How do you find the best real estate companies in Istanbul online?

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If you are one of those looking for the best real estate investment in Istanbul, or if you want to own a home in this beautiful and spacious city, you will find that finding the best real estate company in Istanbul is a very important matter, with a detailed and important role that may determine the fate and future of your investment or your home, short and long term. Access to the vast Turkish real estate market is an option, but studying those options by yourself, and studying each region of Istanbul or every city in Turkey, is neither a simple nor an easy task.

For this, it is necessary to cooperate with reliable real estate companies within the Turkish real estate market, companies that include within their cadres a number of knowledgeable specialists and consultants who are fully aware of the nature of the Turkish real estate market, and who have good knowledge of the best offers, areas, and prices appropriate to your request and goal of the property itself.

Here comes the role of the real estate company, which must be carefully chosen in order to achieve the best real estate investment with the least possible risks. Not only is finding a real estate office in Istanbul to help you find a property and done, but the matter is much more complicated than that.

Perhaps the Internet today has made the process easier, as it has enabled us to do all these operations from home. But there is still some effort. Here are some valuable tips that will help you choose the best real estate company for you:

Ask your friends:

Try to get advice and previous experiences from your friends and acquaintances in the field of buying real estate and dealing with different real estate companies, search in the circle of knowledge for a person who wants to buy a property, and ask him about it. Ask him about the difficulties you will face in dealing with the real estate company you are considering dealing with and the level of service. You can also search for opinions online about every company you think of, especially if the company has accounts on social media sites, where previous customers often have given their opinion within those sites, then you can reach out to one of them and ask for more. You can also ask the company for the contact information of its new customers, and they are supposed to provide you with breadth as proof of their professionalism and transparency.. Then contact these customers and find out what they liked and disliked about the services of that company.

Company visit:

It is a good idea to visit the real estate company yourself to get to know it closely away from all the opinions you previously got, whether negative or positive, in the end (An eyewitness is better than hearsay), then find the sales representative in the company, and ask them to read the company's brochures, then watch their reaction. Does he give you time to read them, or is he trying to interrupt you to show you what he has? Does he answer your questions enthusiastically, or are his responses spontaneous and cool? The personal interview gives you the opportunity to assess whether the company is able to provide an accurate quote based on a professional view of the real estate market. Your visit confirms that you are serious about buying, so you can use it to discuss the availability of the property, the time needed to complete your purchase and even the price itself.

Company experience:

Try to make sure that the company you have chosen has the necessary experience, where you can think about the following, for example, what is the quality and clarity of the offers offered by this company? What is the size and number of projects they offer? What kind of documents do they provide? How do they advertise real estate? Are there a large number of positive reviews on their sites? Do they have a lot of followers or fans on those sites? How is the property marketed? How do employees interact with a reluctant customer? How many apartments for sale do they have in the area you want? And many other important questions.


The contract is the most important thing in the transaction, so the terms of the contract submitted by the real estate company must be reviewed, especially when there is the possibility of installment. Ask about the amount of payments and the installment period, and what are the penal conditions? What are the required payments and fees? And other important terms, also check for additional fees. Does the contract include the insurance clause and its type, if any, and when the property will be delivered to you.

Company services:

The services that real estate companies can provide are varied, but since you are looking for the best professional company, they are supposed to have special offers and competitive prices, as prices usually depend on several factors such as location, width and space, but these prices are often negotiable. It should also be ensured that you can help to furnish the house and make it ready for housing. After the purchase, you must ensure that the company follows the legal titling procedures and ensures that you receive the property as written in the contract. This company can help you for the purpose of obtaining real estate residence or even obtaining Turkish citizenship, if you are interested in this matter or that you're buying your property for this purpose.

Choosing the best online real estate company will ensure that you achieve maximum profit while minimizing the burden if you want to own an apartment in Istanbul, which is invaluable especially in your particular circumstances that require you to have maximum interest and satisfaction.

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