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Istanbul City is among the cities that attract tourists and investors to abundant features and especially those wishing to get Turkish citizenship by buying a property, and most foreigners tend to buy a property in Istanbul for real estate investment in Turkey or for the purpose of tourism. In this article, we will get to know and the European Istanbul, its regions and its features.

Istanbul, known in the past by many names (Byzantium, Constantinople - Astana - and Islampol) is the largest city in Turkey and the seventh largest city in the world in terms of population, with a population of 15 million and 29 thousand people. It is Turkey's cultural, economic and financial center.

We all know that Istanbul's location is considered strategic as it is located on the European and Asian continents and extends along the European side of the Bosphorus Strait, known as (Thrace) and the other Asian side (Anatolia), and this is what made it among a group of cities that mediate two continents.

The European section has some famous tourist places, important historical monuments, and ancient walls, in addition to the manifestations of urban development in it, where the new residential areas of modern style, which made it a mixed mixture between the past and the present, and where Ataturk Airport (formerly) and the airport are located. The new one, which bears the name (Istanbul).

Istanbul is divided into several major areas of subsidiary towns, such as the Ayoub region, where the tomb of the companion Abu Ayoub al-Ansari, also (Afgar, which overlooks the coast of Lake Küçükçekmece), and there is also Beşiktaş on the Bosphorus Strait and ( The area of ​​ Küçükçekmece), as well as there (Beyoglu area, which has the famous Taksim Square) and there is (Sultan Ghazi) and there (Bahçelievler - and Beyilkduzu) and also (Başakşehir - famous for its beauty, apartments and land (Çatalca - Bağcılar BakirKoy) and the famous Fatih where heritage and trademarks are added to the region of Perm Pasha, and Eneurt that is filled with residential complexes, and other multiple subregions.

Istanbul is characterized by its advanced infrastructure. There is a constant and permanent update for the infrastructure, for example, for railway lines, roads and communications, where Metro bus serves thousands of people every day and meets their needs as well as (trams, public buses and vessels). It has beautiful gardens and service centers everywhere at the service of the citizen. Shopping and universities, schools and mosques are distributed to cover all space and population.

Of course, it is characterized by beautiful life and various movement from history, modernity and evolution. The real estate is an ideal option, as you can find countless options among luxurious apartments and excellent real estate within the latest buildings and basic equipment, including the most beautiful internal views, where you find that your options are varied when searching for a property for sale in Turkey. This section of Istanbul is the first urban assembly in Europe, but is the cheapest compared to other European countries.

The city has become more precautionary on the sale of residential apartments in Turkey, where reports indicated that the purchase of a property in Istanbul is an easy and simple process. The continuing expansion of this city has made it consistently developing upscale real estate areas where markets and commercial complexes. What distinguishes it is being close to the vital center, as well as other areas.

* What is the finest areas in Istanbul?

The high-end regions in Istanbul vary for many reasons, some of which are due to the natural natural beauty and the other attributed to urban and economic and successful renovation in various projects. A famous Başakşehir area has a modern infrastructure with unique services such as high-end complexes and high towers, and a geographical location close to (bridges and airports), as well as Atakoy area of ​​BakirKoy, overlooking the Marmara Sea. There are vast green spaces, the magnificent engineering coordination, making them the finest Istanbul neighborhoods, as well as an area (Kagid and Kağıthane, which is reflected in the art of modern Turkish architecture. It has calm character and high quality services, and has a series of buildings and homes surrounded by public and private gardens.

The Halkali area also has a significant acceleration of investment growth. It overlooks the charm of its residents, Lake Kucuk. As for real estate projects, they are modern. Bahçeşehir area has many luxurious residential complexes, with the highest amenities and security services for its nationals, along with other social and health facilities, many shops and commercial complexes. The Beylikduzu area is characterized by its long beach on the Marmara Sea and the development of its service centers and containing old historical places.

Several residential projects were implemented in the Istanbul-European region, including:

1.     The Blue Garden Project in the vital Kuchuk area

2.     Europe Park - Bahcesehir Istanbul 

3.     Star Falling Project

4.     There are Amerjan hills

5.     Projects in Sarier Istanbul European side that suits citizenship conditions, near the Bosphorus and Amirgan Park

6.     There are projects in a famous Bahcesehir within the Garden City complex, and there are projects in a famous Bashaksehir.

The bridge, which separates the two Asian and European pots, is the Bosphorus Bridge, known as the Martyrs Bridge of July 15, one of the three outstanding bridges on the Bosphorus Strait with Sultan Mohammed Al-Fatih Bridge and Sultan Salim Bridge.

Istanbul is famous for some features such as: many mosques with many senior minerals and attractive. The general people in Istanbul are very helpful.

But there is a negative side of this region as well:

1 - Transportation in Istanbul any expensive (taxi) expensive

2 - Turkish people do not differentiate between a boy or a girl regarding the buses, no one will give up a seat except for seniors.

However, despite those simple negatives, but it remains the first tourist destination as it is the first region in the tourist's mind for visiting and enjoying beautiful views ... Once, Napoleon Bonaparte said, "If the whole world is one state, Istanbul would be its capital.."


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