Find out the necessary steps to open a bank account in Turkey

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Find out the necessary steps to open a bank account in Turkey

Economic activities abound in Turkey and its states and vary between industry and trade, agriculture and tourism, and on top of these activities comes real estate investment in Turkey and its states! Investors come to Turkey from all over the world from Arab and foreign countries to take advantage of the privileges of real estate investment and enjoy the abundant ingredients that guarantee a successful real estate investment! Real estate investment projects in Turkey overlap with tourism, and the latter is a direct factor contributing to the renaissance and development of real estate projects. Whatever these projects and whatever the economic sectors, banking services that include opening a bank account have become one of the obvious steps that investors take to facilitate real estate investments, real estate buying and selling, and so on.

Learn about the importance of opening a bank account in Turkey!

The issue of obtaining a bank account in Turkey has become necessary to keep pace with the requirements of life, investment, and routine and daily payment matters, after this issue was limited to businessmen and the velvet classes.

Among the most prominent and important benefits of obtaining a bank account in Turkey:

• Paying the fees and taxes incurred by the person, such as rent expenses or university installments..

• Paying various bills such as water, gas, electricity or the Internet.

• Transfer money and sums of money to and from your account simply and easily within Turkey and between Turkey and various other countries!

• E-shopping, working online, and the possibility of electronic payment via bank credit cards.

• Exchanging different currencies quickly and dynamically and within acceptable price categories compared to money exchange shops and the black market.

• Carry out deposit, withdrawal and transfer operations through the bank's application on your own smart device!

What are the documents required to open a bank account in a Turkish bank?

There is a set of papers, proofs and documents required in order to open a bank account within a bank in Turkey. Get to know them:

  • Obtaining a residence permit in Turkey and its number... information about real estate resident in Turkey
  • Passport certified and translated.
  • Tax number taken from the Tax Department in Turkey.
  • Any document proving the applicant's address.

Find out the necessary steps to open a bank account in Turkey!

What are the steps and stages of opening a bank account within a Turkish bank?

• Go to the tax department in Turkey and apply for a tax number. This step is completely free and you can complete it within a few minutes, and don't forget to bring your passport with you!

• After you get your own tax number! You can go to any bank in Turkey and open an account in the currency you want, whether in dollars, Turkish lira or.. , etc.

• Non-residents can be able to open a bank account in Turkey by conducting online transactions, as it is not required to open a bank account in Turkey to cross the Turkish lands.

• You can contact the websites of these banks in Turkey that support English, Turkish and several other languages, including Arabic! This facilitates the subject of communication in order to open a bank account.

• Of course, while respecting the privacy policy of some of your sons, which may confirm the request for a Turkish number or require the presence of the customer in person and directly in order to open a bank account in Turkey.

Conditions for opening a bank account in Turkey:

As we mentioned above, the conditions and steps for opening a bank account in Turkey are clear and smooth, requiring a passport, proof of your address, obtaining a tax number, and then submitting a form to obtain your own account in the bank!

Common questions asked by customers about opening a bank account in Turkey!

Is it possible to open a bank account in Turkey without obtaining residence in Turkey?

In fact, this process is due to the privacy of the bank itself! Many banks offer alternative solutions to the residence document. All you have to do is go to the bank and inquire yourself about an alternative solution!

What are the best banks in Turkey to open a bank account in?

There are many distinguished and pioneering banks and banks in the field, most notably:

- Ziraat Bank: It is the oldest and second largest bank in Turkey that offers many banking and payment services and more!

- The White Bank in Turkey: This bank was opened in 1948 and provides a lot of financing services in Turkey for small and large projects

- Turkish Finance Bank: This bank is a partner of the National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia... and this bank offers installment cards to banks! And many other services.

- Al Baraka Bank: Al Baraka Bank was established in 1984 in Istanbul and is one of the Islamic banks in Turkey, which in turn implements exchange laws according to Islamic law in Turkey.

And many other banks...

If you are going to do any business, study or do a health activity in Turkey, we advise you to apply directly for a bank account in Turkey to shorten your time and effort through many stages!

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