and components that make it worthy of the city of dreams. These advantages are reflected in both Istanbul houses and the real estate investment sector, making it a very popular city and loved by investors of all nationalities, including foreigners and locals. 

One of the most prominent advantages of the city of Istanbul is its charming and captivating beauty and the great diversity it possesses when it comes to its geographical terrain and natural landscapes, starting with the sea and forests, to the mountains and plains, which provides a long list of stunning and incredible views on which Istanbul houses can be built. 

The most distinctive type of these views in the city of Istanbul and the highest sought after by investors, especially those wishing to buy a property in Istanbul for the sake of housing and stability, is the sea view. Istanbul includes many water bodies, including lakes and seas such as the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Marmara, and the Aegean Sea, which provides many ideal spaces and coasts for establishing Istanbul houses.

Each of these houses has a high degree of beauty, that brings comfort and tranquility. We do not forget, of course, the other kind of views that are no less beautiful or important than the sea views, such as views of the tourist and historical landmarks in the city and views of forests and green spaces, public parks, such as the famous Belgrade forests, in addition to many other types of distinctive views.

Distinguished architectural designs and high quality:

Istanbul houses of all types are considered among the best and most beautiful properties in Turkey, due to the great attention that the Istanbul municipality is paying regarding matters of organizing and coordinating the real estate sector in Istanbul in order to preserve the great beauty that the city enjoys. Istanbul houses are not different from other kinds of Istanbul real estate, as these homes are usually designed according to the latest international architectural designs and under the supervision of the best construction companies and specialized engineers.

Thus, the best building materials are used when building Istanbul houses. Also, the construction process is supervised closely so that it is in accordance with international standards, which makes living in these houses very comfortable because they provide all aspects required for a safe property. Wroth noting Istanbul houses also has insurance against natural disasters, such as earthquake insurance, in addition to the special municipal tax and other taxes that provide more services for the residents of Istanbul houses, so that housing in Istanbul be as satisfactory as possible.

Exciting social life:

Living in Istanbul allows you to experience a rich and exciting social life, where historical traditions intersect with modern urban life. Most importantly, the city is considered a mixture of the cultures and traditions of East and West, no one will ever feel alienated there, where people from different cultures and religions live, making social life full of diverse activities and experiences.

On the other hand, Turkish cuisine is one of the most delicious cuisines in the world, and there are a variety of traditional and modern restaurants in Istanbul. You can enjoy the taste of famous Turkish foods such as kebabs and distinctive appetizers. The diversity of nationalities in it has led to the diversity of cuisines and not being limited to Turkish cuisine only. You may find Syrian, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Egyptian and many others.

Moreover, Istanbul is also famous for its vibrant nightlife. There are many nightclubs and bars offering diverse music and a fun nighttime atmosphere. As for shopping, it is considered a very unique experience. In Istanbul, traditional markets such as historical bazaars are located next to modern malls, giving you the opportunity to shop as you like.

Istanbul also includes many museums, art galleries and historical monuments. Through which you can explore the history of the city and enjoy arts and culture. We should also not forget that the city hosts many events and festivals throughout the year, giving residents the opportunity to communicate and participate in distinctive and diverse social experiences. With these elements, housing in Istanbul is an exciting living option for those looking for a rich and diverse social experience.

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