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Feb 5, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions When Buying a House in Turkey

The interest of investors in buying real estate in Turkey has increased in recent times, and Turkey has become the focus of attention for everyone who wants to enter the world of real estate investment, but there are certainly many inquiries that revolve in the mind of the buyer or investor about the process of owning real estate in Turkey, but there is no need to worry, we are here to answer For all these questions...

Do foreigners have the right to own real estate in Turkey?

Of course, foreigners can buy property in Turkey, and in the past this was done through the law of reciprocity, and this means that foreigners are allowed to buy a house in Turkey only if their country allows Turks to own real estate as well, but later this law was canceled and they can any foreigner can invest in Turkey, provided that he is one of the nationalities allowed to do so, as Turkey has suspended the process of buying real estate on its lands for some nationalities such as Armenia and North Korea.

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Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying real estate?

One of the most important reasons that encourage foreigners to buy homes in Turkey is the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, but there are certainly specific conditions, as it is necessary that the price of the property in Turkey reaches a minimum of 400 thousand dollars so that an application can be submitted Citizenship and this property must not be sold for at least 3 years.

What is the role of the real estate appraisal document in the process of buying real estate in Turkey?

Given the high demand for real estate purchases with the aim of obtaining Turkish citizenship, it was necessary to organize the process and reduce real estate fraud by obligating all investors to extract the real estate appraisal document through which the property is evaluated and the appropriate price is determined through companies a competent authority to be determined by the Turkish government and this document is valid for use for a period of three months.

What are the documents needed to buy a property in Turkey?

When you want to invest in real estate in Turkey, you must prepare some documents, which are:

A copy of the investor's passport, after it has been translated and certified by a notary public.

Investor personal photos.

The tax number is extracted from the tax department in Turkey and is necessary for any purchase or sale in Turkey.

Opening a bank account in order to make payments for buying an apartment in Turkey.

What are the taxes and costs involved in buying apartments in Turkey?

When buying an apartment in Turkey, there are some one-time taxes:

1- The property purchase tax, which amounts to 4% of the property price, and is paid as an appropriate price between the seller and the buyer.

2- Value-added tax, which amounts to 1% of the property price. If the apartment area is more than 150 square meters, it rises to 18% of the property price.

3- Fees required for installing water, electricity and gas meters.

Is it possible to obtain residency by buying a property in Turkey?

Yes, it is possible to obtain residence in Turkey when buying a property, and this residence is renewed annually for the investor and his family as well.

What are the benefits of dealing with real estate companies in Turkey?

When looking for apartments for sale in Turkey, it is better to deal with one of the reliable real estate companies in Turkey, which provides many services, starting with receiving the investor and transferring him to helping him to get the right property, by preparing lists of properties that fit the specifications he wants to choose It also provides field tours to projects to ensure their specifications and is keen to ensure the integrity and legality of all documents to ensure the smooth running of the process and not to be subjected to fraud. It includes a distinguished cadre of lawyers specialized in real estate affairs in addition to real estate consultants, translators and many others, and It offers many other services such as property management and assistance in obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment.

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