How to best manage the amount of obtaining Turkish citizenship

There are several ideas and options suitable for earning high return through rental and resale. This...

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There are many opinions associated with obtaining Turkish citizenship through investment in real estate. Either to invest in housing or successful investment; we have to set our goal, taking into account some key points:

·   In the case of Accommodation:

Here are the appropriate options for each individual family to choose the apartment that meets their Desire of “view + number of rooms + appropriate area”

Therefore, either we choose an apartment that includes the full amount of our citizenship, ie. the amount of $ 250,000 or to choose two apartments, one for housing and the other to get a suitable return on investment.

·   In case of Investment 

There are several ideas and options suitable for earning high return through rental and resale.

This is done by selecting a privileged location by several factors which will contribute to the rise of value of real estate in general such as metro stations, Istanbul canal project, proximity to the third airport etc.

In this context, it is possible to put forward some options that meet the needs and requirements of investors. This is a journey of proper research within certain suggestions, any customer can choose the option which suits him the best and give him the profitable return during the specified period.

* Option 1 *
One apartment in the Maslak district ensures the rental income of 7% per year.

* Option 2 *
Three apartments in Basin Express area with a high rental yield of $ 1500 per month in addition to the property appreciation by at least 50% in three years.

* Option 3 *
Get commercial offices + shops within a huge mall in Istanbul to get a return contract with 6-7% rental guarantee annually for five years.

* Option 4 *
Six apartments in the Essenyurt area with a return of almost $ 1200 per month.

* Option 5 *
Some customers prefer to buy the ‘resale apartments’ so they can buy more properties with this amount.

The art of a successful investment is not to get as many properties as possible but to look for the property which gives profitable returns.

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