Encouraging factors for Iranian ownership in Turkey

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 Encouraging factors for Iranian ownership in Turkey

The world of real estate investment in Turkey is rich and attractive, and it constantly attracts Arab and foreign investors and encourage them to buy real estate and invest in Turkey .

Statistics indicate an increase in the proportion of real estate sales in Turkey to Arab and foreign investors. The rate of foreigners buying real estate in Turkey reached between 106 to 107 properties per day at the beginning of 2021! And Istanbul ranked first among the Turkish states that sold real estate... As for the nationality that bought the most real estate in Turkey, it is Iranian... followed by Iraq, Russia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Germany, Palestine, Jordan, Yemen, Azerbaijan, China ,Egypt ,the United States, Pakistan, Ukraine, Lebanon, Kuwait, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Sudan….

In the following article, we will talk about Iranian ownership in Turkey, and we will learn about factors that encourage Iranian to buy real estate in Turkey!

Learn about the most important factors that encourage Iranian ownership in Turkey :

The reason why Iranians buy real estate in Turkey is due to several reasons, the most prominent of which are:

- Iranians flock to Turkey constantly for tourist purposes… Turkey is rich in natural, historical, cultural and Islamic tourist sites

- Iranians find in Turkey the perfect place to buy real estate in terms of the solid economy that is capable of saving money capital!

- Turkey does not set specific investment values ​​or amounts for Iranians, as any Iranian person can buy a property in Turkey, whatever its price!

- The Turkish government offers foreign investors a lot of facilities , the most prominent of which is the granting of Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey, so Iranian investors find in real estate investment in Turkey an easy and appropriate way to obtain Turkish citizenship and enjoy the strength and various advantages of the Turkish passport!

- Iranians in Turkey find diversity in real estate options between houses for sale in Turkey, apartments for sale in Turkey, villas .. and within various specifications that meet the tastes of all investors, tourists and incoming residents

- The infrastructure in Turkey is integrated and very developed, which makes Turkey's real estate and the general standard of living in Turkey attractive... All residents wish to live and settle within one of Turkey's states

These are the most important and most prominent factors encouraging Iranian ownership in Turkey, you can read also real estate investment in Turkey factors and properties

How can Iranians obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate in Turkey?

The Turkish government offers the possibility of applying and obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying property for Iranian investors by buying real estate in Turkey worth 250 thousand US dollars or its equivalent according to the exchange rate of the dollar…

Real estate companies in Turkey allow you to buy many real estate offers to obtain Turkish citizenship within a period of time not exceeding 3 months. read also about ways to obtain Turkish citizenship

What are the states that Iranians seek the most to buy real estate and own real estate in?

Istanbul is the most important Turkish state and the economic capital of Turkey..

Istanbul ranked first among the various Turkish states in terms of the state or city that is most attractive to investors

The Iranians found in Istanbul the creative sea views, the luxurious and sophisticated real estate and the fertile investment land...

Not to mention that there are many vital projects that promise profitable investments, now and in the future! Among these projects, we mention the new Istanbul Water Canal, the Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul's Third Airport, and so on...

How much are real estate prices in Turkey?

Real estate prices in Turkey vary according to many factors :

- The location of the property and the proximity to tourist sites, the city center or transportation…

- The view that the property enjoys.

- The real estate area, decorations, used designs, colors, finishes ..

- Modern real estate and used modern technologies.

- The proximity to malls and commercial centers.

- Services related to the property ..

Real estate prices in Turkey indicate relatively competitive average values ​​when compared with properties in Europe and other foreign countries…

This price competition, in addition to the strength and development of Turkey’s economy, is one of the most important factors that attract investors and push them to invest and buy real estate in Turkey

Most importantly, the price value of Turkey properties is preserved according to the strength, dynamism and high vitality of the Turkish economy, which makes real estate prices move in an upward trend, which preserves the value of the property and encourages Iranian and other investors to buy real estate in Turkey

Real estate companies in Istanbul Turkey help you buy and invest in various Turkish properties.

We advise all Iranian investors and of various other nationalities to deal with real estate companies which provide various services in the field of buying and investing various real estate!

Our real estate company offers you all the real estate services you require in the real estate investment sector in various Turkish cities and states…

We rely on our trained and qualified team with long experience in the field! And on the network of rich and deep relations with all real estate agencies and institutions concerned with real estate investment

We offer you our services in the field of buying real estate in Turkey in three stages ... before buying the property, after buying the property and during the purchase of the property in Turkey ... We also provide you with the latest real estate offers in Turkey .

Do not hesitate to visit our company in reality or online!

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