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Feb 5, 2023

Houses for Sale in Istanbul

Are you looking for a real estate investment project in Turkey? Do you want to live and settle in Turkey? Do you want to spend a tourist vacation in Turkey? Or do you want to buy a house and rent it? Whatever your investment or residential goal in Turkey, offers for houses for sale in Istanbul are your best option.

What distinguishes the offers of houses for sale in Istanbul, Turkey? What makes it the focus of attention of all local, Arab and foreign investors in Turkey? There is a lot of information that is important for you to know if you are looking to buy a distinctive property in Turkey or if you are about to buy houses for sale in Istanbul. If you are looking for houses for sale in Istanbul, this article will help you understand the requirements for houses ownership in Istanbul, its advantages, types, and the components of housing and investment there.

What distinguishes the offers of houses for sale in Istanbul?

Istanbul is a competitive tourist city on the global level and the economic center of Turkey, which is full of tourism, trade, agriculture, industry, education and health activities. It is officially the economic capital of Turkey and the Number 1 city in it.

Due to the large population and large activities, investors are racing to buy houses for sale in Istanbul and invest in them. These houses and real estate form the nucleus of profitable and prosperous investment projects.

Offers for houses for sale in Istanbul, Turkey, intersect between the real estate investment and tourism sectors together, which makes them diverse, rich and different offers to satisfy the tastes and aspirations of all investors and tourists.

We mention the following among the most important advantages of buying houses for sale in Istanbul:

  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship or real estate residence permit.
  • One of the most important advantages of buying houses for sale in Istanbul is the low taxes, and the low price of real estate in Turkey compared to Europe including the same high standard of living.
  • The high and short-term investment return, due to the prosperity of the Turkish economy.
  • Low costs of living compared to Europe or the Gulf countries.
  • The social environment is diverse between conservative and open, and the culture is a mixture of East and West.
  • Strategic location in the middle of the world and cool climate.
  • It provides modern transportation lines, various services and facilities for all ages, shopping centers and the most famous international brands.
  • High level of education, whether schools or universities, and teaching in more than one language, especially in Turkish universities.
  • Basic education in Turkish universities is free.
  • Legal residence in Turkey, without any obstacles or problems.
  • Freedom of movement between all regions and cities of Turkey.

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Where to buy houses for sale in Istanbul Turkey?

There are 39 regions or neighborhoods in Istanbul that are full of various properties, including residential properties that include houses for sale in Istanbul. Each region in Istanbul has its own advantages, characterestics, and options. You can find real estate offers that suit you in Sisli, Avcılar, Beylikduzu, Esenyurt, Taksim, Fatih, or many others. The choice of the region is due to the main goal behind buying houses for sale in Istanbul. Is it for the purpose of investment or for the purpose of housing? Each goal has the optimal region for it. For example, if the goal is family housing, the best option here for buying houses for sale in Istanbul is Beylikduzu, but if the goal of the purchase is investment, then you have Sisli, Kithane, Taksim, or Fatih, for example.

Characteristics of houses for sale in Istanbul Fatih

Fatih is one of Istanbul regions that most attracts tourists and investors. The region is distinguished by offers of houses for sale in Istanbul, close to the high urban center and modern means of transportation, such as the metro, which connects the various regions of Istanbul on the Asian or European sides. In addition, Fatih is very ancient and one of the most important historical cities of Istanbul, rich in antiquities and historical landmarks, and thus witnesses very special tourist activity. 

There is a great abundance and diversity of real estate among the offers of houses for sale in Istanbul Fatih in terms of location, proximity and distance from highways, the railway network, proximity to tourist places, infrastructure facilities, advanced services, designs, decorations, spaces, views, and so on.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying houses for sale in Istanbul

The possibility of foreign investors obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property or through real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most important factors that motivate and encourage investors to buy real estate and houses for sale in Istanbul or in Turkey in general. In order to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property in Turkey, you must purchase a property in Turkey worth 400 thousand US dollars or the equivalent according to the currency exchange rate at the time.

You can buy houses for sale in Istanbul for a value of 400,000 US dollars or the equivalent, or you can buy more than one house in Istanbul and within more than one area, with the total value of these houses reaching 400,000 US dollars. In this case, you will obtain Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport within a period not exceeding 90 days, along with your spouse and children under the age of eighteen.

Prices of houses for sale in Istanbul

The prices of houses for sale in Istanbul vary depending on many factors and characteristics in terms of their location, whether they are close or far from huge vital projects in Turkey, such as the New Istanbul Canal, the New Istanbul Airport, the Third Istanbul Bridge, or the New Financial Center, and in terms of the view that the house, its area and type, whether it is duplex apartments, triplex apartments, or penthouses, the prices vary depending on the area of ​​the decorations and designs used, the colors and designs, the furniture and its luxury, the technological tools, security and public services, and there are very many factors, all of which affect the prices of houses for sale in Istanbul.

The prices of houses for sale in Istanbul are competitive when compared with the prices of real estate and similar houses in other European or foreign countries. Statistics indicate that real estate prices are increasing steadily over time, due to economic inflation, general development, and the increasing demand of investors to buy homes for sale in Istanbul, Turkey.

Do not hesitate to buy houses for sale in Istanbul, whatever your purpose in purchasing it. Owning a property in Turkey, whether in Istanbul or other Turkish states, is a good omen and the beginning of a path full of investment and profits.

If you would like to know more about offers for sale in Istanbul, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp, here. We will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.



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