How did 52,000 Turks get the title "Lord" and "Lady"

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52,500 Turkish citizens obtained the title of "lord" or "lady" (honorary), by buying each of them a plot of land measuring "one square meter", in the historic Glencoe district on the west coast of Scotland, according to the Anatolia news agency.

This tradition is part of a project aimed at making Scotland known around the world and supporting the protection of its natural life.

The idea of ​​introducing this Scottish tradition in Turkey is Fırat Kurtoğlu, who is one of the recipients of the title of "Lord".

Kurtoğlu told Anadolu Agency that he traveled to Britain 11 years ago to obtain a bachelor's degree in international relations, and heard about this project there.

He explained that the project aims to introduce Scotland around the world and support the protection of its natural life, and that his first experience with the project began when he wanted to present a special gift to his girlfriend, so he bought her a plot of land of "one square meter", and in this way she got the nickname "Lady".

He continued, "This idea impressed me and my girlfriend, so I bought another plot of land with the same area and in the same way, and there I got the title of Lord."

Turkish celebrities

“After completing the study, I returned to Turkey, where in 2013 I founded the most exceptional gift company in the world, and thanks to this company I have been brokering land sales in Scotland for the past seven years,” Kurtoglu said.

During these years, he contributed to the purchase of 52,500 Turkish citizens of plots of land in Scotland, to obtain the titles of "Lord" and "Lady".

He added that the number of Turkish women who received the title of "Lady" in this way is 32,000, while the number of Turkish men who received the title of "lord" reached 20,500, including celebrities in many fields.

He explained that this type of gifts is usually given by men to their wives or girlfriends, and among the most famous recipients of the titles "Lord" and "Lady" in Turkey, are the Turkish actress, "Fakhriyeh Afgan", and her husband, the actor "Buraq Ozcivit", the hero of the series "Resurrection Osman" Famous, and other famous people in art, business and sports.

Two reasons behind the nickname

Kurtoğlu considered that giving the title "Lord" or "Lady" is "a very cute and distinguished idea, and I decided to sell these two titles, via the Internet, to those who wish to obtain them."

He explained that "Scotland sells such small plots of land for two purposes: to use the proceeds from this project to preserve this privileged location of the country, which is characterized by vegetation and wonderful landscapes, and the second is to introduce Scotland around the world."

He pointed out that holders of the two titles from all over the world visit their lands in Scotland between 12 and 14 May annually, and participate in a meeting held for them.

He stated that this event was not held on time this year; Due to the Corona pandemic, it was postponed to this October.

On the cost of obtaining the title "Lord" or "Lady", Kurtoğlu said that the price of the plot, which has an area of ​​one square meter, is 105 pounds (about 136 US dollars))

He explained that Scotland sells these lands to those interested in all countries of the world, and has set quotas for each country, and Turkey's share is 500 plots of land per month.

He concluded by saying that the Scottish government gives the holders of these two honorary titles an official document that includes the number of the plot of land and the rest of its information.

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