Gaziosmanpasha district and its importance in the real estate sector

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Turkey has recently witnessed great economic activity, and this is not surprising for a country that is making daily efforts to achieve the best results at all levels, especially at the real estate level. Turkey is working remarkably to improve and develop its real estate sector, which made it one of the most important countries that attract large numbers of Investors, businessmen and owners of money from all countries of the world, including Arabs and foreigners to buy property in Turkey

Istanbul is one of the most important cities that includes huge real estate projects, and one of the most famous real estate areas in Istanbul is the Gazi Osman Pasha area.

• A glance at this area

The region is located in the European center of Istanbul, in the north of the Eyup region, with an estimated population of about 600 thousand people and an area of ​​38 square kilometers, which distinguishes the region as a practical and vital area as well as its proximity to all important areas such as Sisli and Taksim, as it is an area close to the city center. Being located in a strategic location in Istanbul and its proximity to many vital areas and the city center, which made it a destination for many investors and businessmen to invest in and establish huge real estate projects. This area was dominated by the old structural character, but the demand of many money owners and investors and the large number of projects in it, led to the emergence of advanced residential buildings, high-end residential complexes and modern edifices, as this area became distinguished between its modern and advanced section and its preservation of its old character in some areas of it.

• Projects of the Gaziosmanpasha region

Investors in Ghazi Osman Pasha seek to develop the region and add the necessary improvements at all levels. The municipality of the region has begun conducting accurate and detailed studies of the entire region, evaluating the areas that need restructuring, and setting plans and broad addresses on the offices to start implementation. One of the most important objectives of the municipality is Constructing earthquake-resistant buildings, targeting weakly built areas and reviving them with new advanced buildings that mimic the neighboring developed areas. And what the municipality of the region is doing mainly indicates that the Gazi Othman Pasha region is heading to a new developed face that competes with other regions, and it indicates that the region is heading towards a better future that the municipality and investors are working on improving the infrastructure and this is the best start for any region that needs development, which bodes With a promising and prosperous future for this region, which is well understood by investors and businessmen, so the demand for this region did not come out of nowhere. All those wishing to invest in it know very well that their harvest will be high and profitable.

• Real estate in Gaziosmanpasha area

The areas in the Gaziosman district are divided into two types of real estate, and this may be found in most of the prestigious areas of Istanbul.

Traditional buildings: The first type, which consists of several low floors, ranging from 5 to 6 floors as a maximum.

Modern residential complexes: It is the second type and is considered the most popular, and these complexes are characterized by their attractive designs in the first place, benefiting from their distinctive location, whether from their presence in a vital and important central area such as Gazi Osman Pasha in Istanbul or even for its location within this neighborhood near the modern transportation network and shopping centers The major ones, where construction companies in Turkey usually choose the location of the residential complex after a careful study and geographical survey to choose the most attractive location, to be the focus of attention of buyers, investors and foreigners in particular. It is mentioned in this aspect that the Istanbul municipality has developed plans for real estate investment in Gaziosmanpasa for a period The next 20 years, and the most important of these investment focuses on the principle of "urban transformation", which is a Turkish plan to rehabilitate homes and housing in Turkey and build them in an urban and modern style. Possible for further expansion, especially towards Istanbul Airport, which makes it one of the most active areas in terms of real estate and investment.

• Advantages of buying a property in Gaziosmanpasa district in Istanbul.

The central location of the district in Istanbul, and its inclusion of all vital facilities that those who think of buying real estate are looking for for the purpose of investment or even stability, is an opportunity to be an important residential area with transportation, schools, hospitals and universities, and a distinct choice for every investor looking for the importance that gives its residents a lively and modernity. The distinctive infrastructure that surrounds the area, and provides the most important transportation and transportation networks, and health centers such as hospitals, commercial and vital centers, made it a suitable place to buy property in Istanbul, whether the goal is investment and commercial or for the purpose of housing and residence. In both cases, the owner of this property is in the right place.

The location of the Gaziosmanpasa district of Istanbul has granted it to be one of the most important goals that every investor and businessman seeks, because of its many advantages, the most important of which is its central location in Istanbul, its heritage and its promising projects in the future.

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